Chilli Pepper Potted Plant Collection

Chilli Pepper Potted Plant Collection

Try growing five different chillis
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9cm pots x 5 - Item: 370016
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If you are a chilli fan this collection is just for you.  The plants on offer vary in heat and character so there's something for most tastes.  They range from very hot to medium in heat with flavours from spicy to fruity and in varying colours too.  The varieties are compact and can be grown anywhere with warmth - even on a sunny windowsill.

You will get 5 different varieties :

  • Apache - red long, medium heat
  • Banana - yellow long, medium
  • Jalapeno la Bomba  - green long, medium hot
  • Loco -  purpel to red, bell, medium
  • Scotch Bonnet - red bell, very, vert hot.

Grown as established plants in 9 cm pots.

What Is Supplied Grown on in 9cm plug to 10-20cm tall, depending on variety
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