Stella Cherry Tree

'Stella' Cherry Tree

Lovely blossom and sweet juicy cherries
Scented / Fragrant
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Shade
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
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If you only have space to grow one fruit tree, grow this one! 'Stella' Cherry is 'Self-Fertile' (which means it does not need a second variety of cherry tree to pollinate it) and is a really heavy, reliable cropper because it has good resistance to late frosts.

Unlike most other sweet cherry varieties, it will thrive in slightly exposed locations but can also be grown in a pot on your patio. The sweetly flavoured dark-skinned, plump and juicy, aromatic fruits will be ready to pick from mid late July each year and from the third growing season onwards you can expect upwards of 5kg (11lbs) of sweet fruits per tree, which will save a small fortune compared to paying supermarket prices! Additionally, the beautiful Cherry Blossom which appears from early March, will brighten your garden and mark the beginning of spring.

Our grower quality multi-branched bare-root trees have been grafted on to 'Colt' rootstock to provide a compact and manageable habit which in this case will reach approx. 2m (6-7 ft) tall.

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
++ Service rating : I was pleased at the quickness of the delivery,but a little disapointed at no information added for the best way of planting
Product : They look in good condition, but I need a little time to prepare the planting spot,l hope that the plants can wait for a while
++ Service rating : Very happy with the service
Product : Very happy
+ Service rating : Ordered by phone, and received very friendly service. Delivery time was within the week, and the trees arrived well packed, in good condition.
Product : Difficult to rate these cherry trees until they settle in and start to produce. But on delivery they look healthy and in good shape. They are now planted in a good position - so we'll see.
+ Service rating : Delivered without complaint
Product : Delivery and condition good but there were no planting or maintenance instructions which would be helpful to someone not used to growing trees
++ Service rating : All the plants I have ordered have been first class
Product : They look very healthy and I'm looking forward to when they bare fruit.
NA Good response times for Emails and accomodated special delayed delivery request.
+ Service rating : Prompt
Product : No instructions/guidance included
++ Very pleased with the service keep up the good work
++ Service rating : very good fast service
Product : packed well and delivered quickly
+ Service rating : Delivery 4days late
Product : Product arrived undamaged and well packed. Trees look well, now planted, too early to tell how they will thrive but have high hopes
YouGarden Comments
I am so sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your recent order.

Do you have any images that you can send over to us please? We will of course action immedietly.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : very pleased
Product : Very good and arrived very quick in good order
+ Service rating : Did not send the plants as ordered. I ordered two cherries and two Victoria plum. I received one cherry and one Victoria plum and one marked wanda,with no explanation.
Product : )rder not completed.
YouGarden Comments
Please don't panic! The order was simply split in to two. The remainder of the order should now be with you.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
NA Service rating : Product arrived promptly.
Product : I reserve judgement until the tree comes into blossom and leaf.
++ Service rating : Trees arrived quickly and were well packed
Product : Too early to tell as they are bare root, but arrived well packed
+ Service rating : Quick service
Product : Planted up now waiting to see results but tree in good bare root condition
++ Service rating : great thanks
Product : delivered quickly and the text - email to say it was on the way helped i was able to prepare the planting area just 30 mins before delivery!
++ Service rating : That are the best.Every thing we have got over the last few years has arrived in perfect condision, Thank you.
Product : Two fantastic looking trees .Thank you.
++ Service rating : excellent service
Product : looking good hope to get lots of cherries from them
+ Service rating : Very quick to dispatch
Product : Looks very healthy
++ Service rating : very efficient
Product : both trees look in excelant condition
++ Delivery was well packed fir fruit trees. Well packaged. Strong root & branches.good value offer.
+ Service rating : Excellent service and good communication
Product : The trees appear in good condition, lets hope I get a good crop
+ Service rating : Very quick Delivery
Product : Pot planted in consevatry.too cold outside. Hope it grows
++ Service rating : Excellent service
Product : Excellent product, well packed.
++ Service rating : Prompt service. Plants in good condition.
Product : Fruit trees well packaged and look healthy.
++ Service rating : Excellent service and very quick delivery.
Product : The product seems to be excellent but time will tell-The price was great.
++ Service rating : Amazing I love it!
Product : The price was amazing and the trees arrived well packaged & in perfect condition
NA Service rating : USED AN OFFER IN THE ( SUN NEWSPAPER) to obtain two cherry
Trees. (This was. a TWO FOR ONE offer) paid the required monies
For trees and postage. RECIEVED only One tree! Requested the second tree. Was told the second tree would be sent,but it would
Require a second charge of £6.99 postage .
YouGarden Comments
I am very sorry to hear that you are unhappy - I can see that we spoke to you regarding the second tree and explained the terms and conditions of this offer!

If you require any further assistance with the matter please give us a call

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : Four lovely trees delivered in excellent condition
Product : Looks good. 2017 will hopefully confirm!
-- Service rating : Slow delivery
Product : The trees were very immature and had a lot of root cut away . Not great
YouGarden Comments
I am so sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your tree!

Do you have any images that you can send over to us please? We will of course action immedietly.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : Delivery was prompt and the trees were packed beautifully.
Product : This was a good size and I potted it into a large pot. Waiting patiently for my first crop.
++ Service rating : nice product well packaged
Product : trees look in good nick and great root systems
NA Service rating : Arrived quickly but don't know if they're decent plants or not.
Product : How on earth can I be expected to rate trees that in January are still dormant?!
Why don't you ask me again in August?
++ fantastic service and product
hope to order in the near future again
++ Service rating : Cherry trees arrived on schedule.
Product : Trees look to be fine will wait and see how they grow.
NA Service rating : Price, speed of delivery, packaging all good
Product : Planted and they look in good condition. Only time will tell
+ Service rating : Top notch service
Product : Think the trees are good quality - need to wait till the fruiting season to be sure though
NA Service rating : OK in the end....!
Product : Planted but that's it so far!
++ Service rating : excellent service fast delivery
Product : tree is as expected
++ One of the Stella trees failed to arrive. But the company sorrted it out and second tree arrived 3 days later. Thank you
++ Service rating : good service excellent products
Product : all planted and very happy with plant
NA Good service, but poor delivery - courier ignored instructions and did not leave in safe place - left on doorstep in full few of and very near main road, which also allowed people to see we were out!
++ Service rating : great service good looking trees
Product : looking good
+ Service rating : great value I am looking forward to the cherry's
Product : Trees appear fine but yet to see how they mature
+ Service rating : Very Poor
Product : One tree ok but where is the other tree promised
YouGarden Comments
Good Morning,

On looking at the account I can see that only one stella cherry tree has been ordered and paid for.

Please contact us for further information.

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : very quick delivery
Product : two very healthy looking trees
++ Service rating : Delivered on time and well packed.
Product : Sweet Cherry in good condition with easy to read instructions
++ Service rating : could not believe the delivery service, ordered Friday received Sunday, how good was that?
Product : the tree looked very healthy but not being a gardener as such wish it had been in a pot as I would hate to loose it due to me not planting it properly. (I am an OAP)
++ Very good service, the trees are bigger than i thought cant wait to see them in bloom and fruit. Thankyou
+ Service rating : When I'm told I will receive my order on or by a date I don't expext to get it two days later
Product : I think you need to review your courier company they let your good name down
++ Service rating : Arrived promptly
Product : Looked in good condition planted straight away fingers crossed!
++ Service rating : As above service excellent
Product : The trees arrived in good condition can't wait until I'm eating the fruit
- Service rating : Order form NOT clear. Ruled off where the code is to go. advert states buy one get one free. No. Re-design the order form, unless it's meant to confuse. How many BOG have been given? Never received second free Tree.
Product : It would be a good deal for two Cherry Trees, but £20 for one cherry tree, I could buy one for £7.OO local. I have also wasted my time to sort this out.
YouGarden Comments
Good Morning,

I can see that my colleague has sent an e-mail over to you with all of the t&c's regarding this query.

Unfortunately the BOGOF offer code was not applied on the order therefore the offer was not picked up on our system. Hence why only the one tree was sent out to you. As stated in the e-mail from my colleague, we would be happy to send you a free tree with your next order from us.

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : Your service is excellent, and our four fruit trees arrived in excellent condition. I'm no green fingers but with instructions enclosed I'm shore we will have excellent fruit in a couple of years.
Product : Just waiting for my favourite fruit
+ Service rating : Trees arrived well packed and in good condition.
Product : The plants appear very healthy, just hoping they will survive the winter.
++ Service rating : Very good website and easy to use. Despatched items quickly considering they were live products.
Product : Root system in excellent condition and well packed.
++ Service rating : It took longer to come than what was said
Product : Very pleased with the cherry trees . They look strong and sturdy. Time will tell
++ Service rating : Very impressed
Product : Great root system
+ Service rating : very good
Product : its a good size
++ Service rating : Trees arrived as stated well packed
Product : Very suprised at the excellent condition of the plants. Very good value for the price. Through my experience this service could be recommended for all plants
++ Service rating : Fantastic service had a slight problem, contacted them and it was sorted straight away, wish all companies were this good.
Product : Great looking trees well worth the money
++ Service rating : Execellent Service. JR.
Product : Delivered promptly and trees in excellent condition JR.
+ Speedy delivery
++ Service rating : Prompt delivery even in this busy pre-Christmas period
Product : Trees look very healthy and the 2 for 1 offer was excellent value
++ Service rating : Good fast service
Product : Excellent quality trees and amazing value
NA Service rating : box was insecure.
Product : Will see if they grow OK.
++ Service rating : Very swift delivery, great service
Product : Two healthy, good sized trees delivered, sensibly packaged.
NA Extremely helpful customer service. Would use again
NA Service rating : The process was confusing. The order, the delivery note and the eventual charge were all different. Delivery was charged at £2 more than the order stated. Not sure if Paypal or yougarden were responsible. There was nothing on the Paypal feedback page to get information from Paypal - my only option was to complain about the yougarden transaction. Yougarden were responsive to emails but said they couldn't understand it either. My life is too complicated at present to take it further so I must take some of the blame for not sticking with it to the end.
The product is a good size and looks promising. I am hoping for a more fruitful outcome in the spring!
Product : We'll see in the spring. There are buds!
YouGarden Comments
Good Morning,

I am sorry to hear that you had some trouble placing your order with us. We are always on hand to offer any help or advice regarding our products or website.

From looking at your account I can see that we have been in contact with you and matters have been resolved. We hope that you enjoy your cherry tree.

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
+ Service rating : Amazingly speedy delivery and very well packed plants
Product : One root system was noticeably smaller than the other, and if this tree doesn't flourish like the larger-rooted one I shall be in touch with You Garden next year
NA Service rating : Arrived on time
Product : Planted according to instruction. Lets see what happens next year
++ Service rating : I have no complaints
Product : This was a gift and I was told my friend was pleased with the tree and was following the explicit instructions on how to prepare and care for it. Thank you
++ Great looking healthy tree, looking forward to tasting the cherries
++ Always great quality and value
++ Service rating : good
Product : true to there word about replacement non growing plants-made the free had to pay exchange
+ Service rating : Misleading advert. Called to get this rectified but got no help.............
Product : Pleased with the tree and came well packed
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

I am sorry that you believe the ad is misleading. We do not feel that this is true. Please e-mail us directly and we will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

We are happy to hear that you are pleased with your cherry tree.

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : very good
Product : very good
++ Service rating : Fast efficient delivery. Arrived well packaged with full instructions.
Product : Trees looked healthy and still with plenty of moisture around roots. I'll know more next summer when it flowers!
++ Service rating : Very fast delivery in well packaged parcel
Product : Good price and trees look very healthy
NA Service rating : Good
Product : Don't know yet
++ Service rating : Excellent service, quick and efficient. Trees were well packages with good, clear, easy to follow instructions.
Product : These bare root tree's arrived in good condition, they were left in water for a week before being planted out in containers on the patio. It being winter time there is not much activity, but there are small buds on the branches that I hope will burst into life in the spring - all looks good so far.
NA Service rating : Would have been nice to have been expecting the delivery rather than just finding two bare root trees in bags propped up by the door
Product : Can tell you after it has sprouted leaves in the spring
++ Service rating : Great fast service, thank you.
Product : Both trees look good, we'll have to wait until next spring to see if they ok.
++ Service rating : Great service, It was actually the second time I used the company, having purchased a Prunus Incisa from the company. I was kept informed of delivery. Packaging was excellent. Well done
Product : Nice small trees, well shaped
Easily planted.
++ Great service, very happy with the three fruit trees.
Quick delivery.
++ Service rating : Plants look good and arrive when described
Product : Looks healthy. Hope it grows.
++ Service rating : packaging was first class & delivery was very prompt .
Product : Trees arrived in very good condition & were very sturdy .Should do well .
++ Service rating : Well packed order received in double quick time.
Product : Two very well grown trees nice and straight with a good root system.
++ Service rating : Very good
Product : Excellent
+ Will return again
+ Service rating : Prompt and efficient
Product : Good condition
++ Service rating : Great internet sellers. First class communication and very fast and caring
Product : I am very pleased with my bare root trees they arrived in super condition
+ Really helpful response to my questions over the phone and good delivery arrangements to the north of Scotland. Thank you for the excellent service
+ Service rating : Very prompt
Product : Two good plants
++ Service rating : Very prompt service excellent
Product : Very good healthy looking trees
++ Service rating : Excellent service,items well packed and in perfect condition
Product : excellent from looks only, to early to know what they will turn out like when grown
++ Service rating : Plants arrived exactly on date promised. Great service.
Product : Lovely plants arrived in great condition. Can't wait for spring - who knows maybe a little blossom.
++ Service rating : Excellent service with good offers.
Product : Great quality healthy trees. 10/10
+ Service rating : Very COURTEOUS STAFF
Supplied replacement trees no problem
Trees now in the ground hope for success next year.
Product : Good shape,big root mass, sensible size
++ Service rating : Evrything was done exactly as they had promised. Trees arrived on the date given, well wrapped, and in good condition.
Product : As far as I know. No growth as yet.
++ Service rating : The trees arrived in good order and so far so good. They have been planted but obviously won't be able to give them a superb rating till next Spring.
Product : Again trees arrived in good order and so far so good. Will know in the Spring whether or not they are good trees.
++ Service rating : Delivery exerlent
Product : Both very good roots.
+ Service rating : Service was speedy & precise
Product : One better rooted than the other. Planted as above.
+ Service rating : Quick delivery.
Product : Good little trees.
+ Service rating : An easy service to approach and a hassle-free ordering process.
Product : On arrival they appear to be very healthy. The proof will come in the eating - literally!
++ Fantasic company. Terrific service and excellent products. I moved into my house in January this year and had a bare garden, and thanks to You Garden it now looks absolutely fabulous and I still haven't finished. Thank you.
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

Thank you for the great feedback - it's always lovely to hear such positive reviews.

We would love to see some images of your garden. If it is possible could you please send some over to us?

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : very well packed and good quality
Product : very good size
++ Excellent service.
+ Service rating : trees arrived without labels or any growing or planting instructions. Rang and was told they would be sent to me still not received.
Product : packed well but no labels
++ Service rating : Trees arrived when you said they would.
Product : Trees look very good, looking forward to the cherries.
++ Service rating : good coms. product came well wrapped.
Product : came well wrapped and in excellent condition.
+ Service rating : Speedy replacement of faulty tree.
Product : Need to see how this replacement fares.
-- Service rating : A replacement for trees that died last season. I am an experienced gardener so I know I looked after them. It has put me off ordering anything else from you.
Product : A replacement for trees that died. I am an experienced gardener so I know I looked after them. I haven't ordered anything else since.
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

Again, we are sorry that your original tree did not thirve. This tree is the replacment that we sent out to you free of charge.

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
+ Service rating : Great service, so quick.
Product : Planted, awaiting results.
++ Service rating : No problems. Quick delivery, well packaged.
Product : Trees look very healthy and have been planted according to instructions and look forward to sweet cherries in the future.
+ Service rating : Good service
Product : Plants look good a this stage
++ Service rating : excellent service, fast and as described
Product : looks healthy very pleased
++ Service rating : easy to order over the phone and offering great value. Delivered in good condition with super instructions and in time advised; would use this company again if my trees meet expectations.
Product : i hope - will know next spring when the trees produce some fine blossoms!
+ Service rating : Excellent service from ordering to receiving trees.
Product : Trees appear in good order and we await our fruit next season
+ Service rating : Saw an advert for the cherry trees in a national paper offering buy one get one free. I ordered and paid for 2 expecting to receive 4. After a few days I received only 2 trees. I rang up to find out where my other 2 trees were to be told that because I has entered a promotion code that had popped up on their web site to say that as I was a new customer I was entitled to 20% off my first order. After 2 phone calls the company decided to send me the other 2 trees but it would cost me another £6.99 for P&P. In total the 4 trees cost me £40 where if I had not put in the code given to me by the company it would have been £33.

This trick has caught a lot of people out. They even said I should have read the T&C and it would have said about entering 2 codes, you loose the 1st offer.....well as it happened I didn't. I entered 1 code that was given on your website.
I am pleased with the plants but not pleased about having to pay over the odds.
I would not recommend this company or if you do maybe triple check before you pay them.
Product : Its winter so they are dormant.
YouGarden Comments
We are sorry that you are unhappy, however we can only allow one code to be used per order.

You elected to enter a different offer code than the one advertised in the paper - and did not notice that the free tree was removed from your order., despite it being shown on-screen and confirmed by email twice before you received the order.

Whilst we can appreciate your frustration having missed out on the deal, this was due to an error on your part and regrettably, on this occasion the tight margins on this offer prevent us from sending the free tree to you at our own cost.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Polite and quick phone service. 2 trees ordered this year arrived very promptly and are of good quality.
Product : 4 fruit trees originally ordered last year & a cherry tree unfortunately died. However following a phone call a replacement tree was sent to us free of charge for the following season.
++ Service rating : Brilliant
Product : Brilliant
+ Service rating : Had an issue as only 1 tree was delivered but I sent them an email and the second tree was swiftly despatched.
Product : Trees look fine. Difficult to tell how they will be as it will take some time to get established.
++ Service rating : Never have problems with orders from here
Product : In ground waiting for spring
++ Service rating : Plants came well packed and with clear instructions
Product : I am not sure yet - will know in two or three years' time when they have (hopefully) grown!
++ Service rating : Email query answered quickly. Service of high standard. Will recommend to fellow gardeners
Product : Well packaged and delivered as stated on original order. Appear to be in very good condition.
++ Service rating : Everything went smoothly - order delivered on time
Product : Looks in good condition - let's see if it fruits
++ Service rating : Responded well when I sent an email requesting date of delivery.
Product : Product well packed and in good condition
++ Service rating : I have used you garden before and always had good service and I will continue to use them in the future.
Product : Plant arrived well packaged and in good condition.
++ Service rating : Plants arrived in excellent condition in good packaging as promised
Product : plants were healthy and strong and were planted as instructions
++ Service rating : Easy website to use and trees delivered at the end of October as stated when I ordered
Product : Good quality bare root trees, now planted in my front garden
++ Service rating : Good experience with this order
Product : Came as expected in good condition.
+ Service rating : Delivered on time well packed and in good condition
Product : I have planted them out and they appear fine
++ Service rating : Placing the order was simple clear details for delivery and when this would be.
Product : Absolutely delighted with the condition, clear instructions for planting, thankyou
++ Service rating : Everything happened as predicted/planned Plants LOOK to be in v good condition - we shall see later!!
Product : As above
++ Service rating : Delivered when promised excellent packaging would recommend
Product : Trees planted in pots waiting for the cherries !!
++ Service rating : Delivered exactly when stated
Product : Both have been planted, they look excellent
NA Instrction could e more produt/seaso spf.
++ Service rating : Parcel arrived when expected and contents were well packaged, with detailed planting instructions enclosed.
Product : Trees in good condition and good shape.
- Service rating : Service/delivery was good
Product : I purchased 2 trees. One was perfect but the other was completely bare of branches and has one broken branch. I had considered sending the damaged one back but as I live in the country without easy access to a post office decided it was really not worth the effort involved
YouGarden Comments
Good Morning,
I am sorry to hear that one of your branches has broken - are you able to send some images over to us please? We will then be able to action the necessary for you. Please contact us

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Arrived very quickly
++ Very speedy delivery and trees and packaged extremely well.
++ Service rating : Great service
Product : Great service
++ Service rating : good service will use again
Product : look good but time will tell
NA Product was delivered promptly and in good condition
++ Service rating : Came on time
Product : Perfect condition
+ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Very pleased with the tree and hopefully it will bear many cherries
++ Service rating : very good
Product : They arrived in a box 2 trees with branches spaced nicely in good condition i hade two large garden pot ready to go into. 5*****
++ Service rating : good choice of goods .very helpful .
Product : excellent value, good sturdy product.well packed. speedy delivery
++ Service rating : Delivered when promised. My only concern was I didn't get an email in advance and may have been away. Not sure what would have happened to the trees then.
Product : Good size health trees
NA Service rating : well packed and quick delivery.
Product : Looks healthy but will know better next spring
++ Service rating : Easy to use website
Product : Box an delivery excellent
++ Ordering from website a nightmare for my age group
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that you found it difficult to order online. We'd welcome any further feedback as we're always looking to improve the site.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Guick delivery.
Product : Plants arrived well packed in excellent condition with clear instructions on how to treat them.
+ Service rating : excellent arrived earlier than exspected and in good condition well packaged
Product : all looks well planted 24 hours after delivery leaving in pail of water over will be next year before i can tell how well it has rooted and grown
NA Service rating : I was very pleased that my order arrived quickly and the trees looked in very good condition
Product : Won't know how good the cherry trees are for a year or two, but they looked in very good condition when received
++ Service rating : Arrived promptly.
Product : Seems fine - have planted the tree but until next spring cannot comment on the quality - bare root does not give any information!
NA Great fast service
++ Service rating : Very efficient. I was kept informed as to what was happening. Delivery was as expected . The delivery man was polite and cheerful.
Product : Having spent my working life involved with woodland management & arranged for hundreds of thousands of trees to be planted I was impressed with the quality of the cherry supplied.
YouGarden Comments
Thank you again for your order and for the great review!

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Very good service and delivery, although the packaging was damaged and two or three branches were snapped.
Product : Both trees are doing well despite loosing a couple of branches.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that your plum tree isn't thriving. We'd be happy to replace it in autumn from our fresh bare-root stock.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Came on time and delivery was very good on all my item.
Product : Stella Cherries tree,we had ordered 8 as a group in separate orders. One already starting to have cherries and other don't have anything. Hit and miss but fingers cross we are positive that they will all come!
+ Service rating : Fortunately I was at home to receive and although whoever delivered did not use doorbell I anticipated delivery and was able to put trees in water within 15 minutes. Delivery was at or about 17.00 - perhaps a little late !!!
Product : All appears to be going well so far -watering regularly Thank you!!!!
++ Service rating : Wonderful service and easy to communicate with customer services
Product : This cherry tree has blooms and I hope it will bear fruit in a few years.
++ Service rating : Excellent company product delivered well within the time stated .
Product : Sweet Stella Cherry trees were in fantastic condition when they arrived , they are now very happy and showing lots of blossom .
- Service rating : The order web site was totally misleading, I only received 1 tree, not 2 as stated in the newspaper, and the service when phoning was rude and unhelpful. the service at customer Service was not much better. I still ende3d up paying Post and Package twice, consequently paying £28.97 for an order that should have been £21`.98. feel the wording in the newspaper ad was a con and I will not recommend dealing with this firm to anyone or be using it again.
Product : One was great, the second was poor and not a grafted bush but a much bigger and taller tree
YouGarden Comments
I am very sorry that you feel that way, however all of our adverts and the 'basket' page on our website prompt customers several times to make sure that they are using the correct offer code in order to take advantage of the offer or discount we are offering.

You did not use the offer code, so the 'free' tree was not added to your order - which you didn't notice until your order was delivered, despite the order being confirmed both online and by email.

Whilst we can sometimes retrospectively add discounts at no extra cost, regrettably on this occasion we were not able to go to the expense of sending a free tree to you as the cost would have been prohibitive. Thus we offered to add one to your next order, or send one immediately should you agree to pay just the P&P.

Please make sure that you check your order and include any relevant offer codes prior to checking out.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : arrived quickly in good condition
Product : seems good
++ Service rating : Packaging very good they came quicker than expected and I did not see an email giving me the delivery date. However I kept the trees in water for 2 nights until I was a little more organised.
Product : I have even got a little blossom on both, wonder if I will get any cherries?
++ Service rating : Arrived in excellent condition
Product : So far so good
++ Service rating : Service cannot be faulted.
Product : I'm really pleased with my cherry trees. They are in bloom and hopefully I may get some fruits from them. Now that would be a treat.
++ Service rating : Ordered product on-line but had to ring because p&p overcharge. All sorted very quickly and operator was polite and efficient.
Product : Packaging good and trees arrived in good condition.
++ Service rating : Arrived quickly - roots moist and the plant looks healthy
Product : Roots moist and the plants look healthy - waiting till next year to see if I get any cherries.
++ Service rating : Very quick delivery
Product : Beautiful
+ Service rating : Good service
Product : Good quality product
++ Service rating : Prompt service.
Product : Trees arrived safely and are growing nicely, overall extremely pleased with service, the standard of the products and the overall price.
+ Service rating : Delivered as promised and goods excellent quality so much so I have ordered other items
Product : As above...planted and taken lovely
++ the service from the supplier is very good however the delivery system by yodel is abysmal, we were in the house when the parcel arrived they made no attempt to knock the door and just posted a note through the door saying the parcel outside luckily I happened to read the card and retrieve the parcel be anyone could make of with it I would suggest that the suppliers change their carriers
+ Service rating : First time buyer, plants left by front door early evening but know contact made, only found them when going out for the evening.
Product : Plants very healthy, have settled well since planting out.
++ Service rating : excellent quality plants
Product : very happy with them
++ Service rating : Staff very polite and helpful
Product : One hundred per cent great.
++ Service rating : Delivery as promised - packaging excellent
Product : Fantastic condition
+ Service rating : sakd;jkvnvjjsanasiu ;urrhg;er ner;rrjgej
Product : ask me when it grows
++ Service rating : My order was processed promptly
Product : I am hoping for lots of fruit
+ Service rating : What I expected
Product : Value for money
++ Service rating : Very quick
Product : Prompt & reliable
++ very well packed and the two trees were in very good condition. the buds are already leafing up and even small cluster of blossom.
++ Service rating : v good
Product : v good
++ Service rating : Order as processed promptly
Product : Trees sent out quickly as stated, in good condition
++ Delivered much quicker than expected
+ Good prompt service.
++ Service rating : quick response
Product : seem very good growing already
++ Good communication throughout, reasonably priced and trees fit for purpose. Hope weather conditions cooperate! Thank you!"
++ Service rating : the goods arrived safely and well packed
Product : in good condition already sprouting leaves
+ Service rating : Products were delivered in good condition and ready to plant
Product : Trees are quite strong and are now planted and beginning to bud and flower
+ Service rating : Right products sent, well packaged, arrived when expected
Product : Early days but look good trees
++ Service rating : quality very good
Product : prompt and efficient service
++ Service rating : 1st class
Product : Very good
++ Service rating : Fast efficient service,customer service excellent
Product : Beautiful healthy trees, well packed,received in excellent condition
++ Service rating : good service
Product : lovely plants
++ Service rating : Excellent service and very healthy looking trees. Very pleased.
Product : Excellent service and very healthy looking trees. Very pleased.
++ Service rating : Arrived in good condition.
Product : After a night on the 'water' they were planted and the twins are doing very well. Thank you.
+ Service rating : Prompt despatch - well packed.
Product : Two trees received - one in excellent condition with plenty of buds; the other a little sad with hardly any buds at all.
++ Excellent service-prompt delivery
++ Service rating : excellent service. thank you.will be using your company in the future.
Product : lt looks a good product.
++ Service rating : The trees arrived within two days of ordering - excellent service, thank you!
Product : Although they're young trees and it'll take years to see if they're as good as I hope they are, they were delivered with buds and looked healthy. They were delivered as bare roots rather than in an earth ball, which surprised me, but fingers crossed they take!
++ Service rating : excellent service. arrived before expected
Product : so far so good. leaves are sprouting. won't know about fruit till next spring with the amount of blossom
+ Service rating : Service was quick and we were well informed.
Product : Too early to tell if the trees develop in the way we hope, but so far so good.
+ Service rating : The young trees arrived in time, as promised and well packaged.
Product : We were well pleased with the young trees that we ordered. 'In a good healthy condition.
++ Service rating : Ordering was quick and turnaround was even quicker. Excellent service.
Product : Trees arrived within 5 days and in excellent condition. Planted the following day and very happy to see them springing into life after a week.
Would definitely use You garden again.
++ Service rating : Always happy with service, delivery and items
Product : As advertised and doing well, very happy��
++ Service rating : Extremely quick and efficient service. The young man on the other end of the phone was helpful and should be complimented on his telephone manner.
Product : The tree arrived in good condition. It was planted straightaway. It's too soon to say any more, but it looks as if all is well.
++ Service rating : the trees were delivered very quickly
Product : im really pleased with my cherry tree i hope to get some lovely cherries from it in future years
+ Service rating : The trees arrived quickly and were in good condition.
Product : It is early days yet, but the trees look very promising.
++ Service rating : Very helpful on the phone, and excellent prompt delivery
Product : Lovely trees, well packaged.
++ Service rating : Excellent products and service
Product : So very pleased with these loverly little trees
They are strong and sturdy and they are starting to open their buds already
Thankyou You Garden
++ Service rating : see below
Product : Very quick delivery . Trees in excellent condition.
Too soon to know how they will fruit, but I am hopeful.
+ Ordered & received within the time frame .no problems at all will definely use again
++ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Delivered on time and in good condition. Now doing well after planting.
++ Service rating : very efficient service.
Product : Ttrees had more buds than I expected and seem to be thriving.
++ Service rating : Excellent quality and service
Product : Excellent quality and price.
YouGarden Comments
Really great to hear - thanks again!

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : zzzzz
Product : Budding and looks healthy
++ Service rating : Just excellent service!!
Product : They are doing well!
++ Service rating : The plants were delivered in suitably secure packaging . They soon found a new home !
Product : Sturdy and the buds soon unfurled in response to the spell of fine weather .
++ Service rating : Very impressed with the service provided
Product : trees better than expected, good decent size.
++ Service rating : Well organised and prompt, but the delivery was left round the back of the house while we were inside. Deliverer did not ring bell.
Product : Plenty of signs of new buds appearing. Trees appear healthy and with a good chance of growing well
++ Service rating : I found them to be very quick at sending product , very efficient .
Product : My cherry trees were in grate condition .
++ Service rating : A first class service
Product : No problems with the two cherry trees I ordered,
++ Service rating : Everything I have ordered from YouGarden has been superb, I have several dwarf fruit trees which are amazing. I had a small blip with some raspberry canes and a Stella Cherry. I emailed photos and they were immediately replaced. Excellent service. I shall continue ordering as does my daughter.
Product : Leafing out already.....
-- Service rating : I haven't received the trees get!!
Product : No idea - they have not been delivered!
They were supposed to be a birthday present....
YouGarden Comments
There's been a problem with delivery as the courier is having trouble finding your address.

Can you email me with the full address and any instructions for the courier please?

We will then resend the order at our cost.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Goods arrived sooner than expected, and seem to be of good quality, although time will tell. Hoping for success with the dwarf cherry trees.
Product : Seemed to be good quality, so am hoping for success with these dwarf trees.
++ Service rating : Excellent communication and prompt delivery
Product : Trees looked healthy and in very good condition, packed well. Thank you.
NA Service rating : Good quick service.
Product : Wait and see
++ Service rating : The products were very well packaged and arrived safely. I did like the fact that a kind note to the courier was on the packing label. This always identifies a good response to the product arriving on time and in good order. Thank you.
Product : I am very pleased with the products which are strong and healthy trees. Thank you.
+ Service rating : Service was good and trees arrived in good condition
Product : I was pleased with one of the trees which was well formed and will grow to a nice specimen. The other one was barely more than a large stick with no shape. Very disappointing. Not sure if this was because it was "free" but doesn't seem appropriate way of giving a "free" tree. I would have preferred to have paid a reduced price for a decent specimen. Thanks
+ Service rating : Fast delivery, well packaged, good price.
Product : The cherry trees are nice but rather small - they are smaller than the size advertised that they would be on delivery. They seem to be growing relatively well so far and we just hope that they grow to the height that the websitestated they would.
++ Service rating : would use again and recommend to anyone.
Product : far better than I expected
+ Service rating : good but there was some poor communication between order and dispatch.
Product : but the two plum trees and one of the apple trees seem to have died.
++ Service rating : Good service quick delivery
Product : Excellent product
++ Service rating : Service very good thank you
Product : Lovley trees
++ Service rating : Superfast service with great communication
Product : Great service, would buy again
+ Service rating : The service was very good & the delivery times spot on
Product : The bushes arrived in good condition - I have yet to plant them
++ Service rating : prompt service
Product : the tree appears to be very good quality and looks good in a pot
++ Service rating : Good service
Product : Trees were in very good condition
++ Service rating : The Cherry trees arrive very quickly in perfect condition.
Product : Looking forward to the first cherries!
NA Service rating : Excellent customer service to sort out a small problem, cant find a fault with the overall you garden experience
Product : looks good and in the ground but a bit early to give a judgement
+ Service rating : Excellent quick service
Product : Good healthy trees......just hoping for cherries this year, just like the advert said.
++ Service rating : good plantsbargain prices
Product : 2 excellent bare root trees, just wonderful
++ Service rating : prompt service, clear information about delivery, high-quality goods.
Product : The Stella trees are exelent value - robust, healthy plants with good strong root-systems with clear care and planting instructions. I am confident that they will flourish even at this late date of planting.
++ Service rating : Good Efficient delivery . Well informed by mail as to when delivery would be
Product : Trees in excellent condition. Second one was free
++ Service rating : delivered when expected
Product : very healthy trees
++ Service rating : A very good deal in terms of price.
I appreciated your Tracking service so I knew when they would arrive and the box did on the day specified. Very well packed box so no damage to emerging buds.
Product : Lovely little trees already in bud. I planted them into tubs following your excellant guidance instruction sheet. They have settled in well and at present put into a sheltered place to avoid any risk of frost damage. I greatly look forward to seeing them flourish.
NA Service rating : Went for the deal 2 for 1 never received this on enquiring why the tell me that I only entered the promo code once and missed the last box. I feel cheated
Product : Don't know yet
YouGarden Comments
I am very sorry you feel that way, however I think you may have misunderstood what my colleague was saying?

You didn't enter the offer code at all when you entered the order, and didn't notice either in your basket or when confirmed by email that there was only one tree on your order.

We would be happy to send you a free tree, either together with your next order, or if you are willing to cover the P&P cost.

Head of Customer Service
++ Nice trees. Good service. Very pleased
++ Service rating : Excellent all round service and would recommend to all.
Product : Excellent products received as listed and well packaged.
++ Service rating : Excellent response
Product : So far looking good
+ Service rating : As described
Product : As described.
++ Service rating : Gave me the opportunity to buy products at knock down prices
Product : Received 2 x healthy looking plants
++ Service rating : Great , fast service. Thank you
Product : They are starting to bud. , so hoping for a great display. Of cherries.
+ Service rating : Gooda
Product : Good
NA Service rating : Everything arrived as promised.
Product : Only just planted them so don't know yet.
+ Service rating : as expected.
Product : seems good, but need to be planted for 3 months before final judgement.
++ Service rating : Enjoy looking at the site getting ideas. Has good offers. Will use more often. Only downside is the cost of the P&P on the small orders, makes them cost effective.
Product : Loved the trees. Excellent size for price. Planted and now are in blossom. All in under a month from order.
++ Service rating : I was very pleased with my purchase and very impressed of speed and delivery of the goods
Product : I am very pleased with my Cherry tree. Can't wait for fruit to arrive
++ Service rating : Arrived very quickly,very impressed
Product : Planted within a couple of days ,hope the frost does'nt do any damage
++ Service good and tree specimens healthy
+ Service rating : Delivered well and on time
Product : Growing well
++ Service rating : Excellent Service on time and well wrapped
Product : Looks very good stock and hopefully will produce a good yield eventually
++ Service rating : OK
Product : good, arrived in very state.
++ Service rating : Trees arrived quickly and well packed.
Product : Planted the trees within a couple of days of receipt ... so far, they are looking good, but too early to say if they will prosper.
+ Service rating : Very quick postal service.
Product : Only just planted them so time will tell but they do look healthy. Fingers crossed for a good crop in a year or two.
++ Service rating : Prompt efficient service.
Product : Trees arrived in good condition. Time will tell if I manage to keep them alive!
++ Service rating : Arrived on time, well packaged
Product : Plants look healthy and sturdy
NA Prompt service and delivery
++ It would help if you let the customers know when the order was due to arrive by email when the order was placed online.
++ Service rating : The plants are doing well and are coming into leaf it would be lovely if they gave us some cherries this year - hears hoping
Product : Thank you, for nice healthy plants, I look foreword to the cherries
++ Service rating : The person I spoke to was very pleasant assuring me that the trees would arrive in time for me to plant before going away on holiday. They arrived in very good condition with plenty of time to spare.
Product : The trees look in very good health. They have been planted and are still in very tight bud. The roots had been cut back hard as described on the leaflet. This made them much easier to plant.
+ Service rating : Fast delivery well packed.
Product : Too early to say much, ask me in 2/3 years when they grow and produce fruit.
++ Service rating : A good service with very good value offers.
Product : The trees arrive quickly and in good condition with planting instructions and aftercare.
+ Service rating : Good and prompt delivery
Product : Now will have to see how it progresses
++ Service rating : Good value and arrived well packed and quickly
Product : Good shape and look foreward to tasting the fruit
+ Service rating : Prompt service. Packed well.
Product : A decent looking tree. We'll see how it grows. Thank you.
++ Service rating : Really ngood service.
Product : The trees are wonderful such good value
NA Service rating : Efficient and prompt
Product : Very efficient service
++ Service rating : Clear ordering system. Great delivery timing.
Product : Goog quality trees started growing straightaway. Could do with recommended planting suggestions .
++ Service rating : Arrived very promptly
Product : Planted them straightaway and after a week they are blossoming . This pleased my husband as he is not a natural gardener just helping me out as I can no longer dig.
+ Service rating : I ordered a cherry tree on 10th April and although I was given a delivery time of 3 days, I had received nothing after a week. I rang You Garden on 18th April and was told there had been some mix up with the order. They re-ordered the tree and I received it within 2 days.
Product : The tree looks sturdy with lots of growing buds. Looking forward to a few years of cherries to come!
++ Service rating : good service and fast delivery
Product : the trees are in leaf and very healthy thank you great price
++ Service rating : Very rapid delivery and plants in good condition on arrival.
Product : Not yet in leaf but seems healthy.
++ Service rating : After a little problem with our order they sorted it out in a blink of an eye.
They are a very good company and we would recommend them to anyone.
Product : Excellent value for money, the product was far better than I expected and we are delighted with it.
++ Service rating : Prompt delivery. Good packaging.
Product : Strong & healthy looking. Buds opening after just 2 weeks.
++ Service rating : The plants arrived within a few days in excellent condition.Very good service.Will certainly use YouGarden again
Product : The stella cherry trees arrived ready to plant.I put them in water overnight and planted them the next day.They look as if they have been in my garden for a while and are just coming into leaf.
++ Service rating : Prompt service, easy to use website.
Product : Larger plants than I expected, well packaged, excellent value.
+ Service rating : The trees arrived earlier than expected but were left safely, were packed appropriately and all looked good
Product : As far as I can tell the product looks healthy and is doing well so far in its new pots
++ Service rating : Staff very helpful and informative. The product was delivered in just a few days, much shorter time than expected.
Product : The 'Stella' Cherry tree (+one free) were very good plants with a well proportioned head.
+ Service rating : Quick and efficient purchase and delivery.
Product : Trees look very good but too soon to say more at the moment.
NA Asked for delivery to be put round back of house but it was left at the front and could have easily been stolen
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that the tree wasn't left in the place you specified - glad you received it safely and in good health though.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Handled customer relations well - one tree delivered damaged and replaced without any problem.
Product : Too early to tell as it has been so cold - but seem to be starting to bloom
+ Service rating : The cherry trees arrived within days of ordering. They were well packed and are now beginning to put on leaves.
Product : The trees are both very healthy and putting on leaves. My Dad and I look forward to harvesting our cherries in due course. Too early to give an "excellent" rating but so far we are delighted with our purchase.
+ Service rating : Well packed items, only concern is they were held over the weekend at the depot according to the courier on line tracking
Product : Let's hope this bear root tree grows.
++ Good, quick, hassle free
++ Service rating : Brilliant service and friendly staff
Product : Brilliant service friendly staff
+ Service rating : Good service,except that the courier just left them outside my front door when I was out.

Luckily they were they not stolen and I have enjoyed planting them in my allotment.
Product : Looks good. Hopefully they will grow well.
++ Service rating : Always give prompt and excellent service
Product : My Stella Sweet Cherry tree arrived in a healthy condition with small buds. Although the tip of one branch was broken - possibly during delivery ?
++ Service rating : Fast delivery, easy to order, excellent service
Product : Lovely condition, good size trees
++ Service rating : Arrived on time
Product : Appear to be in excellent condition
+ The trees were sent to the wrong person at the wrong address and completely ruined a birthday surprise,as they were sent to the person who was going to recieve them for her birthday not to the person who ordered them.Even this survey as been sent to the wrong person.Total shambles.
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry that the confirmation email was sent to the recipient, rather than your email address. As explained, this was due to a misunderstanding between yourself and the person who took the order.

As far as I am aware, the order itself was received at the correct address?

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Quick delivery very well packed
Product : Large buds just about to burst open.
+ Service rating : Quick arrival by post and appeared in good condition
Product : Just started to sprout
+ Service rating : uick service. Plants well wrapped and protected in transit
Product : Plants arrived safe and in good condition. They look healthy and promising
++ Service rating : Will use you again.
Product : Arrived in good condition and look very healthy.
++ Service rating : Excellent service as always. Highly recommended.
Product : Two beautiful cherry trees, with very strong shoots and buds. Can't wait for the cherries! Thank you.
++ Service rating : quick and reliable service
Product : very good quality trees
+ Service rating : Delivery arrived promptly and well packaged and the part of the order that I had been expecting arrived very soon after. Happy
Product : The trees look healthy enough but at this early stage it is a bit difficult to say. looking forward to seeing their progress in the coming months. Good instructions for planting
++ Service rating : A caring company with a service that delivered the product when they promised
Product : We are delighted with our cherry trees and as amateurs the instructions were clear and easy to follow for the best way to plant
+ Service rating : delivered as advised - all in good condition and complete
Product : will have to see later in its life !
++ Service rating : Speedy and professional. Glad to have made contac.t
Product : Looks good, Great hopes.
++ Service rating : Great service and quality plants / trees.
Product : The quality of the trees was excellent asnd they arrived in perfect condition.
++ You perform a good service
++ Service rating : Very Prompt Service and Delivery
Product : In Excellent Condition
+ Service rating : Trees arrived well packed but please see comment on tree planting kit
Product : Trees look healthy and a good shape
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. We'll get the missing pack out to you.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : The delivery was prompt and the tree arrived in good condition.
Product : Time will tell but so far the tree appears healthy and ready to bud.
+ Very good
++ Service rating : Arrived safe and sound well packed.
Product : lovely fruit trees , bigger than expected, lovely all round.
++ Service rating : fast efficient service many thanks
Product : good product - not yet planted - hoping for a good crop
++ Service rating : Fast, efficient service
Product : Great value. The plants are healthy - can't wait to see them grow
++ Service rating : First class
Product : The cherries appear to be firstclass, perfectly packaged and despatcned
++ Service rating : Efficient phone ordering service and prompt delivery.
Product : Trees arrived as expected in good condition - just waiting for the fruit now!
++ Service rating : Quick response. Easy to use website. Delivery bit slow.
Product : Too early to say. So far so good.
++ Service rating : Service was excellent many thanks
Product : Service was excellent and the trees are in good condition
++ Service rating : Trees very good in appearance, undamaged box, instructions readable.
Product : Put in water as said, planted next day, now lots of flowers.
Can't wait to eat them.
++ Service rating : Very efficient and speedy service.
Product : Stella Cherry trees very healthy looking specimens. The only doubt was, their origin, but I was told that they were British, even though they had labels for EU!
+ Service rating : Very fast and efficient delivery
Product : Trees look healthy still to plant properly
++ So pleased with your service will come again
++ Service rating : Very speedy delivery.
Product : Good size and pleasing shape. Obviously I cannot comment on the productivity or taste at present.
++ Service rating : We are very pleased with our order from you the products are healthy and arrived well within the time given. Will be looking in your catalogue for other products for our garden
Product : They are very healthy trees thank you
++ Service rating : Quick dellivery
Product : Cherry trees looked in good condition
++ Service rating : Very prompt service
Product : Lovely! The trees have both taken beautifully -I'm looking forward to seeing them blossom next spring.
++ Service rating : Fast delivery well packed and undamaged
Product : Good strong well budded tree looking forward to some cherry's
++ Service rating : Plants were delivered promptly, well wrapped and protected and planting instructions were clear and helpful.
Product : The plants appear to be in good condition and are sprouting well. Early days yet for judging long-term satisfaction but all looks very promising at the start.
++ Service rating : First class service
Product : Excellent products
++ Service rating : Fast and efficient
Product : Waiting expectantly for the cherries
++ Service rating : fast delivery and trees in good condition.
Product : have only had them 1 month so cannot realy say but they seem to be growing well
+ Service rating : Healthy looking plants. Staff helpful when I enquired about delivery date.
Product : Loki nice healthy trees but early days yet.
++ Service rating : Good service and prompt delivery.
Product : The tree arrived promptly and well packed; the tree looks healthy with plenty of buds. Very pleased.
++ Service rating : Very quick delivery.
Product : Very well packed arrived in excellent condition
++ Service rating : Ordered Sunday afternoon trees arrived in very good condition Tuesday afternoon. Excellent service.
Product : Looks healthy and has already started to grow.
+ Service rating : Goods left on doorstep UPSIDE DOWN, although box said "Fragile" so some of the branches were broken off.
Product : Would have been excellent but box said "Fragile" and was left upside down so some of the branches broke off the tree
YouGarden Comments
Very sorry to hear about the damage. As you saw on the box, we do try to make it obvious that there are live plants inside and which way up to keep them!

I do appreciate you giving the trees a chance; however if the damage is significant and they don't pick up, please let us know and we'll replace.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Very good service, friendly and helpful
Product : Growing well, sturdy plants, seem to be in bud already, cant wait for the cherries
+ Service rating : Trees arrived quickly and in good condition
Product : Have only just planted them so it is difficult to say much about them at this stage.
++ Service rating : Excellent service kept me informed of delivery
Product : Very good
++ Service rating : Excellent and would recommend to family and friends.
Product : excellent
+ Arrived in good condition
++ Service rating : Goods received promptly & well packaged.
Product : The trees were received undamaged, healthy & full of buds.
++ Service rating : Trees arrived within three days in perfect condition having been carefully packed .
Product : Both Cherry trees starting to take root and are looking really well after having been planted only a week .
++ Service rating : ok
Product : ok
++ Service rating : The trees arrived in sturdy boxes and were well protected during delivery.
Product : The tree looks healthy and has beautiful foliage.
NA Service rating : Trees arrived in good time and were properly packed
Product : Looked good - one more advanced than the other and is shooting well
++ Service rating : very good feedback
Product : well packaged and very impressed with items supplied
++ Service rating : Great service
Product : So far they look great.
++ Service rating : delivered in advance of promised date
Product : Plants look to be very healthy I will report back later in year as to how they have done
++ Service rating : Most efficient and courteous company.
Product : A wonderful specimen.
++ Service rating : Courteous service and swift delivery
Product : Nice clean plant. Looking forward to tasting the fruit!
+ Service rating : Goods were dispatched quite quickly; good communication
Product : Very nicely shaped little trees but roots were on the dry side when they arrived. Hopefully they will be fine. I soaked them overnight.
++ Service rating : Telephone sales person friendly, courteous and professional. Goods arrived swiftly and in excellent condition. An excellent experience which will encourage me to purchase goods from You Garden again.
Product : The trees were healthy, easy to plant and show signs of buds starting to grow. Extremely pleased q the purchase.
+ Service rating : I am slightly concerned that the trees spent 6 days in transit with bone dry roots in the poly bags, surly it is standard nursery practice to keep roots wetted
Product : They look good but in light of the above will have to see how well they come through in light of the roots being so dry on arrival
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that your trees were delayed in transit and arrived a bit dry. If they fail to establish, please let us know and we will replace.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : I cannot fault them , staff were efficient and polite when I ordered by phone.
Product : Every tree was in excellent condition on arrival, instructions on planting were clear.
++ Service rating : Easy to use web site. Prompt delivery.
Product : Lovely healthy trees with little buds. Well packaged and great price. Couldn't be better!
++ Service rating : The whole process was extremely easy, and delivery and packaging were excellent.
Product : The trees were in excellent condition and are doing very well after planting.
++ Service rating : Excellent condition and the packaging was great, too. Arrived within the period promised,
Product : Especially strong growth and having planted within a couple of days( I needed to buy very large pots) my trees are thriving and I am extremely pleased with them
++ Excellent service and quick delivery time.Well packaged item and instructions
++ Service rating : Good and easy website to use
Product : Products arrived on time and are 'blooming' good
NA just what i wanted and the trees look very healthy and delivered when they said it would be
YouGarden Comments
Thanks for your feedback - I don't think you meant to click "Bad" from what you've said though?

Would you mind quickly updating for me? Thanks!

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Superb service, very fast. Handled our order well. Well packaged and delivered/
Product : Very health looking trees, good root system, nice height.
++ Service rating : Arrived well packaged
Product : Both trees are healthy with plenty of buds
+ Service rating : Prompt delivery - good
Product : Will know better when I can taste cherries!
+ Service rating : Order process fine, and items arrived OK.
Product : Would have liked more specific guidelines for planting and care... eg type of soil, etc.
++ Service rating : We were thrilled with the product which were Cherry trees tell the
Garden centre they are developing very well, we certainly
Would be in touch with them again. The Lady on the phone was
Very good fantastic telephone manner
Product : Product excellent
++ Service rating : very good service.
Product : excellent tree's and in good contion on delivery.
++ Service rating : The service was good ,phones are answered promptly and the person answering the call was polite and easy to understand .My goods were delivered early and of good quality.
Product : Good quality well done
NA Service rating : A truely professional service from making the order to delivery at the door
Product : Hope it will be excellent but just planted the Cherry trees so no coment yet!
++ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Was very health looking
++ Service rating : Very easy to order and fast delivery.
Product : My Cherry trees were delivered well packaged and in excellent condition.
++ Service rating : Very efficient quick service arrived in good condition
Product : Just coming into leaf look lovely and healthy
++ Service rating : very good, value for money
Product : very good, value for money
+ Service rating : Always had impeccable service
Product : Very rarely is there a fault with their products
NA Service rating : Very prompt delivery in a large safe cardboard box
Product : Too soon to comment
++ Service rating : Brilliant
Product : Great
NA Service rating : What can I say
Product : They are in the ground, not started growing yet
++ Service rating : Fast efficient service well packaged
Product : One tree looks amazing a really good size and configuration plenty of buds the second was more of a stick but as it was a freebie I don't mind looking forward to cherries over the coming years
++ Service rating : Cant fault it.
Product : Will let you know if it does not grow.
++ Service rating : Ordered two cherry trees on a bogof offer. They arrived very quickly in good condition & as described. Very pleased with the service.
Product : Trees in good condition, buds starting, ready to plant!
++ Service rating : Good response from telephone agent. Very helpful and polite.
Product : Arrived intact and promptly. Planted straight away and seem to be flourishing. Very pleased.
+ I am really pleased with the service from You Garden. Fruit tree's arrived as described and although it's early days for the fruit tree's, so far so good.
++ Service rating : we though we had bought 2 cherry trees(buy one get one free) but was told we had in fact had 10% off instead !! this was very unclear on your website,You cant have both offers we where told ? we didnt know there was two offers. You can have the other cherry tree but you have to pay postage and packing no thanks...
Product : would have liked two
-- Service rating : I placed my order with You Garden purely on the basis that there was a offer of "buy one get one free" on the Sweet Cherry Stella Tree. When I paced my order it showed the free tree in my basket. When my order confirmation was emailed to me it DID NOT show the free tree. I queried this and received an auto reply email saying I would receive a response within 5 days. Have heard nothing and have only had one tree delivered. Not at all happy as I feel that I have been completely conned!!!!!!!!
Product : Ordered this ONLY as the offer was "buy one get on free" only received ONE!!
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry that you are unhappy - we did reply to your email explaining why this was.

You chose to enter a separate offer code for a percentage discount, which removed the free tree from your basket.

We'd be happy to send you another tree, however we'd ask that you pay P&P - or we could add it to your order for no extra charge.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : quick delivery
Product : v good condition
+ Service rating : Very good
Product : Very good
++ Service rating : Good service
Product : Look good
+ Excellent telephone service. Thank you.
+ Service rating : satisfied
Product : satisfied
++ Service rating : All arrived in good condition. No problems ordering.
Product : Trees now planted and look good. It would have been helpful if there were some planting information and after care, feeding etc.
- Service rating : No planting instructions
Product : One branch was snapped
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that you didn't get a care guide - you can access it at, or alternatively, I can email it to you. Let me know...

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Very efficient. Kept me informed of delivery details and received Trees within the timescale specified. .
Product : Trees looked in excellent condition on arrival. Too soon to say how well they are doing as the ground was too wet to plant straight away. However, I have now planted them and they look as if they are thriving.
++ the service the order line was acceptable after the problem we had with the first plum tree
++ Service rating : Fast delivery and beautifully packed plants. Very happy.
Product : Lovely strong shapely trees. Much better than I expected for the price. Keep them coming!
++ Excellent products and service
++ Service rating : Very professional company
Product : Trees arrived in good condition as promised.
NA Service rating : Very long time to deliver after receiving order
Product : Cannot know until it bears some fruit
YouGarden Comments
I'm sorry to hear that you are unhappy, however we delivered your order well within the advertised timeframe. Hope you are happy with your cherry tree.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : No problems
Product : Great ��
++ Service rating : my trees arrived in perfect condition.They were well packaged too.Id gladly recommend Yougarden
Product : Both my trees were in excellent condition .they have both shown signs of good growth which is pleasing.
+ Service rating : Quick, safe delivery.
Product : Trees look in v. good condition but no instructions came with the delivery. Anyone not fully gardenwise might be unsure how to plant the bare roots. My trees seem to be settling in nicely.
+ Service was quick and the trees seem good, but the label was on the box upside down, so the trees were carried and delivered by the courier with the roots uppermost and the top of the trees in the bottom of the box.
+ Service rating : very efficient service.
Product : appear to be strong, healthy trees.
+ Hope this order is correct, last time I received Nectarine instead of Peach.
+ Service rating : excellent service
Product : Trees arrived in good condition with very good instruction leaflet.
++ Service rating : Great
Product : Great service
+ Service rating : Arrived quickly and well packed.
Product : Have only just planted but the buds are beginning to open.
++ Service rating : Swift respone to snag,sorted without fuss,thanks.
Product : Came well packed,theyre in pots planted,watching for cherry blossom
++ Service rating : Delivery took quite some days from order, however possibly the delay was partly occasioned by the Easter holiday
Product : Tree in excellent condition, now planted and showing good signs of growth
++ Service rating : very good service
Product : Excellent value for money
+ Service rating : good quick delivery
Product : No cherries yet but very hopeful
++ Service rating : delivery very good
Product : looks really healthy
+ Service rating : Quick deivery
Product : Let you know when I have picked some cherries
++ Service rating : Very helpful ordering service. Speedy delivery to a different address as requested
Product : Packaged well, lovely trees, very healthy, lots of buds....very happy in their new home!
++ Service rating : Well packed and quick delivery
Product : 2 good small healthy trees
+ Service rating : Regular emails, to confirm order and delivery.
Product : My trees arrived in good condition and good packaging, however
I would have liked a leaflet regarding treatment and care of my trees!!
++ Service rating : Quick and fast service the best
Product : Quick and fast service and good quality of products
++ Service rating : Trees were delivered in good time and condition
Product : I am very pleased with the trees
++ Service rating : service excellent good telephone manor
Product : looks very good quality
++ Service rating : Service cannot be faulted. Kept informed of order process, delivered in very good condition
Product : Will have to wait and see if they prove to be as good as they look on planting.
+ Service rating : Came on time with everything included
Product : Roots looked dry but hopefully will be ok
++ Service rating : Super offer and quick response
Product : Trees arrived in excellent condition. Hoping they respond just as well now they are in the ground.
NA Service rating : Trees arrived safely and in good time.
Product : Trees look OK but have only been planted for ten days so unable to comment further.
++ Service rating : Good easy to use website.
Product : Plants in good condition, now in bud and leaves appearing. Well packaged and delivery was as promised.
NA Service rating : No problems with service
Product : i have only just received and planted therefore I can not rate the tree.
++ Service rating : Really surprised at the quick service. Was able to get my trees planted,but there wasn't any instructions for type of soil so I used the same as I did for planting my wife's olive tree with a mixture of John Innes no. 3 and manure and horticultural grit. Seems to be okay as the buds are starting to open already.
Product : I was very surprised with the quality of the trees as specially the size and how healthy they were.
+ Service rating : trees delivered on time and left where I stipulated
Product : Not had time to fully see the results yet
++ Service rating : Efficient fast service
Product : Very impressed with the standard of my trees,look very healthy and good size.
++ Service rating : Great service
Product : Beautiful tree
++ Service rating : Fast delivery.
Product : Quality trees which arrived well packaged. Very happy customer.
NA Service rating : Arrived promptly and in good condition
Product : We look forward to many years of cherry picking
++ Service rating : Delivery was very prompt, and trees arrived exactly when they said they would. Packed very well too.
Product : Quality is excellent, but of course they are still dormant. I have no reason to think they won't grow well.
++ Service rating : Very quick service
Product : Trees in lovely condition and beautifully pruned. Very pleased indeed
++ Service rating : Well packed parcel the 2cherry trees looking very strong and healthy
Product : As /above
+ Service rating : The company has delivered the correct product in a timely manner. So no complaints.
Product : Early days yet but the two cherry trees have settled well and look promising.
NA Service rating : trees x 2 delivered in stout packaging in what appears to be good condition
Product : Although both trees were planted immediately following delivery, it is far too early to report on their quality or durability
++ Service rating : Good speedy service, not overnight delivery but timely enough. Well packaged safely.
Product : Bare root plants but already beginning to leaf up, look healthy and well.
+ Service rating : No problems, delivered safely
Product : No planting or care instructions sent with tree
NA When trees received, no instructions regarding how to treat before planting, disappointed.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry for the oversight - I have emailed these to you directly.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : all items came in good time and condition.
Product : goodly amount of root planting was easy
+ Service rating : The delivery driver was about to leave a big parcel on my doorstep, against my instructions, when my neighbour offered to take it in as we were away!
Product : Pleasantly surprised by size of tree
YouGarden Comments
Thanks for your order. Your instruction was to leave the parcel next to the side gate, which the courier was attempting to do? Glad to hear that you're happy with the tree.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Efficient service and quick delivery
Product : Good condition,
+ Arrived promptly and in good condition.
++ Items received promptly and in good condition. Thank you
+ Service rating : First time order. Pleased with the service.
Product : trees were healthy and since planting are budding already. We're pleased with them.
++ Service rating : Quick and polite service
Product : I was hoping to have the chance to say what wonderful quality the trees are - thanks and look forward to watching them flourish.
++ First time I have purchased anything from Yougarden. I am very pleased with the trees.
++ Excellent
++ Service rating : Had a problem with delivery time, but reassured by you garden they will replace if there is a problem,the root packaging could have been a lot better I.e. Roots wrapped with cling film to retain moisture,then sealed
Product : Very healthy looking growth showing on both trees
+ Service rating : The trees arrived when expected but even though the package was clearly marked as to what it was and to handle with care it clearly had been treated badly by the carier and intact the delivery driver showed no care. So I feel the comments below are as a result of this.
Product : Both arrived in good condition and appear to be doing well
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear about the damage in transit. Whilst we - and our courier - make every effort to prevent this, occasionally sometimes things go wrong. If you'd like a replacement, please email us and we will arrange it.

Head of Customer Service
+ The delivery was little longer than I expected, but overall I'm very happy and time will tell if my fruit trees live well and stay healthy also produce good fruit.
++ Service rating : Order promptly actioned and trees arrived quickly and safely.
Product : Very good
NA Rapid delivery. Plants well packed
++ Could have provide some planting instruction for those of us that are not such good gardeners
++ Service rating : Sent promptly
Product : Both trees look really healthy. One in particular full of new growth already.
++ Service rating : All good,delivery took a while and apple tree was abit damaged but on the hole good products
Product : Good
++ Service rating : Good information re delivery. Prompt service. Will use again.
Product : Trees look in very good condition so I ordered 2 more. Love cherries!
++ Service rating : Excellent service .
Product : Cherry tree arrived and looked very healthy hoping for some cherries in the near future.
++ Easy to order by phone. Order despatched promptly. Well packaged. Excellent quality trees. Well pleased. Thank you.
+ Service rating : Wonderful fast service.
Product : Looks good quality. Now planted and looks very healthy. Looking forward to the fruit.
++ Service rating : Quick delivery and well packed
Product : Really nice plants. Planted and flourishing
++ Service rating : very good quick service
Product : the trees were really good value for the money
++ Service rating : Couldn't be bettered. The trees are lovely, were well-packaged and arrived safely.
Product : Lovely, well developed healthy trees! Am looking forward to a bumper crop of my favourite fruit. Thank you.
NA Service rating : Very efficient
Product : Just planted. Seems good
++ Service rating : Good communication all round...we knew when our parcel was likely to arrive.
Product : Well packed...has just started to show signs of life!
++ Service rating : Beautifully packed in very good condition when arrived
Product : Both trees have been planted and are already budding
-- Service rating : Misleading information on the Daily Telegraph ad. Promised buy one get one free but refused to supply second one. Offered £1.80 off carriage instead of a free Cherry tree worth £14.99. Some deal!
Product : Cherry tree supplied had at least three limbs broken
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry but you have totally misunderstood. You entered a separate offer code for 10% off your order, rather than the BOGOF code - hence the lack of a free tree. We've offered to send the missing tree should you pay P&P or add it to your next order free of charge.

Head of Customer Service
NA Service rating : Have not received the goods?.
Product : Where are the trees???
YouGarden Comments
According to the tracking it was left in your shed on 26th March - can you check please?

Head of Customer Service
+ Prompt delivery when they said and well packaged. Would use again.
++ Service rating : Great products, delivered speedily and in good condition. Easily understandable information.
Product : Great 241 offer and both trees are looking fine. The buds are starting to break through already and I followed the instructions to the letter. Looking forward to next year and a crop of cherries.
++ Ordered as a bogof product, upon delivery only one produce was received. Phoned customer services explained the problem. The call handler was very apologetic and siad they would immediately despatch the missing product - sure enough within two days the producet arrived!
++ Service rating : delivered in good time,and in good condition.
Product : know problem with the trees ,hope to have a fine harvest next year.
++ Service rating : Reliable service, trees in perfect condition with comprehensive instructions. Sturdily packed. Kept me informed of when they were despatched and likely to arrive and asked where they should be left if no-one at home. Yodel delivered and followed my instructions but took additional care to ensure that the package was placed out of sight of anyone entering the garden and were protected from rain. Note through door to tell me where the package had been left. I really appreciate this thoughtfulness.
Product : In excellent condition. Instructions for soaking were followed. Have been planted for a few days and leaves are sprouting everywhere. They look very healthy.
- Service rating : Service was very good
Product : Of the two trees I received one was in a poor condition an was definitely of a sub standard shape. It was one that I would not have picked to try to grow on in a patio pot.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that you are disappointed - can you send us a photo or two please?

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : The trees were delivered quickly
Product : Sweet Cherry Stella, good size tree and with a free one, cant be bad!
++ Service rating : Exellent
Product : Very good
++ Service rating : really quick delivery, and arrived in perfect condition, thank you.
Product : really strong plant with loads of new shoots on it, so far so good.
++ Service rating : very good service have recommended your Company to friends and relatives
Product : It has taken to the ground so well .
++ Service rating : Always a pleasure to deal with. Have always had excellent plants and a first class service.
Product : Very pleased, good strong healthy tree. Thank you.
++ Service rating : beginning to end a first class service
Product : Trees as described and are very healthy
++ Service rating : goods arrived within the time specified and packaging was excellent
Product : the trees were in very good condition and now they have been planted are doing extremely well
++ Service rating : Fast efficient and good value
Product : Much better than expected.
++ Service rating : Service excellent.
Product : Sweet Cherry "Stella" tree - I am very pleased with the tree. It was despatched very quickly and arrived in good condition.. It was very well packed. Have planted it and already it has new shoots on it. Thanks very much. Would definitely recommend your company.
+ Service rating : Straightforward ordering and delivery.
Product : Buds were present on the trees on arrival, so very pleased.
++ Service rating : Goods arrived well packed and delivered as promised
Product : Plants were a good size and in good condition
+ Service rating : Quick deliver - trees in perfect condition - found planting instructions detailed and helpful.
Product : Have been planted a few weeks now and buds are breaking into leaf so I know all is well. Would be unfair to give excellent at this stage - will wait till I'm eating the cherries!!
++ Service rating : prompt and efficient service
Product : plants in excellent condition
++ Service rating : Good service and price
Product : Very good service.Hope I get lots of cherries from my tree.
++ EAsy ordering, and arrived quickly.
++ Service rating : great service, very prompt with delivery
Product : Tree arrived in perfect condition and looks great.
++ Service rating : Items arrived well packaged and in excellent condition
Product : Nice tree in good condition and as described
++ Service rating : Excellent service and great trees delivered in good condition
Product : The trees are in excellent condition and bigger than I thought they would be.
++ Service rating : Service is the best possible.. Always helpful and responsive to any questions.. Well done to you.
Product : The plants are exactly as described.. Lovely condition.
++ fast service to allow me to go abroad a few days later
++ Service rating : Excellent delivery service
Product : Trees arrived well packed and in good condition
++ Service rating : Great delivery thanks
Product : Very good was pleased with how big they were bud coming out now Thankyou
++ Service rating : Good strong buds growing away well
Product : Good strong buds growing away well
++ Service rating : Easy to use website, quick delivery.
Product : Arrived in good condition, now planted in the garden
++ Service rating : Good
Product : I wanted two Cherry (Stella) to train against a wall, but these will do as the central part will be just a little higher out of the ground
++ Service rating : very good
Product : very good
+ Service rating : 3 orders placed and each time issues arose. Prices paid do not appear tp correspond with the prices in the catalogue that accompanies the goods. Awaiting further response over this . I saw this company advertising in my Telegraph and thought that I would give them a go but to be quite honest it has been a tad unenjoyable and I will probably return to using local nurseries to stock my gardens.
Product : Goods appear to be of a satisfactory standard so far, but still waiting for remaining orders to arrive, so little to record here.
YouGarden Comments
So sorry to hear that your recent order has not been entirely satisfactory. Could you email me with some detail so I may follow up please?

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Had a slight problem with buy one get one free but you sorted it promptly and very friendly , many thanks
Product : Trees in very good condition when delivered and I am very pleased
++ Service rating : Plants arrived in very good condition ,thank you.
Product : have recieved both cherry trees in excelent condition both are now residing in my garden and are progressing satisfactorily-thank you.
++ Service rating : Fast service. Goods well packed and arrived in excellent condition
Product : Looks healthy
++ Service rating : 1st class service.
Product : Better specimens than I anticipated.
+ Service rating : I've submitted a rating, so why do you need a comment. Waste of time
Product : quick delivery
++ Service rating : Yougarden products are of excellent quality and are value for money.

Highly recommended.
Product : There was a slight problem with delivery, which can happen. Yougarden were very polite and sorted out the problem immediately. Great service from a friendly team. Thank you.
NA Service rating : Delivery delayed but was kept in the picture
Product : L
+ Service rating : Ok
Product : Ok
+ Service rating : Slight delay with arrival but received tries in good condition and adequately packed to minimise damage en route
Product : The trees had good root system and were planted out after soaking them overnight
++ Service rating : Quick and efficient
Product : Plants are in good condition
NA Service rating : from communicating on line to delivery of my cherry trees
Product : planted but not yet in leaf
+ Service rating : First class delivery
Product : Don't know yet but looks healthy enough
++ Service rating : excellent service
Product : excellent quality
+ Very good service.
+ Service rating : I had to phone to state that only one tree had been sent to me of the offer for two. This was deal;t with quickly which I appreciate.
Product : Both trees seem healthy an d no problems in planting them here.
++ Service rating : Easy to order and swift delivery
Product : Well packaged and healthy plants
++ Service rating : Delivery prompt and efficient
Product : Trees seemed to be sturdy and well developed.
+ Service rating : efficent service
Product : plants look good
+ Your ordering process is misleading, you offered me a 'buy one get one free' promotion but didn't ask for a promo code, during the process you sent me an e-mail with a promo code - which I used. At the end of the process your system advised I had a 10% discount - whopee! When the goods arrived there was only one tree. I wrote to your customer services only to be told there was a comment on the order screen 'Only 1 offer code per order'! and that to get the free tree I need to pay the P&P cost. I can't remember seeing this and anyway I had only used 1 offer code!!
I cannot think that anyone would prefer a 10% discount to a BOGOF promotion when ordering only 1 product - so can only assume that you have set it up this way hoping that most people would not be prepared to pay the P&P twice and therefore not claim the BOGOF. I won't be using your services again!
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry if the process confused you, however it is clear that you had the BOGOF deal in your basket, then you navigated away from our site and came back to order with a different code, which gave you 10% off. I am afraid that - had you checked your order prior to completing payment - this would have been clearly shown in your basket.

It would obviously not be in our interests to attempt to trick you out of the BOGOF deal - we'd much rather you got it right and were happy! As advised, we'd be more than happy to send a free tree with your next order, however we feel it is unreasonable to expect us to ship another at a loss, as the error was yours.

Head of Customer Service
- Service rating : Would not buy again from this company. Customer Care does not exist.
Product : These two look good.
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry that we couldn't resolve to your satisfaction, however your feedback is most disappointing, particularly considering that it was your own mistake and not ours that led to your complaint in the first place.

I believe that we went to great lengths to in order to resolve your complaint made a very reasonable offer to you, which you declined.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Very pleased with quality and delivery
Product : Looks a good specimen. Will know better later in year
++ Service rating : Good Price and quick delivery.
Product : good trees at least so far they are not sprouting yet!
++ Service rating : Great service.
Product : Time will tell.
++ Great customer service. Fruit tree arrived well packaged. All round good setvice
++ Service rating : Trees arrived in good order and a very fast delivery
Product : Looks healthy
++ Service rating : Well packed with good roots.
Product : Look ok. Can't tell yet as only just planted.
++ Service rating : I was informed when the trees had been dispatched. Both trees arrived, well packed and in good condition ready to be planted.
Product : Both these trees arrived in very good condition, thank you.
NA great
+ Well packed and fast delivery
++ Service rating : Prompt delivery. Although not in, left in a safe place over back garden fence.
Product : Look good. Have planted in pots.
++ Service rating : Excellent service
Product : I think it is a very fast service, and has started to spout already.
Thank you. a very good service.
++ Service rating : I was informed of delivery in advance, by e-mail, and the goods arrived in good time.
Product : I was pleased with the two trees. They were well grown, and having planted them, the buds are already forming. A good size, and excellent roots.
++ Quick, prompt delivery. Good products.
NA delivery time is a joke , still not received my order
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that you are disappointed. Due to an unprecedented amount of orders for these trees, we weren't able to dispatch within 48hrs as we would have liked.

However, we did dispatch well within the advertised 7-10 working days. I am sorry that this didn't suit you, but it was made clear prior to you placing your order.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : i had 2 cherry trees delivered they are a lovely size and look very healthy have potted them up and put in greenhouse to get going as 1 is a birthday present soon
Product : brilliant trees healthy and quite large too
+ Service rating : Prompt delivery, and plants look better than expected . Good value (if they grow as expected!)
Product : Plants look in good condition, but reserve judgement till they grow & produce
++ Service rating : Trees arrived promptly and in good condition
Product : Trees have been planted and look healthy with buds already appearing
++ Service rating : Good prompt service, keeping you informed of order
Product : Arrived in good condition and high quality trees.
NA Service rating : I,ve always been delighted with their service. Only adverse comment is that as on previous occasions Yodell take longer to deliver than they say. This time a day later than their check said. This is slightly worrying with live plants as they do not seem to take much care in transit either.
Product : Looks OK but only time will tell
++ Service rating : Well packaged and delivered on time.
Product : They are large and look excellent trees.
+ Service rating : quick delivery
Product : to early to say only just planted seems ok
++ Service rating : Professional communication when there was a problem with my card.
Product : Both trees appear to be very good quality and we're quickly delivered.
++ Service rating : Speedy delivery
Product : Well packed and in excellent condition
++ Service rating : My order arrived very quickly
Product : The trees look to be very healthy and are now planted ready for the summer.
++ Arrived in the post much quicker than expected, and well packed
++ Service rating : good package.
Product : good condition.
++ Service rating : If I hadn't phoned & asked where the 2nd cherry tree was I do not believe I would have received it. At no time when ordering on the internet, despite using all the correct codes, did it mention the "Buy one get one free" offer. As well as this concerning me, half of the reviews said they had had the same problem. Some had not received the 2nd tree. During my phone call on 1.3.16 to Alex, I got the impression that he had heard it all before & when he came back from consulting someone, surprisingly, I would get me 2nd tree sent to me. It seemed as though if you did not phone up to enquire about it, you did not get the 2nd tree.
Product : The trees arrived in very good condition. I cannot fault the product at all.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. I have checked and you definitely did not enter a correct offer code, hence why you only received one tree originally.

We have generously sent this to you free of charge - instead of asking you to cover the cost of the second delivery, which should have been done as the fault was not ours.

In future, please make sure that you have the correct code applied, as we cannot guarantee we'll be able to do this again in future.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Trees arrived in good condition and well packed
Product : Tree looked to be very good and as been planted according to your instructions
++ Service rating : Excellent service, as usual. Bought these fruit trees as a wedding present for my son and his wife. really impressed with size and quality.
Product : Great little trees.
+ Service rating : You Garden has always been very good. All plants purchased have been of good quality and done well.
Product : Arrived safely. When I unpacked the one tree was fine and had branches but the other one is just a stick. Have planted them and hope they will come.
+ Service rating : Good and easy to deal with.
Product : Good sturdy trees reasonably priced, should give many years of fruit.
++ The plants I have received have been of good standard.
++ Service rating : Fast delivery service, items arrived in perfect condition
Product : Have just planted them so can't really say until they grow this summer.
++ Service rating : Always excellent condition, well packed and prompt delivery.
Product : excellent. condition
+ Service rating : always excellent service
Product : bare root cherry trees look healthy with buds would give excellent but you don't know until they start to grow!
NA Service rating : Delivered promptly and followed my instructions. All in good condition.
Product : Only just received the trees and planted them out.
++ Service rating : Prompt , efficient and professional service
Product : Trees were well packaged and in excellent condition
++ Service rating : Very easy to order
Product : Trees arrived well packed with clear instructions about how to plant them
++ Service rating : Great service. Not had to contact but feel confident that if I need to they would be helpful.
Emails keeps me updated.
Product : Well packaged and concise planting instructions. The trees were well pruned. Looking forward to seeing them in full swing!!
+ Service rating : Offers are very good value they're relevant to me and they are not too frequent I wouldn't bother reading if there was a " you garden" ad on screen every time I signed on
Product : Can't really comment the trees are a good size and they look nice and fresh but as yet there's no life apparent it's no problem don't expect much at this time of year
++ Service rating : excellent and prompt service
Product : Very pleased with the product
++ Service rating : Excellent service and products
Product : Excellent
++ Service rating : Very pleased with orders we have had last year as well
Product : Very good trees amazing price
++ Service rating : Delivery was very prompt and all trees delivered in excellent condition
Product : My tree is starting to show buds and is very healthy looking I am looking forward to seeing the first blossom
NA Service rating : Their courier let them down and therefore had to cancel, but they were prompt and courteous in handling this.
Product : Did not receive due to courier's fault.
+ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Nice sturdy trees
++ Prompt, well packaged delivery.
++ Service rating : Product looks very healthy
Product : Looks good so far
+ Service rating : service was very good received the order in 2 days.
Product : only issue was price because on the booklet it was buy 1 get one free but i have been told that its a miss print.
+ Service rating : Very good service at good prices
Product : Not yet planted up but the plant received was in very good order
NA Service rating : Very prompt service.
Product : Come back in July!
NA Service rating : I am very surprised I've ordered from them a few times but this time still waiting for my purchase to be fulfilled.
Product : The cherry tree was advertised as buy one get one free so I ordered x2.I recieved my order but only 2cherry tree arrived instead of four I have phoned the garden centre but was told someone will call me back to date no one has contacted me still waiting for the 2 cherry tree not happy with the service at all .
YouGarden Comments
Thank you for taking the time to leave your comment. I've sent you an email, in response, which I hope will resolve the issue to your satisfaction. Rest assured that you'll receive the Cherry trees you were anticipating.

++ Service rating : Plants arrived very quickly after ordering and in spite of it being just before Christmas.
Product : Plants were well packaged, a good size and appear to be very healthy.
++ Service rating : The service is very good no complaints at all.
Product : The service is very good no complaints at all.
+ YouGarden were fine but their delivery driver managed to leave tram line in our raised front lawn - made a real mess
YouGarden Comments
Sincere apologies again for this - we have followed this up with the courier.

I'd be happy to arrange a discount on your next order for the trouble. Please email me when you'd like to place your order and I will arrange it.

++ Service rating : Good service on the phone and prompt delivery
Product : Good quality trees which look to be healthy and strong. Very well packaged and supported with canes. Eagerly awaiting my first crop of cherries!
+ Service rating : It's planted, won't know results for a while.
Product : But not very happy you never 'honoured' the misprint in the magazine when I thought it was the law you had to honour the displayed price.
++ Service rating : Order quickly confirmed and plants arrived packed well with clear instructions. Must wait till spring to see if they grow.
Product : Must wait to see if the tree is productive. Hopefully it will earn an excellent rating
+ Parcel thrown over front wall no front door deliver as we were in on that day and front door bell was working OK! also could have damage small fruit tree.
YouGarden Comments
So sorry to hear that. We'll follow up with our courier.

NA Service rating : I was very disappointed not to find a single instruction on how to plan the tree. Luckily there is the Internet to find answers to your questions.
The tree came in the box with nothing else.
I bought others fruits tree somewhere else they had the instruction and they send me a extra plan as a gift.
Product : Well I hope that the tree won't be any bigger than 2 m on adult size, as it was already 1.4 cm.
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry to hear that your instruction booklet wasn't included - I will forward a copy to you by email.

NA Service rating : One tree was damaged in transit but YouGarden sent a replacement immediately.
Product : Planted but I don't expect any results until spring!
++ Service rating : Asked that delivery date be changed and that trees be left in specific location - done without a hitch. Thanks very much for excellent customer service.
Product : Bought as a gift - recipient very pleased.
++ Service rating : The service from this company has been first class.
Product : Lovely tree and bigger than I thought it would be. Some things for the garden I have ordered from other places look a decent size in the picture but when delivered they turn out to be very small. I am so pleased with this tree and can highly recommend.
++ Service rating : Will order from them again. Excellent value for money.
Product : Rated excellent better than just good Trees are 'dormant' so cannot tell but they looked OK when I potted them up. They are a nice shape and larger than expected.
++ Service rating : Fantastic VFM
Product : A very nicely cultivated and shaped little tree. The lowest weakest branch had broken off and this looked like a packaging error rather than delivery, but not a problem as there are plenty of healthy looking buds above.
+ Service rating : No problems with delivery
Product : The trees looked fine and healthy but as they are dormant, can't tell though till next summer
++ Service rating : Very happy with the whole proceedure.
Product : As above
+ Service rating : It was not made clear of the dispatch date (several months away).
I needed to request delivery date and time when several days past dispatch date without reminder. But no dates could be given by receptionist.
Plant delivered and left at side of house without note through letterbox. Plant left outdoors for several days before being noticed due to bad weather.
Product : Plant looks fine for now, perhaps I could give you more feedback when it actually starts to grow.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear about the poor quality delivery. If the plants don't thrive, let us know.

We couldn't determine the exact dispatch date when you ordered, as this is dependent on weather conditions in autumn.

+ Service rating : Staff were very helpful in replying to email queries
Product : Arrived in good condition, need to wait and see really!
+ Service rating : rather efficient, mix up in payment though, the company did not take the money when the order was placed so that when despatch came the card had expired thus back to square one.
Product : very early to comment
NA Service rating : As the Cherry Tree (300005) was advertised 'buy one get one free' I was surprised only ONE tree, not the TWO that were obviously advertised so I'm not pleased at all!
Product : Tree arrived in good shape, well packed. It has been planted so will wait to see how well it does in the future.
YouGarden Comments
I have investigated this for you and the reason you did not get the BOGOF deal is because you used a separate offer code for 10% off your order. Had you used the code in our advertising we'd have sent you the second tree too.

We won't be able to send you another tree completely free of charge, however please email me and we'll see what we can do.

2nd December:

It is highly regrettable that you had such trouble with this, however we take thousands of orders via the website - the vast majority with offer codes - each week and seldom do we get any issues.

The box for the code is in the bottom left hand corner of the 'Basket' page on our website. You must have seen the box, because you entered the 10% off code that you used into this box.

If you'd like I can email you to run through the process in detail.

Should you change your mind, we will of course do our best to give you the very best deal.


It is highly regrettable that you had such trouble with this, however we take thousands of orders via the website - the vast majority with offer codes - each week and seldom do we get any issues.

The box for the code is in the bottom left hand corner of the 'Basket' page on our website. You must have seen the box, because you entered the 10% off code that you used into this box.

If you'd like I can email you to run through the process in detail.

Should you change your mind, we will of course do our best to give you the very best deal.

What Is Supplied Supplied as a 1.2 - 1.4m tall, grower quality, multi-branched, grown on a dwarfing 'Colt' root stock.
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