Blooming Fast Pond Clear Pro 2 Step - Large Pack
Blooming Fast Pond Clear Pro 2 Step - Large Pack
Blooming Fast Pond Clear Pro 2 Step - Large Pack
Blooming Fast Pond Clear Pro 2 Step - Large Pack
Blooming Fast Pond Clear Pro 2 Step - Large Pack
Blooming Fast Pond Clear Pro 2 Step - Large Pack
Blooming Fast Pond Clear Pro 2 Step - Large Pack
Blooming Fast Pond Clear Pro 2 Step - Large Pack

Blooming Fast Pond Clear Pro 2 Step - Large Pack

The improved, natural way to clear algae, green water and blanket weed from garden ponds and water features.
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Large 40,000L
Item: 110061
Small 10,000L
Item: 110058
Large 40,000L
Item: 110061
XLarge 60,000L
Item: 110062
Large 40,000L - Item: 110061
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  • Complete eco friendly solution treats up to 10,000L – no harsh chemicals, only natural products.
  • Professional product used by councils, golf courses, and large landowners across UK
  • Now formulated for garden use – not available in garden centres.
  • New 2 step complete treatment – quick cleaning action.
  • Works best at water temperatures of 10-13°C
Key Points
Full Product Details

Product Information

Using a unique two-stage process exclusive to us, this natural, microbial treatment starves algae of nutrients and digests the resulting dead organic matter, leaving your pond crystal clear.

Step 1. Kick Start Oxygenator – natural bicarbonates and related substances release oxygen, starving algae and weed. You'll see results in just 3-4 days, a white foam may be produced and should go within 48 hours.

Step 2. Pure Aqua – introduces a natural biome of bacteria to maintain pond clarity. These degrade muck and slime that has accumulated in the bottom of pond, clarifying water and establishing long term populations.

Note that to work, the microbes needs the water to be 10°C or more to work - So use April to October.

Pond Clear Pro 2 Step consists of two parts, Kick Start and Pure Aqua which contains specially prepared materials encapsulated with selected strains of bacterial cultures. These attract dispersed particles in your pond and form a core on which the organisms grow, assisting in the generation of sludge which settles out to leave clear water.

Odours such as ammonia and sulphur are very rapidly taken up by Pond Start, while heavy metals and other toxic substances are reduced so greatly improving water quality.

Some benefits of Pond Clear Pro can be observed immediately after dosing commences, although major improvements in water clarity frequently take a few weeks to become apparent. By using Kick Start as a pre-treatment, you’ll see results much more quickly.

How to use Kick Start and Pure Aqua

PRIOR TO APPLICATION – If your pond has excessive blanket weed, first remove as much as possible and dispose of it on the compost heap. This will prevent the build-up of dead organic material, and therefore improve microbial digestion and reduce oxygen consumption.

See how to calculate the volume of your pond here:

Step 1, Day 1 – Add Kick-Start Oxygenator, the Fast-Acting Pre-treatment

  • Sprinkle contents of the Kick Start sachet into the Pond. One sachet will treat a pond up to 20,000 litres.
  • For ponds over 20,000 litres add an extra sachet for each additional 20,000 litres.
  • Suitable for outdoor ponds with a minimum 1000 litres of water.

Step 2, Day 3-4 – Add Pure Aqua with ‘Zeolite Ultra’ to both extend and enhance performance.

  • Open your pack of Pure Aqua and simply drop the sachet(s) into the pond. The sachet(s) is biodegradable, so will dissolve releasing the microbes into the water and the Zeolite will drop to the bottom.
  • Each soluble sachet is sufficient to treat a pond up to 10,000 litres.
  • Ensure an adequate oxygen producing device is present in the pond to produce oxygen, such as a pump or waterfall.

Suitable for all pond types including fish ponds, wildlife ponds and natural swimming pools. May also be used in water butts and tanks to eliminate algae. Not suitable for indoor aquariums. For best results switch of UV filters for 21 days.

What Is Supplied

Item 110061 supplied as:
Suppled as a 2 Step Pack containing Kick Start Oxygenator and Pure Aqua. Large Pack for up to 40,000L ponds
  • Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, beyond reach of children.
  • Keep pack sealed to avoid water absorption.
  • Avoid eye contact and do not inhale or ingest.  Wash hands after use.
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic to humans, pets, fish and wildlife.



If you have fish in your pond, it is critical that you DO NOT OVERTREAT with the Pure Aqua as the microbes consume oxygen in digesting nitrates and nitrites, and dead organic matter.

It is important to watch for signs of stressed fish and aerate if necessary.

If you have a small pond with fish, while the Kick Start Oxygenator will help increase oxygen levels, the subsequent application of Pure Aqua may deplete them.  We recommend that in such an instance, if you do not have a pump, that you add the Pure Aqua at daily intervals over a period of 4-5 days, keeping an eye on the fish.

Should you have fish and they begin to look stressed, here are some suggestions for quickly increasing oxygen levels

  • Turn on your fountain or other water feature
  • Install an air pump
  • Spray water with your hose or lawn sprinkler
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