Rain Gel & Feed 500g sachet
Rain Gel & Feed 500g sachet
Rain Gel & Feed 500g sachet
Rain Gel & Feed 500g sachet
Rain Gel & Feed 500g sachet
Rain Gel & Feed 500g sachet

Rain Gel & Feed 500g sachet

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500g pouch
Item: 100055
500g pouch - Item: 100055
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A unique combination of our fast-acting Raingel® granules to capture and store water close to the roots, and a specially formulated slow-release feed for long-season nutrient provision over several Months.

Gel & Feed will keep your plants watered and nourished with the minimum of effort and with a greatly reduced frequency of watering required. It's ideal for use in hanging baskets, tubs, pots, window boxes, mangers, containers and flower beds.

One application at planting will last the whole season and great results are assured with hundreds of thousands of mail-order customers already enjoying the benefits of this marvellous combination product

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 Supplied as a resealable pouch. Inroproate at plantiong at root zone of plants and mix in to compost. Keep in a cool, dry place once opened.

How do I use RainGel® & Feed?
1. Mix contents of the sachet so you get the small balls of feed and white powder mixed. Measure the number of teaspoons. We suggest 3 teaspoons for a 10'' (25cm basket), 4 for a 12'' (30cm) and 6 for our larger Easy Fill 15'' (35cm) baskets
2. Mix thoroughly with compost at root level
3. Plant as normal and water thoroughly twice, 1 hour apart, to prime the gel
4. Then re-water as required as you normally would

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