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In the spring, having a great display of flowers can look really impressive. It is a great way to brighten up the outside of your home and welcome the warmer weather. There are a lot of great flowers to choose from that can do just this, but Surfinia petunias are up there with the best.

The plant is a trailing variety of petunias and is therefore very suitable for hanging baskets, tubs or on top of walls or window boxes. Having a plant trailing down can add real interest to a display that you have. The trailing surfinia has a great range of different colours as well, which means that there is a lot of choice. You can get a display with a big mix of colours so that you can get a great random mix or you can select particular shades to have a colour scheme. The versatility is another reason for the plant being so popular.

As well as differing in colour, there are different types of the plant as well. There are some which have double blooms or ruff centers which look rather different to the plainer but still beautiful normal blooms. Whether you want the more simplistic style or something rather more flamboyant will be up to you and depend on your personal taste.

If you put the petunias in tubs or hanging baskets, remember they will need to be watered regularly. This is because there is not much of a surface area to get wet when it rains and not much soil generally to hold water but it does not take very long to pop a jug of water on the basket each day! It is worth the effort to see the fantastic blooms that you will get from your Surfinias.

Apart from watering it is important to remove the dead flowers. This will encourage the plants to bloom for longer and so is well worth the effort, which will be very little. The plants may benefit from being fed and you can easily mix some plant food with water once a week to make sure that the plants get the nutrients that they need to keep them looking at their best.

So with very little care you will find that you can have a stunning display of flowers. They will keep looking great all through the spring time and on to summer and will give the outside of your home a great splash of colour.

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