Baby Bio Drip Feed Bottle for Houseplants
Baby Bio Drip Feed Bottle for Houseplants
Baby Bio Drip Feed Bottle for Houseplants
Baby Bio Drip Feed Bottle for Houseplants

Baby Bio Drip Feed Bottle for Houseplants

The easiest way to keep your houseplants green and healthy
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1 x 40ml Bottle
Item: 150116
90cm in 21cm pot
Item: 800104
3 Stem 24cm Pot
Item: 800109
3 Stem 21cm Pot
Item: 800224
1 x 40ml Bottle - Item: 150116
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  • Grow houseplants as healthy and impressive as possible with this dependable feed
  • This clever drip bottle applies a consistent feed of nutrients for up to four weeks
  • A clever mix of nutrients helps to boost root growth, the strength of blooms, and even how green the leaves are!
  • Suitable for all varieties of houseplants, simply slot it into place and forget about it until next month
  • Supplied as a single 40ml plastic bottle, in a cardboard carton
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The number one way to enjoy happy and healthy houseplants with maximum convenience!

With all the benefits of the traditional Baby Bio feed, which promotes greener leaves and vibrant blooms, but now housed in a handy drip feeder to help plants to flourish.

So simple to use, just slot straight into the soil of your indoor pot to offer your plants a steady supply of nutrients, lasting up to four weeks.

Suitable for all houseplant varieties, drip feeding will help to achieve the best results possible, with minimal ongoing effort!

A perfect balance of three major nutrients is included in this single feeder, including nitrogen for bright green leaves, phosphorus for stronger roots, and potassium for better blooms and fruits.

Supplied as a single Baby Bio Drip Feed plastic bottle, 40ml, in a cardboard carton.

What Is Supplied

Item 150116 supplied as:
1 x 40ml Bottle
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