Organic Slug Filler Ferric Phosphate 650g
Organic Slug Filler Ferric Phosphate 650g

Organic Slug Filler Ferric Phosphate 650g

The new and effective way to tackle munching molluscs in your garden!
  • Ideal for seedlings, plants and edibles
  • Suitable for use all year round
  • Approved for organic growing, and effective metaldehyde replacement
  • Ferric phosphate formula a natural active ingredient
  • Supplied as a 650g pack

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650g Pack
Item: 150101
650g Pack - Item: 150101
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ecofective Ferrimax (R) Slug Killer helps gardeners protect their precious flowers and vegetable plants from attack by slugs and snails.

Considered to be one of the worst pests in the garden, ecofective Ferrimax (R) Slug Killer provides gardeners with an environmentally friendly replacement for metaldehyde (a chemical that will be banned from sale from June 2019) that will protect precious plants from molluscs, while helping gardeners switch towards greener alternatives.

Containing a natural active ingredient (ferric phosphate bait) this slug killer is approved for organic growing and should be applied thinly and evenly on the soil surface around and between plants.

Supplied in a new recycled container (650g), it can be applied on bare ground outdoors, in greenhouses and under permanent or temporary covers.

For best results apply ecofective Ferrimax (R) Slug Killer during mild damp weather, after rain or after watering the garden when slugs start feeding, then once they have consumed the bait, they stop feeding and move away from the area.


What Is Supplied

Item 150101 supplied as:

Supplied in a 650g container, sprinkle the pellets evenly on bare ground or around plants at approximately 5 grams per square metre.


  • Use on bare ground and around all edible and non-edible crops grown outdoors, in the greenhouse or under other permanent or temporary cover.

How to use

  • Sprinkle the pellets evenly on bare ground or around plants at approximately 5 grams per square metre.
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    Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
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