Trailing Hardy Pansy Cool Wave

Trailing Hardy Pansy 'Cool Wave'

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A pansy that the breeder is calling The Best Trailing Pansy Ever! Quite a claim but we think so too!

This amazing large-flowered series keeps flowering all winter long, and well into summer too. It is very hardy (to around -25C!), so it will withstand the worst of the winter whatever the British weather throws at it, producing endless waves of simply gorgeous flowers in shades of golden yellow, violet, mauve, berry purple and white - for nine whole months of the year - hence the name 'Cool Wave'!

They will cascade over the sides of hanging baskets and planters, providing a splash of zingy colour in the dull days of winter. Smothered in big, traditional pansy flowers, this vigorous trailer is set to make its mark on gardens everywhere - it's a real breeding breakthrough for much better performance in hanging baskets.

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+ My order did NOT contain all the items I thought would be in it. I emailed Customer Services the same day but hadn't had a reply after 4 days. I then phoned after them and I was told that a 10% discount voucher did not apply to my order for 12 plants and 12 FREE. The person I spoke to said he would talk to customer services about my complaint, and get them to reply to my email. It is now 12 days and I have still heard NOTHING from them. GOODBYE YouGarden, I shall not be ordering from you again!! Complete rubbish. What Customer Services?
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

Having checked your account details I can see that a member of our team has contacted you and has explained in detail why these items were not in your order. You had omitted to add the offer code hence why you did not receive the free products.

Unfortunately, without these codes the offer does not activate and we therefore do not automatically add our free items on to an order. We state this in our ads. I can see that we responded to you on February 8th at 12.14.

We have offered to add these free products to your next order FOC. Would you be happy with this?

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : Arrived in excellent condition
Product : Excellent
++ Service rating : good customer service
Product : very pleased with quality of plants
++ Service rating : Arrived promptly and in good condition
Product : The young plants look healthy.
+ Service rating : good
Product : no comment still to plant out
+ Service rating : Service good plants arrived quickly and well packaged
Product : Look very healthy let's hope they look as good as in the brochure when they flower
NA plants arrived well packed and in good condition
+ Service rating : Delivery took longer than expected. Appreciate Christmas would be busy time but several weeks for delivery.
Product : Surprised how tiny they are, not what I was expecting
++ Service rating : A1
Product : A1 plants
+ Service rating : Always very good and delivery excellent
Product : Very healthy looking. I am hoping they will look as good as advertised
+ Service rating : Generally the service has ranged from good to excellent though one wonders about the genuineness of some of the 'deals' which appear to run too long and often feature the same product.
Product : Although somewhat more tiny than I was expecting these, so called, 'jumbo plugs' have arrived in good order and seem to be growing on well in my cold frames; however, it is too early to comment upon the final outcome.
+ Service rating : Delivered as said. In good condition.
Product : Plants in good condition but obviously as yet I can't say how they will grow
NA Great service
++ Service rating : Good service
Product : Good quick service seems an excellent product.
++ Service rating : Delivered in good time
Product : very pleased
+ We recieved a totally wrong order,we were so impressed with the Cathay Planters on LAST ORDER,that we ordered them again for a present for friends
We recieved a contraption of 2 black plastic planters on stands ,we rang immediatly after we opened box, we are now awaiting for the Cathay Bowls
YouGarden Comments
I am so sorry to hear about the confusion and error with your order! I have looked into the account and I am happy to say that everything has been resolved for you. Please let us know when you are on receipt of the rest of your order.

As an extra apology from us please accept 20% off your next order with us. please e-mail us where we shall give you all the details.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : Excellent service.
Product : Healthy plants - very pleased.
+ Service rating : Good service
Product : Growing on well
YouGarden Comments
We are really sorry to hear that some of your Pansies have not grown. Are you please able to send some images over to us? We can then action accordingly for you.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Have used before, easy ordering process and prompt delivery.
++ Very impressed
++ Service rating : The order was dealt with very quickly and was as described.
Product : The plants were very well packaged and arrived in very good condition and al of them took once transplanted into the hanging baskets.
++ Service rating : prompt service and easy payment
Product : instructions clear
+ Service rating : Quick delivery
Product : Good condition
+ Service rating : Arrived prior to delivery estimate, well done.
Product : Good quality, good condition on arrival. Thriving.
- Service rating : WHEN I LOGGED ONTO MY ACCOUNT TO FIND OUT WHERE THE LAST ORDER WAS IT SAID OUT OF STOCK i cancelled the order, but a few days later the order arrived, you garden are very lax in replying to emails. no further orders being made
Product : had better else where
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon, I am very sorry to hear of your issue. Having checked our records I can see no previous correspondence from yourself. Please send any questions or queries over to

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ I like the General Service but find the postal charges quite high to be honest
+ Service rating : well cared for plants
Product : not to bad
++ Quick and efficient. Neatly packed
+ Swift and efficient. Badly packed. Damaged box but the plants were OK
++ Service rating : Swift delivery
Product : Great plugs arrived in good condition.
+ Very good packaging. Plants fresh and well rooted.
++ Service rating : First teleperson l spoke with got a couple of things wrong on my order. This was quickly and efficiently put right by second operative
Product : Goof
+ Service rating : see below
Product : Your website would not allow me to order on line, but your telephone assistant was helpful, friendly and efficient.
The delivery was prompt.
The plugs arrived safely and in good condition.
Time will now tell how well they flourish!!
Hope to deal with you again.
- Service rating : Not a good idea to send a brouchure with the items you have just purchased at half the price they were brought for.
Product : Not in particularly good health
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon, If you send us over your invoice we shall refund you the difference. Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
+ Service rating : Good
Product : Received in good condition
++ Service rating : Efficient service. Well packaged
Product : Already starting to bloom
++ Service rating : A1
Product : A1
+ as they were a replacement for plants damaged in transit ! all turned out great ,thanks
+ Service rating : Very efficient.
Product : Pansies in good condition
++ Service rating : Arrived promptly, in good condition with full instructions.
Product : Packs of 12 +12 winter pansies in excellent condition. Have potted them on and waiting to plant outside.
+ Service rating : Pleased that delivery to Northern Ireland was available as some mail order companies do not send items here.
Product : Hopefully they will grow into plants as good as shown in your advert!
++ Service rating : The product is excellent and will provide a wonderful dusplay
Product : The pack arrived safely, but please do not use YODEL, the cheapest is not the best.

*Personal Information removed by Feefo*
+ Service rating : Easy to order, prompt delivery.
Product : Plugs look in good condition and easy to pot.
++ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Very good sturdy plants excellent condition when they arrived
++ Service rating : Good value for money. Good quality plants.
Product : Really brilliant plants. Flowering already.
++ Service rating : Ordering was easy very polite, telephone staff.
Product : Nice bushy plants were delivered in less than a week.
+ Service rating : Was very prompt with delivery and arrived in good condition
Product : Very well packed and already watered and in very good condition. Very pleased.
++ Service rating : Delivery charges too high. Many other companies much lower.
Product : Well packed, full of life on arrival.
++ Service rating : I've been buying from you garden for a few years and spend slit of money.The plants are always top quality and when a mistake happens there's never any fuss.
Product : All plants arrived very strong healthy plants
+ Service rating : Good service without delay
Product : Quality products
+ First class
+ Service rating : service and produoodct very g
Product : good helthy plants well packed
++ Service rating : Goods always sent onb time or you are advised of any delays.
Product : Exactly as it said on the tin. Excellent quality.
+ Service rating : Prompt delivery - properly packed
Product : The plants appear to be responding to transplanting.
++ Service rating : Easy to order. Well packaged.
Product : Healthy plants. Have established well
++ Service rating : Very prompt service
Product : Excellent plants and almost ready to plant out.
-- Service rating : First time I have used You Garden and am disappointed with quality of plants received.
Product : I bought 48 plants and repotted within two days of delivery, having watered in the meantime. 12 of these looked very unhealthy and have not taken.
I am very disappointed and feel let down after what was promised in your advertisement.
YouGarden Comments
We are really sorry to hear you are disappointed with the condition of the plants. We have now replaced them for you.
+ Service rating : All so easy
Product : Simple and easy to use.
++ Service rating : satisfied customer
Product : Awaiting Pansy's to come to bloo.
+ Excellent service
++ Service rating : Product arrived as promised.
Product : Excellent value.
++ recently ordered the trailing pansy deal of buy 12 get 12free.I intended using 12 myself and giving the other 12 to a friend as an early birthday gift She and another couple of friends came round for the enening but unfortunately left without them.Unable to come over again for a few weeks it was decided that I should keep them all and that any that would not fit into my 3 (I thought)hanging baskets I would pot up and pass on to other friends/neighbours.My neighbour came round to help my carer and myself with the hanging baskets.They found ou that I have 4 baskets,not3 so I managed to get 6 in each,thus using all 24.The following night we had a thunderstorm with really heavy rain,happy to reportt hat despite being alittle battered initially they have survivedand even the delicate flowers have managed to lif their heads,am looking forward to seeing them in all their glory next year.I am now planning on ordering several packs of Alium to give as early Christmas presents for my family so we can all have a competition for the best display. I never know what to get them all as Christmas gets closer and am in a wheelchair, so not able to easilyget to the shops to browse for ideas.Siscovering You garden was the best thing ever.
YouGarden Comments
We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused by the system error, everything has been sorted now and we are glad to hear you are happy with the plants.
++ Service rating : Always prompt, helpful and pleasant to deal with.
Product : Quality is always excellent.
- Service rating : They're made a mistake with the payment and had to sort it out
Product : The plants were very poor quality for the price six of them died, not surprised given the quality of the plants sent
YouGarden Comments
We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the payment issue, everything has been sorted now and we have replaced the plants for you.
+ Service rating : Excellent, helpful response to my call.
Product : Good. Prompt planting out has ensured that thee plant are thriving.
++ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Very good service
++ Service rating : Arrived well packaged and the plants are growing well
Product : All well - keeping talking to them and they grow even better!!. The only negative is that I would like to know on unpacking the best soil and the size of patio container. However all seems to be going to plan. Quick service - thank you
++ Service rating : so far so good
Product : good healthy plants and (hopefuly)will really look super as they grow.
+ There was a little "hiccup" with the order but it was solved very quickly.
++ Service rating : all ways found to provide excellent plants
Product : arrived as I expected
+ Service rating : Good, but i would have thought once an order is placed ibwould lie the order to be complete without having to keep contacting them for the order to be completed
Product : So far so good
++ Delighted with plants and delivery service.
+ Service rating : Easy to use website. Prompt delivery
Product : Well packaged seem fine but too early to know results. One plug died within two days of potting out no obvious reson
++ Very good customer care. Will use them again and again.
NA very good
++ Service rating : Came on time. Plants stayed healthy even though I couldn't plant out straight away and I don't have a greenhouse.
Product : Put in hanging basket and are looking great.
++ Completely satisfied.
+ Excelient
+ Ordered 24 Jumbo Fuchsia collection plugs but only received 12.Telephoned and was told it was a packing error. Sent me another 12 plugs which arrived yesterday so no problem. Good customer service.
+ Service rating : The service is second to none
Product : The plants were in good condition
+ Service rating : Being the first time I have used their service I did not know what to expect, but ordering was very efficient and delivery was good.
Product : On arrival the product was very well packed and in good condition, it is to early to comment on the quality as I have not planted them out yet.
+ Received 4 roses 3 flourishing 1no sign of life which is red 1?
++ Service rating : Lovely healthy plants
Product : Had them last years and they were very god
++ Service rating : Prompt efficient service as usual
Product : The plants arrived in good condition, strong plants already getting established
-- Service rating : Twice left a complaint on their customer page still have not received a response. What is the point of having a 'Page' if they do not respond?
Product : My complaint to them was that were not 'Jumbo', as ordered, the inner plastic boxes were open and the plants looked as if they had been kicked around. All useless.
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry to hear that your pansies arrived damaged. I have arranged replacements.

To date, we have not received any communication from you regarding this - otherwise we would have replied!

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : The service was very good and prompt, very good
Product : The produce was of good standard , obviously we shall see what they flower like
- Service rating : Good service.
Product : Treating the pansies for Blackspot.
- Service rating : Confused and lousy
Product : Please arrange to cease all contact to this e-mail address immediately.
YouGarden Comments
Sincere apologies again for the mistake made by my colleague in relation to your order.

Your feedback, however, is most disappointing - considering the immediate acknowledgement of her error, apology and swift resolution.

++ Service rating : Always had a first class service from this company
Product : Arrived in very good condition, awaiting results after planting.
What Is Supplied Supplied as a pack of mixed 12 jumbo plugs (2.5-3cm diameter). Plant into pots straight away or grow on for 3-4 weeks before planting in to baskets. Winter hardy. Height/Spread: 40cm (16")
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The BEST trailing pansy! Fill up easy fill baskets with these hardy pansies and you'll get an astonishing display of colour.
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