Set of 4 x 12 Easy Fill Hanging Baskets

Set of 4 x 12' Easy Fill Hanging Baskets

Set of 4 x 12' Easy Fill Hanging Baskets - Item: 130023
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What Is Supplied

Professional Easy Fill Hanging Baskets - The Secret To The Biggest, Most Spectacular And Longest Lasting Displays!

Specially designed for use by professional growers, these truly amazing baskets are now available for home gardeners so you too can grow the most incredible displays. Their unique construction allows you to plant from the outside in, passing each plant through pre-formed apertures without any root damage whatsoever. Once in place, you simply slip a lattice Gate in to position and it will hold the plant with the roots inside and the leaves and flowers outside in both cases perfectly unharmed by the process!

Unlike regular baskets with plastic liners, the Easy Fill Hanging Basket allows the roots of your plants to breathe and ensures each has enough space to reach its full potential. Once fully planted - top, sides and bottom, the visual impact is immediate, stunning and long lasting.

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++ Service rating : Great
Product : Great
++ Service rating : Reliable service with good selection of plants. Would like the ability to get smaller quantities sometimes say 6 shrubs from a selection of varieties rather than 3 of each variety.
Product : Once I worked out how the cages" worked I was very pleased with them and have planted them up for autumn.
++ Good
++ Service rating : would have welcomed an up to date catalogue as was wanting goods that were no longer available in the brochure I was looking at.
Product : easy and effective way of preparing hanging baskets.
++ Service rating : Great assortment of plants on offer.
ordering easy and delivery on time.
Product : Not used them yet but they look ideal for my needs.
++ Service rating : excellent value and superb quality plants
Product : excellent value and quality
+ Service rating : On ringing I only had a description of item I wanted and the young lady I was talking to immediately sorted it all out for me either no problem. Excellent.
Product : These are so much easier to use than the old style.
- Service rating : I have used you garden before and have been very impressed but this time you have left me unhappy. I have sent an email explaining why and has yet I have not received any response.
Product : although a very good one of my hanging baskets hadn't got all the lattice gate so I am unable to use it so I had to go out and buy another different basket that now doesn't match.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy, however we haven't received an email from you? We'll get the missing gates out in the post to you.

Head of Customer Service
++ So far so good, waiting to see the results.
+ See comments below.
++ Service rating : prompt friendly service
Product : planted up very easily
++ Service rating : Very good delivery
Product : Very easy to use
++ Always excellent!
++ Boxes and contents arrived in good condition. No damage.
+ Service rating : delivery was not as arranged,& package was damaged & left unprotected
Product : a good product, but different to that illustrated in your publicity. now in use
++ Service rating : Order received within four days.
Product : Excellent value and although I haven't used them yet some friends have and they highly recommended them to me.
++ Good service but plants a little sickly when they arrived.
+ Service rating : All went well
Product : Quicker and easier to fill than my other ones
++ Responded promptly to information that items were lost in transit as box was damaged
+ Still growing the plants so haven't planted them in pots yet..
Bad weather happening at the present!
++ Service rating : Will use again!
Product : Great idea and very easy to use.
NA Still not received the goods I purchased on behalf of my Dad which was dispatched on 6th May
YouGarden Comments
Very sorry. It appears that the order has been lost in transit. I have arranged a replacement for you.

Head of Customer Service
NA However it ws stated that feefo would leave the parcel regardless of whether I was in or not. I left a note on the front door to say where to leave it but found a card to say that it had been left at my neighbours! Fortunately this wasn't a problem on that day but may have been an issue if they hadn't been in.
++ Service rating : Good
Product : Dispatched as stated
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. Sorry to hear that you are not completely happy with it. If any plants fail to thrive, please let me know.

Head of Customer Service
+ Postage a lot more expensive than other firms. Doesn't make post delivery treat them kinder
++ Service rating : good
Product : excellent
++ Service rating : What you see is exactly what you get. Very good company.
Product : Good value..have paid lots more for similar products.
+ Carelessness in not reading my order correctly and only sending half of what was ordered and not even an apology
YouGarden Comments
Very sorry for the short delivery. I trust you've now received this in good condition?

Head of Customer Service
++ Very pleased.
NA Had a problem with my delivery some of my plants were damaged phoned up and replacements were sent within days
+ good service missing items replaced with speed thank you
++ Service rating : very please
Product : please with the size
++ Good products great service
+ The plants we're thrown all over the box because there was no packing and there we'r only 23 plants instead of 24 the plants not in very good shape!!!!! I was very disappointed in the way they had been sent. I will think twice before ordering from them again.
YouGarden Comments
Very sorry to hear that your plants were damaged. I have arranged to replace them for you free of charge.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Well wrapped and delivered promptly.
Product : I look forward to using them.
++ Service rating : Great. Looking forward to buying more plants.
Product : Look excellent. Will use in spring of 2016.
NA very quick delivery
will use again
What Is Supplied Supplied as 4 Easy Fill baskets, 12" in diameter, each one complete with lattice gates and a 4 point T-Bar chain. Manufactured in the UK from recycled, UV resistant co-polymer. Room for 11 plants per basket. Each basket holds circa 7 litres of compost. Note We recommend the use of RainGel & Feed when planting up your Easy Fills.
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