Professional Shuttle Trays

Professional Shuttle Trays

Pot up and grow plants like a professional
5 x Trays - Item: 130013
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What Is Supplied

Shuttle Trays are the professional growers answer to producing top quality plants, growing them on and transporting them efficiently. Each tray allows you to pot and grow on 18 plants at a time altogether that is 90 plants in total across the 5 trays that you can produce in each batch!

The rigid trays are easy to carry around and the pots and trays are made so they can be used over again they will last for many seasons; just wash them out after each use. The pots are approx. 9cm diameter and approx. 8cm deep so they allow plenty of early growing on time for young plants. In fact they are perfect for potting up and growing on young plants, seedlings or even germinating seeds from scratch.

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+ Service rating : Good packaging, good plant condition, and helpful planting and caring advice.
Product : These have been very useful already and I'm very glad to have them, though what does shuttle mean in this context? I have much to learn!
++ Service rating : Very pleased with the service. Order despatched within 2 days of order.
Product : Exactly what I needed to grow on these plugs.
+ Service rating : Easy to navigate the website. Speedy service. I don't like paying to become a "member" to get discounts; that just irritates me.
Product : One tray split a little too easily, but I am very satisfied with the product overall.
+ I was very disappointed with the service. Only one out of the three orders I placed arrived intact and I had to call or email several times to resolve the problems. Very disappointed.
YouGarden Comments
I am very sorry about the damage to your parcels. As discussed, we will follow up with our courier.

Head of Customer Service
++ Great product, plants delivered speedily and arrived in excellent condition.
++ Service rating : Excellent
Product : Excellent
+ Excellent service. Quuck. The box was a bit battered by the courier
+ Very efficient
++ Service rating : very good all round service
Product : excellent is what the name says professional
+ orders are generally delivered weeks after you order and the delivery man dose not ring or knock on the door, my last delivery was put blocking the front door and my post man had to knock on the window to deliver the post, when I checked my security cameras I found the delivery had been sitting there for 5 hours and at a t5ime when I would have been sitting in the room next to the front door.
What Is Supplied Supplied as 5 Shuttle Trays, 30cm wide x 53cm long, each containing 18 9cm diameter pots (90 pots in total). Made from durable frost proof high impact plastic. Please note - colour of pots may vary.
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