Sweet Pea Gift Bucket
Sweet Pea Gift Bucket
Sweet Pea Gift Bucket
Sweet Pea Gift Bucket
Sweet Pea Gift Bucket
Sweet Pea Gift Bucket

Sweet Pea Gift Bucket

  • Fabulous growing gift set
  • Contains everything needed to create a wonderful container display of compact Sweet Pea Villa Roma
  • Set contains seeds, plant food and growing media
  • Help pollinators by placing this floral planter outdoors throughout the summer
  • Full planting instructions included

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Sweet Pea Bucket
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Sweet Pea Bucket - Item: 161013
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Compact Sweet Pea (Villa Roma) Rose White Grow Set

Create a beautiful container display for the patio or garden whilst helping precious pollinators such as butterflies and bees.
Nectar and pollen in flowers are the main food source for pollinators and so with fewer flowers in the landscape there’s less food to go around.
You can help pollinators by placing this floral planter outdoors throughout the summer.

Planter Contains:
1 sachet of seeds, 1 sachet of plant food & 1 bag of compost

Bucket Dimensions:

18 x 18 x 17.5cm

Sow indoors from February to April or outdoors from May to June. Sweet Pea plants usually flower from June through to September.
1. Open bag of compost and fill planter, keeping a little back to cover the seeds.
2. Water the compost lightly then carefully open the sachet of plant food and scatter evenly
over the surface of the compost.
3. Sow seeds evenly over the compost, three to five seeds will fill this container with
overflowing blooms.
4. Cover with remaining compost, gently firm down and water lightly, compost should be
moist to touch but not waterlogged.
5. Cover with plastic bag to create humidity and place in a warm spot to activate
germination. Germination can take up to 3 weeks.
6. Once seedlings appear, remove plastic bag and place in a sunny position.
7. Continue to water regularly, do not let the compost dry out.
8. Planter can be transferred outdoors when the weather becomes warmer in
May, acclimatise to outdoors by leaving outside during the day for
a couple of days.
9. Await your overflowing display throughout the summer!

Sweet Pea seeds can be soaked overnight before sowing, this will speed up the germination process.
To create a neater-bushier plant with plentiful blooms, pinch out and remove the growing stem after the second pair of leaves have developed.
Remove faded flowers regularly to promote further flowering.
Stakes can be used to help train plants.
Always wash hands after handling plant food and compost.

Do not eat ornamental flowers.
Flower growth is dependent on growing conditions.
Photography on the front of pack shows flowers appearance but colour may vary.
Images are for illustration only.

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