Pot-grown Living Christmas Tree

Pot-grown Living Christmas Tree

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Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Cut Flower
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Potted 100-125cm tall - Item: 170020
RRP £49.99
Deal Price £12.99
Save: £37.00 - 74%
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Usually despatched in 2-3 days.
Potted Height 80-100cm - Item: (170027)
RRP £39.99
Deal Price £9.99
Save: £30.00 - 75%
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Usually despatched in 2-3 days.
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It's impossible to beat that stunning fresh pine fragrance that a real Christmas Tree brings to the home. Not for us the artificial trees in their odd shades and colours. But fresh cut trees are very expensive for just a few weeks use, before we haul them off to the shredder - and they can make a mess too.

That's where our fabulous Living pot-Grown Christmas trees are a real winner. Yes, you get that lovely pine room fragrance, but it will not drop the needles - because it's still alive! And at about the same cost as a cut tree, you can keep it from year to year too, and save a lot of money over 5 or even 10 years.

The Norway Spruce is the classic Christmas Tree. British-Grown on the same farms as cut trees, they have been nurtured and trimmed in just the same way. But, because they are grown in their pots - they can easily be kept for many, many years to come. Just a little water in the rootball when used indoors each year, and once the decorations come down, pop it back outside and keep it growing.

In itself, it is a beautiful evergreen garden tree, lovely all year round. It needs no special feeding or pruning - just ensure it does not dry out in Summer. Very slow growing, you can use it for many Christmasses to come.

Living Christmas Trees - combing fresh pine fragrance, little needledrop and saving you money over buying a tree every year. Adopt one now!

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
++ Great Service always at the end of the line for advice lovely healthy plants but poor packaging
+ Fast efficient service
++ Service rating : It was a speedy service
Product : My Christmas tree look fab!
+ Service rating : Yep Good - used them before and will use them again !
Product : Yep - in a bigger better pot now and the Family named him Colin ! - and hes coming in every Xmas !
++ Service rating : Good service.
Product : Very happy with the pot-grown Norway spruce. Thank you
+ Service rating : very polite on phone and helpful
Product : Was damage branch broken off and pot was crushed and cracked due to bad packing. was damp and put in a box when it arrived the pot was heavy and had burst though bottom of box and was hanging out it was only taped with normal sellatape and should have been banded therefore it was thrown about and damaged in van. delivery man said nothing about it and it was there for all to see
+ Service rating : Arrived when expected. the box a bit battered though, could do with better packaging.
Product : Tree looked good but when re potted found roots all overgrown. Fingers crossed it will be ok. thank you.
+ good servise
NA Service rating : Disappointed with the state of the first tree arrived as it was damaged in transit, had been re-packed and had suffered as a consequence. Plastic pot/container damaged, loss of earth around roots of plant, damaged branch.
Product : Jury out re tree(s) currently
++ Service rating : Excellent service any failures in plant growth are mine .im better with garden ready
plants.and potted ones ,don't have a greenhouse so tiny plants don't have a good chance
Product : It looks so good.,green and lush .lwll have it standing on my front lawn next
Christmas covered in lights and ever after .thank you.
+ Service rating : Christmas tree arrived with broken bottom branch. replaced immediately even though tree was a sale item.
Product : apart from bottom broken branch
++ Service rating : great service quick delivery thanks
Product : sturdy nice trees good wrapping to prevent damage in transit thanks.
++ Service rating : I buy all my plants and bulbs from this company because of their service. See next question
Product : I ordered two of these trees and was so pleased I ordered two more. Unfortunately the two trees were packed together with one of the upside down this meant that a lot of the soil had fallen out but worse the top of the tree was broken. However you garden sent me another one straight away. Very happy.
++ Company and service was excellent however the packaging was not good, the box had been broken open, but luckily no damage was done.
- Service rating : So far so good, good prices.
Product : The tree is fine, but it was badly packed, the pot was broken and there was soil coming out of the bottom of the package, which was very messy. I was offered a replacement pot, but I'm still waiting for it. I will need it next Christmas, the tree is loosely planted in the garden now.
YouGarden Comments
I am so sorry to hear that you were unhappy with your tree. On checking recent correspondence from yourself, I can see that it was replaced immediately and you were happy with what you received.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : Delivered what they promised very promptly
Product : Lovely, healthy tree, appropriate prepared for delivery, I couldn't be more happy
++ Service rating : Fast delivery, Well packaged.
Product : Lovely little tree, made a real difference (smell of pine on Christmas morning - wonderful).
++ Service rating : good company to deal with
Product : very impressed with quality.
++ Service rating : Very good, plants are excellent,and are deliverd in a very good. Condition.
Product : Delivered in a very fresh condition, but needs repotting which I will beding this week end. Thank you for a great service.
++ Service rating : Arrived nice and quickly as usual and i was able to get it into a big tub before the weather turned really cold. The price reduction was very welcome too.
Product : Lovely sturdy little tree with a surprisingly thick trunk for its height. Considering it was a clearance offer, the tree is very good quality with a nice, even shape, and looks great in its new square tub.
++ Service rating : First delivery lost by courier. Replaced immediately free of charge by YouGarde.
Product : Beautiful tree still looking very good now (one month later).
++ Service rating : Very well packed Christmas tree in good condition and lovely shape
Product : Little needle drop, only when moved and still in good condition in my garden.
++ Service rating : Can not fault the service
Product : Excellent quality hope they continue to grow.
+ Service rating : Good service - tree well packaged and delivered quickly. Thank you!
Product : Not very well potted - wouldn't have been great for Christmas, but fine for the garden.
+ Service rating : Very happy with plants & delivery
Product : Early days but looking good,would have appreciated advise on planting as I am no expert.
++ Service rating : Very prompt service, tree well protected during delivery
Product : Fantastic Norway spruce, exceptional value for money
+ Service rating : company ok, delivery company used not so good
Product : look as described
++ Service rating : Customer services were extremely helpful.
Products look really healthy.
Product : My son is very pleased with his trees. Arrived promptly and in excellent condition.
Great value too.
++ Service rating : Reliable
Product : As described
++ excellent service
++ Service rating : excellent
Product : excellent
+ Service rating : No probs thus far,but I'll have to wait for my bulbs to bloom, or not.
Product : Very healthy tree, if a little lopsided.
+ Service rating : Happy with the actual tree but the packaging was practically destroyed, it had to be repackaged by carrier and the pot it's is planted in is squashed and needs replanting.
Product : Nice tree at good price.
YouGarden Comments
I am really sorry to hear that you were not happy with the packaging.
I shall forward this feedback on to our packing team.

Great to hear that you love your tree!

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : Top class
Product : Arrived in great condition.
++ Service rating : I ordered about a week before Christmas but my tree was still delivered within about 4-5 days.
Product : As it was in the sale, I expected it to be 'left over' stock and not so good. But it is a beautiful specimen in excellent condition.
NA Service rating : Tree looks healthy and arrived promptly.
Poor packing / transport with tree roots disturbed.
Product : Tree healthy but smaller than expected. Time will tell if if grows to a more useful size whilst retaining a good shape.
+ Service rating : prompt delivery good prices as result of offers
Product : VERY HEAVY TO HANDLE should be a warning even delivery man had difficulty box torn as result when delivered
++ Service rating : Goods arrived a day later than advised. Yodel could not track parcel for some reason. Package was heavily damaged possibly due to the weight of the plant.
Product : Tree was in very good condition although the pot was quite dry when received
NA Service rating : Customer service is good but and its a big but the packaging is a total mess and inadiquate for large items
A 4 ft tree in a heavy pot(about 10 -15kgs) packed in a thin cardboard box so that when I did eventually get it after a six day journey and this being the fourth tree sent due to damage in transit or loss by the carrier was hanging out of the bottom of the box ,for which the driver did appologise for, seemed to be ok lets hope it lives after its ordeal.
Would not advise buying big plants as YODEL don`t take particular care with them Hey its only a box to them!!! and You Garden staff admitted that.
Product : Waiting to see
NA Service rating : You Garden service is good as so far they have had to replace two out of three items sent via YODEL which were either damaged or not delivered to me ..Why oh why use YODEL thev`e got to be the worst going
Product : Don`t know Carrier YODEL Damaged before delivery so returned to sender
++ Excellent service and plants
+ Service rating : good coms
Product : good item good price
++ Service rating : great pruducts easy to order
Product : all plants always healthy and in good condition
++ Service rating : Really quick and efficient response when item arrived below par, many great orders and really fair pricing.
Product : Ab fab Xmas Tree cannot wait to put it in the lounge year after year.
-- Service rating : Usually good quality goods fast delivery no problems
Product : Item arrived with top already brown within a week it was 3/4 brown (Dead)
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear about the tree. Can you send us a photo please and we'd be happy to replace?

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : From start to delivery ,very good
Product : Lovely condition just has expected.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order and feedback. From your comments it looks like you clicked "Bad" by mistake - would you mind updating for me?

Head of Customer Service
-- Service rating : Customer service was the worst I have ever experienced - in fact the service was non-exhistant. Incompetance in taking repeated payments - promises never kept - phone calls unreturned - yes, even from staff at Head Office.
Product : I would say that when I did eventually receive my xmas tree the soil was bone dry and at some time the tree had been upended and soil was everywhere in the branches - the tree was very dried out and suffering. As it arrived late afternoon the day before xmas it was probably the last tree they had!!!!
Needless to say my enthusiam for it was long gone it having been ordered early in December
YouGarden Comments
We're very sorry that the trees were not to your satisfaction, however - as explained several times - we were unable to dispatch your order when promised, as we had not received valid payment from you. We tried to contact you repeatedly to resolve this.

If you would like to return the tree for a replacement (we still have plenty of good quality trees left), please let us know.

++ Service rating : Use several times now - always good service.
Product : Very few needles had dropped.
++ Service rating : Customer service is great ,Friendly and helpful Staff would recommend. I have ordered from this company before and have always received good quality Plants and Trees.
Product : Deliver fast ,tree in very good condition and looks lovely with lights on outside my Patio Door Thank You
+ Service rating : Arrived beautifully in time for Christmas when I was unable to go out and get one
Product : Very dry when received and the root ball was difficult to soak. As a consequence it has lost needles on the lower branches. One branch was broken by the squeeze into the box but it was a good buy at the reduced price.
++ Service rating : fast delivery given this was just before xmas
Product : good condition, healthy and bushy.
+ Service rating : Good prices and products
Product : Sweet little live tree we can use year after year
++ Product up to expectation and delivered relatively quickly - just sad to see it half price from the same folk a few days later...
-- Service rating : Good service and good quality products
Product : Nice tree but only just survived the journey, the box it was delivered in was completely ripped open. This is not the first time the packaging and delivery method needs addressing, we had two fruit trees delivered and we found them dropped over the back gate laying on their side with half the pot soil on the floor. Couriers are letting you down.
What Is Supplied

Premium quality, trimmed to shape, 5 year old British pot-grown Christmas Tree - sizes refer to tree height over pot level - ensure you compare like with like.

Give a little water to pot when indoors over festive season, and place outside once finishes, and it will happily grow for many years.

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