Compostable Leaf Sacks (Pack of 3)
Compostable Leaf Sacks (Pack of 3)

Compostable Leaf Sacks

Make your own compost for free!
  • Rich source of nutrients for the garden.
  • Holds thousands of leaves.
  • 100% natural jute weave.
  • 100% Biodegradable.
  • Approx. dimensions: L70cm x W40cm.
3 x Sacks - Item: 140008
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Product Description

Natural green-garden waste and fallen leaves in particular are a rich source of nutrients for the garden and one of those lovely natural resources that no gardener should be without, so make sure that you make the most of this great supply of free compost!

Come autumn, we get the ideal opportunity to stock up on all that gorgeous leaf litter…however all the leaves fall at once and shorter days mean that your time is limited so we end up with a delicate balancing act between keeping the garden neat and finding somewhere to store that excellent source of organic compost – often we simply end up sweeping them into a pile and then disposing of them.

Fortunately, we have the ideal solution! These loose-weave jute sacks can neatly hold thousands of fallen leaves and keep them contained until they break down.

Once you have picked up your compostable waste, put it into the handy leaf sacks. They are made from loose woven natural jute, and each one is completely biodegradable.

Simply fill them up, add them to your compost heap or a corner of the garden and forget about them. As the sacks are biodegradable, over time, they will break down along with the green waste inside, leaving you with your own homemade compost.

After one year, the leaves should have rotted down enough to use as a mulch around the garden, and after two years you should have a perfect soil conditioner.

Measurements (approx): L70cm x W40cm

What Is Supplied

Item 140008 supplied as:
Supplied as a pack of three loose-weave jute sacks.
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Compostable Leaf Sacks (Pack of 3)
Compostable Leaf Sacks (Pack of 3)
3 x Sacks
Item: 140008
Only £4.99
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