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We are delighted to be able to offer the joys of the nation's favourite Plum 'Victoria', but small enough for EVERY garden! Now anyone can grow juicy, fresh Vics, even on a balcony, terrace or small patio.

Clever fruit tree grower Will Sibley has teamed the ever-popular best-selling 'Victoria' with a very dwarfing and compact new VVA1 rootstock, which removes most of the vigour that can sometiomes be the downfall of plums. It's like someone has shrunk the tree - smaller in every ways, except the fruit, which is just as big and juicy as the normal variety. It still produces lovely pure white spring blossom displays, and is self-fertile, so no other plums needed for fruit - just leave the bees to do their thing!

Perfect in large patio pots (minimum 30cm diameter) for 5 years or so, it produces big, juicy crops of classic red Victoria Plums, yet stays small, manageable and perfect for everyone.

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
++ Service rating : excellent service,very polite and helpful.
Product : quality goods, well packed,looking forward to good crop.
NA very quick service after order placed (almost too quick!) Plant well packed
NA Service rating : Left outside front door for anyone to see.I asked for it to be left in car port .Took longer to arrive than the stated 10 days.
Product : I thought the container would be bigger i.e. It didn't seem 4 litres I would have liked precise instructions on how to plant,care for my tree rather than very general information. I will not know if the tree is healthy till the spring,It looks ok now but difficult to tell
+ Delivered promptly. Well packaged.
++ Service rating : Ordering easy, delivery well packed and arrived in a good time.
Product : Good sized healthy plant. Very pleased.
NA Service rating : Very good and quick service.
Product : The tree was very well packed for the long journey from You Garden. However when it reached Exeter some small twigs were broken. Perhaps a bit more packing on both sides of the tree will help to stop it moving in the box. We now look forward to spring blossom and hopefully some fruit in the autumn. Thanks
+ No complaint
+ Service rating : Overall very pleased. Arrived at the time they said, packaging was very good. Each tree individually packed and they were secure (although the delivery man had used holes in the box to carry and it was ripped. The plastic tape still held it together).
Product : Seems in good condition. Quite small but not had a patio plum before so maybe this is normal. Soil in pot looks in good condition.

Packaging was very good.
+ Service rating : Fruit trees carefully packaged and well grown. Healthu root systems and grafts.
Product : Small patio tree, healthy roots and graft
NA Service rating : one comment about a product
I puirchased a plug pack of Osteospermum(hope spelling)ok
when they arrived 6 seemed to have suffered as it had been a hot period.I did send an e-mail saying that six where not good & sent a piocture I was advised that they should recover I had repotted them all straight away but the six poor ones did not recover.
Product : tree potted into one of the You Garden tubs trimmed a little bit off damaged twigs
put a stake in with the Little Vic so here is hoping.
++ Service rating : I love the Strawberry 'Growin-Pods' I will buying some more to plant to flowers
Product : Thank you for help getting my plum Little Vic sorted
++ Excellent plants and service. Can recommend
++ Service rating : Very well packed and no damage.
Product : Nice little tree, I'm looking forward to seeing how it performs.
+ Service rating : Very pleased with the speed of delivery after order was placed.
Product : Plant looks in good condition, packaging of the plant was very good.
++ You garden is a very good company with excellent customer service. Plants they have delivered are healthy and they were delivered in a secure packaging. I would buy plants only with them and have recommended it to my friends and family as well.
+ Service rating : The plants looked healthy and one plant had new buds on it. I hope there will soon be new growth on the other
Product : The plants arrived when I was led to expect them.
- Service rating : Trees arrived as scheduled.
Product : Bark damaged below graft line. Reported to you garden Tree not labelled.
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon June, I am sorry to hear about your damaged Plum tree. Please send us some images for us to send to our nursery manager and we shall then send you a replacement tree FOC!

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
- Service rating : The original item was poor. The company kept saying it was weather damage even after I contacted the RHS who confirmed that it was pest or disease. Eventually a replacement was offered
Product : The original item was in poor condition. The replacement is much better
++ Service rating : Fine.
Product : Fine
+ I ordered 2 trees and two pots (advertised as a pair) and some soil. The first package had the compost only, the second had one pot and one tree and the third had just a tree. Despite several emails I have still not received the second pot. If I had known your company would be using Yodel as a delivery service I would not have ordered anything. They are notoriously unreliable and will lie to save their dwindling reputation.
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your order.

You ordered two potted trees (not advertised as a pair) and the pots and compost. As explained previously by my colleague and detailed on our website, compost is always sent separately due to the size and weight of the bag.

We are very sorry that some of your original order was missing and have resolved this for you.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Good service. Arrived promptly and in good condition.
Product : Looks good, arrived in good condition. It is a gift so will have to await feedback.
++ Service rating : Very fast delivery and very helpful instructions with plants. Will definitely use again.
Product : Fab little tree growing well in a pot
+ Service rating : Good.Thats why I come back
Product : Good
+ Service rating : The plant was beautifully packaged and arrived speedily in excellent condition
Product : The plant looked healthy and strong but the leaves looked very 'holey' (a note provided explained why) but as I was giving it as a gift it left me a little disappointed with its appearance. It would have been helpful to have been given this information at the buying stage. I was also disappointed that there was no proper label for the plant with care instructions for me to give with the gift - I had to make my own!
++ Service rating : Beautifully packed and potted, delivered very quickly.
Product : It is now in a large patio pot looking very happy and I can't wait for some plums maybe next year. I would be happy for some tips on pruning and any other care. Thanks.
+ Service rating : Excellent delivery only a few days from placing my order!
Product : It looks a very good specimen and i transfered it straight away to a large tub.
I'm looking forward to having delicious fruit in the future.
++ Service rating : Very prompt.
Product : Good condition.
Of course, the final test is how it flourishes from now on.
++ Service rating : Good delivery time and packaging
Product : Tree arrived in good condition and is now enjoying!! the abysmal summer weather in the Highlands.
++ Service rating : No problems.
Product : It arrived in great time and in good condition, left as requested on doorstep. Thanks!
+ Service rating : Quick delivery of a well packed plant.
Product : A good plant, though it looked a bit sorry for itself because of many holes in the leaves and a broken branch. I am sure it will be fine though.
++ Service rating : Very good service, prompt delivery, and if there are any issues relating to quality they are very quickly resolved.
Product : Arrived in good condition and flourishing well
+ Service rating : Helpful and courteous
Product : Delivered promptly and excellently packed - Appears to be Fine !!
+ Service rating : Prompt delivery, well packaged.
Product : Looks fine, but will be a couple of years before we see the 'fruits'!
+ Service rating : Good service
Product : Still growing so that's a plus
+ Service rating : First tree arrived with something wrong with the leaves. After emailing with a photo it was replaced without question.
Product : It's growing!!!
+ Service rating : Fast response with good communication.
Product : Product arrived well packed in good condition.
+ Service rating : have always received good service
Product : Have been pleased with the plants i have ordered
+ Service rating : Prompt
Product : Waiting for a plum but the tree is fine.
++ Service rating : :-)
Product : :-)
+ Service rating : Had a tree die replaced with no fuss just paid postage
Product : Arrived in good condition hope it survives only time will tell
NA Ordered a little vic plum tree what we were not told in the advertisment was that they dont give fruit only every 2 to 3 years we bought a miature apple tree year before from a company they explained everything and we get a crop every year.
We would have bought a different minature tree if we had known.
++ Service rating : i asked for a certain date of delivery and received both products within 72 hours. Excellent service.
Product : looks very healthy
+ Service rating : My order arrived within the time stated and was well boxed.
Product : Very pleased with my new plum trees, I even have a few plums growing on them!
+ Service rating : Informed in advance about dates.
Product : Healthy looking tree.
YouGarden Comments
We're grateful that you'll give this tree a chance; please do let us know if it fails to thrive.

Thank you for your custom.

-- Service rating : Good customer relations but failed in packaging of product. Room for improvement. Unlikely to use this company again.
Product : Poor packaging leading to damaged tree.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that your package was damaged. We'd be happy to replace the damaged tree.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Very impressed with service and company especially as this was my first order
Product : Very pleased with my plum tree
+ Service rating : good service
Product : looks in good condition even have the start of a plum
++ Service rating : they do what it says on the can , excellent
Product : all doing very well indeed
++ Service rating : Good service
Product : Nice little tree. Now planted in a pot and growing well
+ Service rating : It arrived safely beautifully packed in a box.
Product : The little bush looks fine at the moment and is safely planted in a pot. Thank you.
YouGarden Comments
Excellent... Thank you again for your order!

Head of Customer Service
+ Excellent service and delivery.
NA Confusing discount offers
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that you found our offers confusing. We're only a phone call/email away if you need any help in future!

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Always good & professional dispatched plants quick.
Product : A nice healthy plant.
++ Service rating : The service was extremely prompt and the tree arrived in good condition
Product : The Little Vic is thriving nicely
++ Service rating : Good service, prompt delivery, good quality plants.
Product : Tree arrived in a pot and in good dormant condition.
++ Service rating : The courier had damaged one of the plants in my order, when I contacted you garden it was replaced by return post.. I am so impressed that I intend to join their garden club.
Product : This was the replacement plant for the original damaged plant and was excellent quality.
+ Service rating : Excellent service and quick delivery time.
Product : Plant looking healthy and leaves shooting already (2 weeks after arrival) can't wait to see the blossom and hopefully some fruit.
+ First order went missing- replacement came without question and very quickly.
++ Service rating : Prompt delivery, item as described
Product : Arrived in good condition.
- Service rating : got off to a bad start poor quality product
Product : first tree poor but replaced with better specimen
++ Service rating : delivery on time, well packaged and tree thriving.
Product : I have ordered more products on the strength of my experience with thhis order
+ Service rating : Delivery was within a reasonable time and packaging was good.
Product : Just a little twig with 6 buds when it arrived, but I planted it as instructed and they are beginning to produce leaves and looking healthy. Fingers crossed.
++ Service rating : Easy ordering, great product and very quick delivery in excellent packaging.
Product : Still early days but lots of branches and good soil, so with the weather turning warmer and wetter I'm hopeful that this will become a lovely fruit-bearing plant on my patio.
++ Service rating : Very good
Product : Arrived very quick
++ Service rating : Rapid delivery and excellent packaging
Product : Well presented sturdy little tree
+ Service rating : very good nice and quick
Product : very pleased looking forward to some nice plums
- Service rating : Dwarf tree arrived promptly and with good packaging. No problem with the order.
Product : Dwarf tree was well grafted and in a good-sized pot, however the person that pruned the branches did not know how to do a proper job - none of the branches were correctly pruned to a bud, so all had die-back requiring immediate attention.
+ Service rating : First time I've used the company, prompted by the Radio Times offer. Delivery was very quick and the plant arrived in good condition accompanied by useful planting and care notes.
Product : Early days but it looks healthy and should grow into the expected size etc.
+ delivered in good time arrived in a protected condition
++ Service rating : I think you do a great job and your service is very good
Product : I am very pleased with my little plum tree it has signs of life already thank you for giving people with little gardens the chance to have a fruit tree
+ Service rating : quick response an good value
Product : Arrived quickly and seems in good condition
- Service rating : The service recieved was good and the query delt with efficiently see below
Product : The item ordered was poor quality but after complain a replacement has been sent but not yet recieved
+ Customer service was very good. Delivery costs very expensive and let you down very badly when other places can deliver free anywhere in UK. As a result I won't be ordering anything else from you!
YouGarden Comments
I am afraid that to deliver to certain outlying areas such as yours, we have to pass on a surcharge which is charged to us by our courier.

The alternative would be to charge all customers more, which would not be fair.

Head of Customer Service
+ Tree arrived safely in good time. Now to wait for results!!!!
+ Service rating : On the whole your service is very good
Product : Product well packed but the contents were so much smaller than expected from your brochure description, however it will grow given time. I am not a lover of Ideal World employees they should be kept away from plants, leave descriptions to your own employees, the begonias I bought have yet to be planted, which should be soon now the cold winds have abated,
NA Service rating : This was my first experience of You Garden and on this occasion I was very favourably impressed
Product : This was bought as a gift and all I can say for the time being is that the first impression of the recipient was good,
+ Service rating : Very prompt and efficient service.
Product : Healthy little tree.
+ Service rating : well packed and safely delivered
Product : It looks healthy but I will wait and see.
++ Service rating : A well packed product and delivered on time.
Product : 10/10
+ Service rating : Arrived on time
Product : I won't know until it grows.
++ Very good delivery Quick
++ Service rating : Easy website and ordering also good information regarding delivery. It was a shame that delivery came over two days, would have preferred just single delivery.
Product : Arrived okay, neat little tree.obviously can only note condition on arrival
NA Service rating : It was well packed and arrived to the time promised.
Product : It's difficult to judge but appears to be show promise. However, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating!
++ Service rating : quick easy and a no problem experience
Product : Arrived well packed and the tree looks good
++ Service rating : Excellent service
Product : Very god condition. Arrived promptly.
++ very good ,but PLEASE don't keep emailing me or I will stop using your company!
NA Service rating : Delivery was very quick and the item was well packaged.
Product : Well see if it grows and produces anything edible!
++ Quick service,goods arrived in perfect condition,well packed.
Product : The tree is in good order and shooting well .I can't wait for it to fruit.
+ Service rating : so far - the plant arrived in good condition but only the spring will prove if it is alive!
Product : As above
NA Service rating : Excellent service and delivery
Product : Bare potted tree arrived in good condition, no sign of life yet, happy to report at a later date
+ Service rating : A quick response to a Radio Times advert
Product : Little tree above the graft is slanting backwards. Hope it's OK.
+ Service rating : Goods arrived as ordered and in good order
Product : Good - no plums yet but guess I have to wait until the summer!
+ Service rating : Good service. There was a problem with the credit card, not you garden fault or mine but I had to put the credit card details in again. I was a bit worried I had paid twice because when I placed the order on line you garden emailed me a receipt so I thought I had already paid. Surely a receipt is evidence of money received.
Product : The product looks OK but we have only had it a couple of weeks. Plenty of buds. There was one very small broken twig. We will see how it grows.
++ Service rating : great stuff - fast delivery
Product : Just what I was looking for
++ Service rating : Swift delivery
Product : Plant looks healthy, will have to wait until the summer to see how it turns out.
NA Service rating : I found the service to be exactly as it was described and there was no problems, before, during and at the end upon the receipt of the product.
Product : it is rather early to give a considered report on the product at this stage, however the tree looks very good, it arrived in good shape, well packed and obviously in good soil adequately moistened to enable it to survive the journey. I look forward to watching it's progress.
YouGarden Comments
Thank you again for your order and for such a detailed, positive review!

Hopefully we'll hear from you again soon...

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : The tree arrived quickly.
Product : THe little tree arrived in good condition.
++ Service rating : Very quick and efficient service.
Product : Little tree arrived in good condition, well-packed and all intact.
NA Excellent delivery service
++ Service rating : You garden was very helpful and the delivery was very promp over the moon with the frendly advice and service thank you Gail
Product : Very impressed with how you parcelled my patio little vic tree in the cardboard box it was very securely in place the little tree looks very healthy thank you Gail
++ Service rating : Very prompt and good service!
Product : Mother-In-Law (90yrs) Loved !!
++ Service rating : Easy to order and fast delivery
Product : Well packaged, looks healthy
+ Service rating : Service was quick and good. We were given full information about delivery .
Product : Packaging was undamaged so plum tree arrived in good condition.
+ Service rating : Fast delivery - well packed
Product : Just in bud but it looks very healthy and green
++ Service rating : Very quick delivery
Product : Looks good the summer time will tell!
++ Service rating : delivery and packaging excellent
Product : "little vic" tree appears excellent and we await it's summer performance!
- Service rating : One poor specimen this time otherwise it would have been good.
Product : Hope it looks better before too long.
NA Service rating : The call handler was polite and efficient. The goods arrived within two days and were securely packaged.
Product : I can't really respond to this until I see how the plant performs
+ Service rating : Delivery was excellent.
Product : The plum trees look nice healthy plants, and I look forward to see them bloom and fruit.
++ Service rating : Very swift delivery via good carrier
Product : Plant looks good.Was beautifully packed.For fruit-wait and see.
+ Service rating : Good for ordering- came within set period of time- well packaged.
Product : Have planted- early days yet if going to grow or not.
+ Service rating : No comment
Product : A bit small
++ Service rating : Very well packed and arrived promptly
Product : Such a healthy little tree. I'm expecting great things!
+ Service rating : Rapid service and exactly what I ordered.
Product : They seem fine, although it is not yet the season to see how they grow.
++ Received the plant , as described, in good condition.
++ Service rating : delivered safely on time and well packed.
Product : Got to wait for it to grow a bit but looks fine and healthy.
+ Service rating : Process easy to complete and notification quickly received. Delivery prompt.
Product : Looks good but time will tell before I can be certain
++ Service rating : Speed of delivery Excellent
Product : Arrived in very good condition
+ Service rating : Responded well to the issues that I raised.
Product : I had a problem about the size of the trees. I placed my order in response to a Radio Times advert, which stated a height range of 0.8m to 1.0 m. The trees were, in fact, no taller than 0.73m. The issue seems to be with the Radio Times and not with the nursery. The trees have now been planted and I was particularly pleased with the root systems.
++ Service rating : Our tree arrived quickly and well packaged.
Product : The tree was healthy and ready to plant out.
++ Service rating : very good
Product : Christmas present, arrived in time, looks good but not planted out yet
What Is Supplied Supplied as a grafted patio tree pot grown oin 4L pot, shaped and ready to plant out into garden soil or large pots.
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  • Perfect in large pots on a patio - 30cm diameter or larger.
  • Trim longer new shoopts back mid-Summer for better shaped trees
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