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When you're trying to achieve that picture perfect garden it's so important to create a healthy environment in which your plants can blossom and grow. Part of that is ensuring that your soil contains everything your plants need. Adding plant food or fertiliser to your chosen growing medium is the ideal way to ensure your plants are well cared for.

Choosing the right plant feed and fertilizer is one way to get the best from your garden and help your plants to achieve their potential. Here we have a wide range of different plant food and fertilizers to help your plants and flowers to grow perfectly.

Simply choose one of our high quality organic fertilizers available here and you can get the most from your budding garden. We've many different types of fertiliser from special plant specific formulations to multipurpose plant food that will assist a wide variety of seeds and bulbs to grow to their full potential.

It's so important to ensure that your plants receive all the nutrients they require in order to flourish, our plant food contains only the best ingredients to enable your plants to take root in the perfect environment.

We even have specially formulated plant food for pots and hanging baskets to minimise the time you spend tending and watering them. These unique feeds will hold water in your plants' root systems to ensure they're well provided for and won't dry out in Summer. Our slow release plant feeds will gradually add nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous into your soil, allowing for healthy growth and truly excellent establishment in your garden and beds.

We also have a selection of root protecting plant feeds that will help your plants and flowers to take root more widely in the soil, allowing your plants to absorb water from a wider area, and protecting them from disease. We truly have all the fertilizers and plant food you could possibly need to get the most from your garden. Just browse our selection, we're sure you'll find something perfect to create an optimum growing environment and ensure your garden is well cared for.

It's particularly important to add plant food into any artificial growing environment such as hanging baskets and pots, these medium don't tend to hold as much water or as many nutrients as you would find in a flower bed, so adding excellent quality fertiliser is the ideal way to provide for your garden.

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