Blooming Fast Organic Rose & Shrub Feed 1.5Kg

Blooming Fast Organic Rose & Shrub Feed 1.5Kg

1.5Kg tub - Item: 100047
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What Is Supplied

A simple to use and tried and tested general purpose Organic Rose & Shrub fertiliser, for top dressing exisitng plants or digging in to the planting hole of  newly planted bushes.

It can be applied in spring and summer, as new growth starts, or when flowers go over, spread around the base of shrubs and roses (wash hands after use or wear gloves), or dig in as epr label instructions when planting new shribs and roses.

It can also be used on any plants too for a soft and gentle general feed boost - being organic it's very hard to over-dose, and safe for children and pets once watered in. 

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+ no complaints excellent deal and service . when needed will come to you first
++ Very good service, the plants arrived in good condition and I am hoping for lots of flowers next summer.
++ Service rating : Speedy efficient response!
Product : Hope it is excellent-will know better next year when the roses bloom!
++ Service rating : Excellent service, all items arrived well wrapped and in top,condition.
Product : Won't know until plants start to,grow
++ Service rating : Good service, plants well packed.
Product : Used on all the plants. container better than boxes.
+ Service rating : Arrived quickly and safely
Product : Good size, easy to open, easy to apply, will see how effective later on
+ Service rating : First class service and assistance from all of the staff ( about five of five lovely people)
Product : lovely stuff.
+ Arrived in good condition
++ Service rating : as usual roses came in good order and ready for planting out
Product : seems to be very good, time and growth will tell
++ Service rating : Good reliable service.
Product : 1st time I have used this product.
++ Service rating : Delivery on time
Product : Hopefully it will do it's job !!!
+ Fab service !!
Cound. tn wish for better
well packaged .Will order stuff again .
Happy Chap
+ Problem with goods delivered was rectified immediately upon notification, without any question of quibble, they rescued the situation very well.
++ Service rating : great service would recommend
Product : great service would recommend
++ Service rating : Excellent service, product looks good and healthy Arrived quickly
Product : Have not actually tried this yet but it is just the type of fertiliser that I was looking for as it will be a lot more convenient to use
++ Service rating : good service
Product : good
NA Service rating : Plants arrived within a week good condition
Product : Unable to plant yet because of frost
+ Service rating : I arrived in the in time given (8-10 days)
Product : I the roses would have had more of a head
What Is Supplied

Supplied as a resealable 1.5Kg tub of granular organic fertiliser, for surface top dressing or incorporation at planting. 

Compound Fertiliser 4-3-8
Nitrogen (N)    4.0%
Total Phosporous Pentoxide (P2O5) 2.5% (1.1%P)
of which soluble in water  0.7% (0.3%P)
Total Potassium Oxide (K2O)  8.0% (6.6%)

Safety: Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Wash hands after use. Store in a cool, dry place with the lid firmly closed.

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