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Welcome to our Mixed Native Hedging category, where you will find some of the best Native Hedging Plants UK has to offer. At YouGarden we offer many varieties of plants including Dog Rose and Bird Cherry, and we realise that this vast choice can sometimes be a burden. That is why we have created these Mixed Hedging Plants collections! These are carefully selected by our experts, and made up of multiple different British native species that thrive in any UK Garden. From stunning Hazel to dependable Hawthorn, you will be treated to some of the best and most complimentary varieties that Britain has to offer.

Create stunning British Hedgerows with ease with our Native hedging kits. Tired of prying neighbours on your street? Then why not purchase one of our collections and plant in a row to create hedging for your front garden?! No more need for ugly fence panels any longer!

What size are the plants in your Mixed Native Hedging Collections?

We sell three different collections that feature hedging plants supplied at different heights 40/60cm, 60/90cm & 90/120cm.

How to plant a Mixed Native Hedging plants?

Where possible, your native hedging collection in well-drained, good-quality soil and/or compost in a sunny or partially shaded space in the garden for best performance.

Trim the roots of each plant slightly before planting, as this will encourage healthier growth.

Dig a trenched hole in the ground in the shape of a ‘V’, deep enough for the bare root to sit comfortably so the ‘tide mark’ of the root is level with the ground. This marks the level where the bare root was previously planted before lifting for delivery. We recommend adding Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi at this stage to help the plant establish well.

Ensure the roots are completely covered in soil, then firm the soil around, as water will gather in any remaining air pockets and potentially damage the roots when it freezes.

How far apart do I plant my mixed native hedging collection plants when making a hedge?

For an impressive display when planting multiple hedges, place five per metre. For a thicker hedge, plant seven per metre.

If you need advice on some of the specific varieties featured in our collections, then a read of Our Ultimate Guide to Hedging Plants on our blog.

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