Red Grapevine Zilga

Red Grapevine 'Zilga'

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A terrifc new garden variety, bred for colder Northern European performance, as it is ultra hardy down to -25C, and yet still crops well. You will not have heard of it as a wine variety, as it doesn't do as well in warmer climes - this one is producing wine in Finland and Latvia, so will perform well all across the UK. It is very fast from bud break to harvest, so copes well in colder summers too.

It is also a good dual purpose grape, making a good eating table grape as well, although not seedless, and juices well for good coloured fresh juice too.

An easy to manage vine, responds well to pruning and training, and makes it good for growing in larger pots, as well as training up walls, trellises and arches

What Is Supplied Supplied in a 1L pot with 45cm cane tripod
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