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Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food
Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food

Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food

Grow heavier crops, greener foliage, and a bounty of blooms
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1 x 800g Pack
Item: 150117
1 x 800g Pack - Item: 150117
*Despatched from
Mid July
ONLY £6.99
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*Despatched from
Mid July
  • Give your plants, flowers, and vegetables the best chance to thrive and shine with this all-purpose plant food
  • There is no end of uses for this fertilising feed, from bedding, seedlings, and fruit trees to houseplants and lawns
  • Safe for use around children and pets, and it even wont harm bees
  • One packet can be used to fill 80 watering cans with feed, so can be used over and over!
  • Supplied as an 800g cardboard carton, with a plastic scoop
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Bask in a rich garden of healthy and happy plants, thriving with exceptional blooms and better crops, thanks to this all-purpose plant food, from Phostrogen.

And by all-purpose, we mean all-purpose! Use on all plants, including edible crops, fruit trees, young bedding plants, seedlings, houseplants, and even the lawn.

Even rich soil becomes exhausted over time as fresh plants absorb and use up existing nutrients to grow, and unless these trace elements are regularly replaced with a well-balanced feed, then your plants will struggle to thrive and achieve their best forms.

This fertilising plant food offers a perfect balance of nutrients, including iron, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, combining to promote healthy green foliage and boost flower and fruit yields, even helping plants to become more resistant to drought.

Child, pet, and even bee-friendly, one single packet will create up to 80 watering cans of feed.

Supplied as an 800g cardboard carton, with a plastic scoop.

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Item 150117 supplied as:
1 x 800g Pack
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