Vitax Organic Rose Feed 900g
Vitax Organic Rose Feed 900g
Vitax Organic Rose Feed 900g
Vitax Organic Rose Feed 900g
Vitax Organic Rose Feed 900g
Vitax Organic Rose Feed 900g

Vitax Organic Rose Feed 900g

For strong, healthy growth and more fine-quality blooms
  • Contains a traditional formula with the three major plant foods
  • Bigger, brighter flowers and rich, green leaves
  • Helps plants to stay healthy and strong
  • Slow release, promotes flowering all season long
  • Supplied as a 900g, resealable pouch

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900g Rose Feed
Item: 100077
900g Rose Feed - Item: 100077
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Based on a traditional formula, Vitax Organic Rose Food contains the three major plant foods - nitrogen, phosphate and potash - together with natural magnesium to promote healthy green leaves and abundant blooms.

100% organic, made from poultry manure enriched with a high potassium fertiliser derived from sugar beet.

The organic fertiliser improves the structure of the soil and allows nutrients to be released slowly, giving an abundance of blooms throughout the season.

Directions for use:

Note: 1 gloved hand contains approximately 25g

For established plants:
Apply 25g (approx. 1oz) evenly around the base of the plant in early spring., keeping the granules off of the leaves and stems. Hoe in lightly and water if the soil is dry. Repeat application in early June prior to the second flush of blooms.

For new roses:
Mix 50g with the soil in the bottom of the planting hole, ensuring that the hole dug is both deep and wide enough to allow the roots to spread out evenly. The graft union should be around 2.5cm below the soil level.

What Is Supplied

Item 100077 supplied as:


Compound fertiliser 4:2.5:8.5

  • Nitrogen (N) 4%
  • Total Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) 2.5% (1.1% P)
  • of which soluble in water 1.4% (0.6% P)
  • Total Potassium Oxide (K2O) 8.5% (7% K)
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