Fig ‘Madeleine des Deux Saisons’

Fig ‘Madeleine des Deux Saisons’

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Fig ‘Madeleine des Deux Saisons’ produces bumper crops of large, globe-shaped purple-brown fruit each summer. The purple flesh inside is sticky, sweet and oh so delicious – you won’t be able to resist picking and eating them fresh from the bush! In hot summers it will produce two crops – hence the name “Madeleine of Two Seasons”. Winter hardy, a great variety for our cooler Northern European climate.

As with all figs, restrict root growth for bigger crops - keep them in smaller pots for several years as if you plant them in garden soil, you get big, lush leafy plants and almost no fruit..

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++ Service rating : First order came in perfect condition, second order one box of plant plugs had been put in box sideways and when I opened them they had come loose in their box
Product : Very happy with it
++ Service rating : Good quality plants
Product : Excellent condition
+ Service rating : Good quality
Product : Arrived in good condition, waiting to see if it will fruit.
+ Service rating : Good service, prompt delivery.
Product : Looks in good health.
++ Service rating : Good product , looks healthy.
Product : Looks a nice healthy plant not planted as yet, plan to plant in a pot.
- Service rating : But it would have been Excellent if the instructions for planting and cultivation had covered pruning of the Diaspyrus Kaki and the Fig tree - they are scarcely as common place as Apples!
Product : Good size with emerging shoots on three stems. Good box and packing but roots were largely dried out on arrival. No planting or pruning instructions.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks for your feedback.

Adding specific instructions for all of the plants we sell would add significant cost and complication to the packing process - so we send a general care guide which suffices in 99% of cases.

I have emailed you some more info - if you have any further questions please let us know.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : v.good service
Product : seems good
+ Service rating : Great service and delivery as agreed
Product : Only just planted but hopeful ....
+ I placed my order with You Garden purely on the basis that there was a offer of "buy one get one free" on the Sweet Cherry Stella Tree. When I paced my order it showed the free tree in my basket. When my order confirmation was emailed to me it DID NOT show the free tree. I queried this and received an auto reply email saying I would receive a response within 5 days. Have heard nothing and have only had one tree delivered. Not at all happy as I feel that I have been completely conned!!!!!!!!
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry that you are unhappy - we did reply to your email explaining why this was.

You chose to enter a separate offer code for a percentage discount, which removed the free tree from your basket.

We'd be happy to send you another tree, however we'd ask that you pay P&P - or we could add it to your order for no extra charge.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Plants arrived in good condition ready for planting out.
Product : too early in season to tell
+ Usually good quality goods fast delivery no problems
++ Service rating : Goods exceed description, they are excellent and already blooming well.
Product : Leaves already sprouting anticipate great things from this plant, contemplating another species of fig.
NA Well packed, delivered on time and look healthy. But until they start growing I will not know if the latter is true.
NA Service rating : I had visited the site to order the Radio Times free lily bulb offer and believed, when I added another item to my order that the free offer would be retained on my order. Unfortunately it wasn't and only the second item was delivered.
Product : It looks reasonably healthy and was well packed..
YouGarden Comments
Thanks for your order.

The reason that you didn't get the free product is that you entered a separate offer code for 10% off your order, thus overriding the 'Free Lilies' code. You can only use one code per order and there's a reminder of this below where you entered the code.

You can still order the free lilies with the original code, adding as many items to the order as you like.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Good service
Product : although I ordered 3 and was sent 1. I phoned up and was sent the 2the next day, so I can't fault that
++ Very quick delivery, all plants as described
++ Service rating : Excellent delivery time
Product : Very healthy tree
++ Both the service and goods were, as usual, beyond reproach
- Service rating : Delivery very good and plants arrived nice and safe and sound
Product : This plant , I was concerned that it was dead but after a week a new leaf arrived . Both plants were immediately repotted and taken out of the packaging
+ Service rating : Nice service by mail order.My peach avalon did not grow, is brittle and dead wood. I did not receive 400 bulbs on special offer. Can you check my orders history and let me know?
Product : have planted it in large the 30L pot hope it grows well.
++ Service rating : Roses all very strong plants. very fast delivery Thankyou.
Product : another very strong plant
+ Service rating : Really strong healthy plants
Product : Dormant but looks fine
What Is Supplied Supplied as an estabiished plant in a 2L pot, c 50cm tall.
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