Pair of Grapevines - Supaga and Zilga

Pair of Grapevines - 'Supaga' and 'Zilga'

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Terrifc new garden varieties, bred for colder Northern European performance, as they are hardy down to -25C, and yet still crops well. You will not have heard of it as a wine variety, as it doesn't do as well in warmer climes - this one is producing wine in Finland and Latvia, so will perform well all across the UK.

Easy to manage vines, responding well to pruning and training, and makes it good for growing in larger pots, as well as training up walls, trellises and arches. You will get your first grapes to pick next year.

Contains 1 each of 'Supaga' grapevine  (white) and 'Zilga' grapevine (red)

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Score Customer Comments
+ Service rating : Pleased with this company (hence I use it fairly regularly)
Product : I haven't seen product as it was a gift sent direct, although comment was that vines were just twiggy I am aware they are cut back drastically in the autumn and grow rapidly in the spring. I had bought my husband vines August 2015 however and they actually had grapes on.
+ Service rating : Fast delivery and good service
Product : One of the grapevines has must less leaves than the another one hopefull it will develop good
++ Service rating : very good service !!
Product : the vines are growing great the zilga better than the supaga,but both appear healthy.
++ Service rating : very helpful, excellent service
Product : as described in catalogue
- Service rating : Very timely
Product : One of them dried out
++ Service rating : Prompt delivery, well packed.
Product : Substantial well-grown, healthy plants. Bought as present.
+ Service rating : A very good service . no problems at all with delivery
Product : One of the vines was very good ,however one appeared to be dead which after a week or so confirmed it to be the case . This was replaced with in a couple of days once customer services were informed . New one doing well .
+ Service rating : good
Product : supaga has died has it had only one bud on it the other one is doing well
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. I am glad that you've been happy with most of your plants. Let us know how these progress and if you aren't completely happy, we'll replace.

Head of Customer Service
+ It took 2 phonecalls and 3 separate deliveries to receive my full order - clearly someone in the packing department is unable to read or count past 1.
++ Good communication and plants arrived in great condition
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