Patio Apricot Aprigold

Patio Apricot 'Aprigold'

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Apricot 'Aprigold' is the fabulous patio Apricot from the world-leading Zaiger American breeding program. Naturally very compact, and yet self-fertile, it makes the ideal patio fruit tree for large pots on sunny patios, balconies and gardens.

With the added benefit of lovely soft-pink early blossom, it has a lovely spring feature too, and as the new leaves emerge they have a lovely orange-red tinge to them, classic of Apricots. Remaining below 1.2M for 10 years or so, this makes it an ideal fruit tree for smaller gardens.

Apricots are early fruiters even in the UK, and once established in a year or 2, you should get good crops of tasty, juicy apricots from late July into August every year.

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Score Customer Comments
++ Service rating : You garden have very good selection and sensible prices.
Product : Looks good waiting to see as it grows,healthy looking ,nice shape.
+ Service rating : It did respond to my complaint about the dead looking plant which was delivered.
Product : The tree has begun to spring into life and has started to bloom. Bodes well for a healthy plant.
++ Service rating : The plants arrived the day after the estimated delivery date, but they were in really good condition.
Product : The plastic wrap kept the roots damp enough for travel. Once planted into a tub, it only took two days for the leaves to start showing. Very pleased with my purchases.
-- Service rating : My rating would be good to poor but the system would not let me check both.
Product : This tree was a lovely shape with many branches but the tiny buds were dried up. I think it has been out of the ground too long before despatch.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that you weren't happy with your trees. I trust that this has now been resolved satisfactorily.

Head of Customer Service
-- Service rating : Plants arrived damaged, probably in transit, but were more expensive and of lesser quality than those obtained at well know DIY chain
Product : Branches snapped off probably in packing or transit. Plant was of significantly inferior quality AND more expensive than one bought at local DIY chan.
+ Service rating : Order dealt with quickly and efficiently
Product : Looks to be in good condition now planted and appears to be doing well.
+ Service rating : Good prices & good service
Product : However I was away when it was delivered so it may not have survived. A text to ask if delivery date was suitable would have been helpful for bareroot tree.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that. If you've still not got them working we can send some more?

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Their delivery arrangements are not sufficiently reliable for live plants. They use the cheapest possible courier and the order took five days to arrive after dispatch, even then only because I contacted them to chase it. They don't give you a delivery time slot either and assume you're happy to have plants left if you're out. One of the plants was basically dead on arrival and when I sent them a photo asking for a refund or replacement they said it "just needed a good feed". They did eventually replace the dead plant but only after I sent a second email to complain. This was my first order from you garden and I don't think I'll repeat the experience, the plants are cheap but the service isn't up to scratch.
Product : Could have been better packed, roots very dry on arrival.
YouGarden Comments
The plant would have been absolutely fine, however we replaced it as a gesture of good will - I am surprised at your feedback.

Regarding the 'Leave Safe' delivery - if we insisted on 'Proof Of Delivery' then this would leave many people's live plant orders languishing in courier depots awaiting pick-up, which results in a severe deterioration in quality. In the vast majority of cases, 'Leave Safe' is best - I am sorry that this was not the case for you.

Head of Customer Service
+ service was good.
NA Service rating : Delivery is prompt and in the main in good condition.
Product : This bare rooted tree was purchased in order to replace a pot grown tree I purchased last year. This tree while not dead (?) did not perform well. I have put this tree into open ground to attempt to recover it.
+ Service rating : Have always received an excellent service.Plantst are always in good condition and are reasonably priced
Product : Unsure about this tree.Has excellent root system but tree its self looks brown and sad
+ Service rating : Very speedy and efficient service.
Product : Tree seems fine, waiting to see if it thrives.
++ Very good delivery Quick
+ Service rating : its good ive recommended more people
Product : ditto
++ Really good
+ Service rating : I am very satisfied with all aspects of the service given by You Garden.
Product : As with the other two plants in this collection, the lant arrived in splendid condition and I am becoming anxious to get it repotted as the final plant in my new orchard.
++ Service rating : Good communication regarding delivery date
Product : Very well packed and arrived in good condition. The tree looks very sturdy and healthy with a good root system, but I'll have to wait to see how well it develops when the weather gets warmer.
+ mostly good, when joining there was no obvious link to registering
++ Service rating : Excellent delivery time
Product : Very healthy looking tree
+ Service rating : Good
Product : Good
+ Service rating : No problems, delivery faster than we thought
Product : Looked good, have planted up, Hope all goes well.
What Is Supplied Supplied as a patio tree 70cm-80cm tall, top grafted.
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