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Washable Mask x 1-White
Washable Mask x 1-White

Washable Mask x 1-White

  • CE Washable masks made of mixed fabric,
  • Antimicrobial, water-repellent, elasticated
  • Intended to be used for covering the nose and mouth
  • The mask is non-sterile and reusable
  • Please note that style may vary slightly from image

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Item: 250007
Washable Mask x 1-White - Item: 250007
ONLY £7.99
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Product Information

CE Washable masks made of mixed fabric, antimicrobial, water-repellent, elasticated and intended to be used for covering the nose and mouth. The mask is a mechanical barrier against materials and substances.

The mask is used to prevent contamination and to protect the respiratory tract from dust, spray and other materials. The mask is non-sterile and reusable.

The masks are subjected to a particular treatment based on ZINC PYRITHIONE (BIS 1-hydroxy-2 (1 H) pyridinethione-0.S) with antimicrobial activity ISO 22196 OR ISO 20743 tested - EPA Registered. They are water-repellent for aqueous droplets not to pass through the fabric.


  • Contents: 1 x Washable Mask
  • Mask fabric: 55% polyester, 35% polyamide, 7% polypropylene, 3% elastane 
  • Dimensions (mm): men and women’s size: 170x100

What Is Supplied

Item 250007 supplied as:
  • Type 11R classified CE
  • Safety guarantee: Certified OEKO TEX 100, certifying the safety of the fibre for human health
  • Type compliant with UNI EN 14683:20.
  • For adults and children over 6 years old.
  • Determination of bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE).  Test result 98%.
  • Determination of bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE).  Test result after 20 washes 96%
  • Determination of breathability (differential pressure).  Test result 50%.
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