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Potted Roses are the perfect way to bring the beauty of roses into your home or garden without the need for a border.

Our potted roses are carefully cultivated and lovingly cared for, ensuring that you get the best quality plants available. From climbing roses in pots to classic named varieties, we have plenty of options for you if you want to grow roses in the pot. 

Common Problems with Roses in pots

There are few common problems with growing roses in pots but fortunately these can be dealt with easily and should not stop you from growing them this way.

Firstly, if you re-use soil you previously grew other plants in then the rose can suffer from replant disorder which will cause poor root establishment. You can avoid this by purchasing your roses pre-potted. Or by using fresh Premium professional compost.

Secondly, the plants branches can sometimes die back. This is okay in small amounts but considerable die back will harm the plant. Caused by poor water retention, you can avoid this by making sure to water the plant well and topping the soil with some spruce bark mulch. This will help the plant to retain water and improve root growth.

To better protect your roses from these potential issues and boost their growth, we recommend the range of products on our Rose Sundries page.

Planting Potted Roses in the Ground

If you decide that you no longer want your roses in pots, then that is perfectly fine and easily achieved. Simply pull gently on the main stem to tease the plant out the pot. This may be easier if you turn the plant upside down carefully. Once done then pop the root ball in an approriate sized hole in the ground and cover with compost

Ultimately, if you want to grow roses in the ground then we would recommend buying one of our bare roots roses instead to save yourself this trouble.

Planting Roses in Pots

If you have a bare root rose that you want to plant in a pot then your in luck, as that is an easy process too! Firstly give your bare root a good soak in a bucket for about half an hour. Once done then dig a small-ish hole in the ground and part fill with compost. Then put the root in the ground with the stem facing up and fill the rest of the hole with compost, firming it down so the plant stands up straight. Then water well and await the growth of your lovely rose!

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