Self-fertile Kiwi Solissimo

Self-fertile Kiwi 'Solissimo'

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Self-fertile Kiwi 'Solissimo' - Item: 340014
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What's not to like about easy-to-grow Kiwi fruits, which can crop reliably outside here in the UK?

'Solissimo' is the latest development of self-fertile Kiwi fruits, grown commercially, and is an improvement over the variety 'Jenny'. This gets round the problem most people have had, as you typically needed a male and female variety to get crops, and then some bees to pollinate too. That, however, is now in the past!

Grow against a sunny, South facing wall, 'Solissimo' is quite vigorous, and can reach 3-4M in 5 years if not trained or pruned. Yet it responds well to trimming and shaping, and should produce fruit in 2-3 years reliably, and heavy crops beyond that, surprisingly easily.

Juicy, fresh and rich in Vitamin C, the fruits can be picked in Autumn, and are delicious eaten fresh - quite different to supermarket fruits chilled and transported across the globe.

What Is Supplied Supplied in a 9cm pot to plant straight out, 20-30cm tall
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