Pair of Table Grapevines Red & White in 5L Pots 1.2 -1.4m Tall

Pair of Table Grapevines Red & White in 5L Pots 1.2 -1.4m Tall

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Pair of Table Grapevines Red & White in 5L Pots 1.2 -1.4m Tall - Item: 340039
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Simply irresistible! Imagine starting your day with a delicious, refreshing, health-packed glass of grape juice or a handful of fresh, sweet grapes picked straight from your own vine sprinkled on your cereal! Simply Gorgeous! Prolific fruiting, incredibly winter hardy and very easy to grow. Decorative as well as bountiful, either will look wonderful when trained over a pergola and will provide natural summer shade.

'Moscatel' is a member of the Muscat family of grapes and agreat dual purpose dessert (eating) grape, with relatively few seeds, as well as being great for juicing or wine-making, and crops well in the colder UK climate too. The ripe golden grapes have a delicious sweet floral flavour and aroma

'Red Globe' is a great dessert (eating) grape, seedless and extra large very sweet fruit.  It can be grown outside in milder regions though is best suited to growing in a cool greenhouse or conservatory.

Perfect in a pot on your patio or in the ground, these top quality vines will reward you with your very own delicious, sweet, juicy grapes for over 100 years or more!

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+ Service rating : They seem to do what they say they will
Product : The product arrived in time and in good condition
++ Service rating : good prompt service as always
Product : look fine when openend and potted, will let you know how they go
+ Service rating : You are brilliant l have no complaints all what l have brought from you before is doing really well the bananas have brought before are sprouting new shoots the ones l brought this time are gifts because l know that they will last for those that are not Gardner's the grapes are for me ,a brilliant service from you.
Product : The packaging was all crushed and when l opened the box the banana tree was fine but the grapes were a little sorry for them selves l have repoted the grapes and given them some TLC and hopefully they will pick up but thats not your fault its what happened intransit apart from that l can't complain about your service .
++ Service rating : Very good
Product : Good
+ Service rating : The service was excellent. Even though the box was damaged the plants had been securely packed and were undamaged. Unfortunately there was a delay at the yodel warehouse so the plants were in transit a few days longer than they should have been.
Product : The vines are OK. I left them in the pots and gave them a good watering and fed them. They are in situ in the greenhouse. They are holding their own but appear to be struggling. The grapes that were on them are dying off. Hopefully they will recover for next year.
++ Service rating : I am happy with the service and the goods that I received. Everything arrived safely and in good shape.
Product : Ditto as above.
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Fantastic - thanks again!

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What Is Supplied Delivered as a pair of 120-140cm caned vines in 5L pots. Ready for immediate planting.
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