After Plant Plant Food 1Kg Bio fertiliser
After Plant Plant Food 1Kg Bio fertiliser

After Plant Plant Food 1Kg Bio fertiliser

  • Contains Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi To Increase Nutrient And Water Uptake by all plant roots
  • All Purpose Plant Food For Both new planting And establsihed Mature Garden Plants
  • Includes Seaweed Extracts And Natural Humates As Sources Of Essential Trace Elements
  • Promotes Better Establishment And Natural Vigour
  • Biologically Active, Promoting Strong Healty Plants giving you a happy & healthy root system for life

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After Plant Plant Food 1Kg Bio fertiliser - Item: 100088
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Empathy Afterplant is a biologically active general plant food for herbaceous perennials, edibles and trees, incorporating natural sources of nitrogen and potassium as well as rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi, which work with the roots in natural harmony to stimulate stronger roots that absorb mroe feed and are more disease resistant.

Empathy Afterplant contains Alfalfa, as a source of plant derived nitrogen, required for top growth and greening. Together with seaweed meal and green compost as sources of potassium, required for flowering and fruiting. The humates in Empathy Afterplant offer sources of organic acids that are essential for soil fertility.

Empathy Afterplant also contains rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi, these natural fungi are essential to soil life, continually growing out from the roots of a treated plant into the soil finding new sources of nutrients and water. This huge secondary root system increases the nutrient flow to the plant over its entire life time, resulting in 'stronger healthier plants.'


Plants in the Ground:  For trees shrubs and fruiting plants use 2 -4 handful  (25 50g) around the base of the plant, lightly worked into the soil and water well. for larger established plants apply 2 handfuls per square meter under the canopy of the plant.


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