Ultimate Rose Bloom-Booster Complete Fertiliser
Ultimate Rose Bloom-Booster Complete Fertiliser

Ultimate Rose 'Bloom-Booster' Complete Fertiliser

Roses like you've never seen them before! A welcome early season boost that just keeps on giving
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1 x 100g Pack
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1 x 100g Pack - Item: 100198
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  • A natural and organic complete rose fertiliser for bigger and better blooms for years to come!
  • Apply an annual feed to provide your beautiful roses with all the essential nutrients they need, releasing through the growing season
  • Either give a rose a boost as you plant it, or top-dress an existing variety in spring
  • Features a unique blend of nutrients, plant-friendly fungi, and natural plant bio-stimulants
  • Supplied as a resealable 100g pack of Ultimate Rose 'Bloom-Booster' complete fertiliser
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Product Information

Grow outstanding rose displays like never before with the new and improved Ultimate Rose ‘Bloom-Booster’ Complete Fertiliser!

Featuring a unique blend of essential nutrients, including plant-friendly fungi and natural plant bio-stimulants, to boost and maintain happy, healthy, and vibrant growth in all manner of garden roses and shrubs varieties. Feed annually for an impressive release of nutrients that stretches across the growing season.

Packed full of five hugely beneficial ingredients, all married together, including a Natural Organic Fertiliser, Mycorrhizal Fungi, Slow-Release Nutrition, Controlled-Release Fertiliser, and a Bio-Stimulant, this is a fertiliser mix you won’t want to grow roses without!

Whether applying when first planting a rose or giving an existing Hybrid Tea or Floribunda variety a welcome spring boost, you will see thriving roses and blooms all season long.

Supplied as a 100g pack of fertiliser.

To use:

  • Shake the pack while closed to remix the product ingredients, as some settlement may have taken place while in storage or transport. In March and April, apply to the soil around the plant, or at time of planting. For dosage, use 30g of fertiliser for a shrub rose or shrub, or 60g for a climbing rose.
  • Planting new roses - Sprinkle 30g evenly into a prepared planting hole and mix in at the outside of the hole.
  • For top dressing - Clear soil of any leaves, weeds, or debris. Work the soil so it is open to a depth of 5-10cm.
  • Apply 30g of fertiliser evenly around the plant, about 15cm away from the stem and then work into the topsoil so all product disappears. After fertilising, apply 5L of water per plant to help incorporate the fertiliser into the soil.

Please note: No ingredients contained are hazardous to health or the environment. Wear gloves when using and wash hands straight after use. Keep this product in its original packaging and reseal after each use. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and away from the reach of children and pets.

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Item 100198 supplied as:
1 x 100g Pack
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