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Peaches and apricots might conjure images of sun-soaked orchards in southern France, but you can grow these delicious fruits in your very own garden! Browse the range of peach trees and apricot trees here to get started.

All you need to do is to grow the trees in sheltered spots to protect the early blossoms from spring frosts. To be successful, you have to pick reliable varieties of best quality trees which will thrive in the UK. We have a great selection here.

The apricot and peach trees for sale on our website have been specially grafted into a dwarfing rootstock, so they grow no larger than seven to eight feet. This means they fit beautifully in your garden or on your patio, and are easy to manage.

To start off with, you might get a few fruits in the first year but after that you will get bumper crops. Once established, they will provide you with fruit year after year so you can enjoy tasty snacks, create delicious desserts or even make preserves. Growing peach trees and apricot trees is extremely rewarding.

Delivered to your door ready for planting and in mini greenhouse boxes, you can rest assured that your apricot and peach trees will thrive. We're so confident, we even offer you a Lifetime Guarantee! Place your online order today.

How to plant apricot and peach trees

Peach trees prefer a warm, dry and sunny climate. They come into blossom earlier than other fruit trees, so you have to be careful of frost. If you plant the trees into containers, they can be moved inside if frost is forecast. You will need to use a large container with drainage holes at the bottom, preferably 45 cm, although a 30cm pot is fine.

Put some grit or small pebbles at the bottom of the pot to encourage drainage. Put the peach or apricot tree into the pot and pack compost around the edges, making sure to leave a 2cm gap at the top to enable easy watering. Water, put in the sunniest location, and use a liquid feed every ten days. Water frequently, but let the soil dry out in between.

If you need advice on how to plant bare root fruit trees, then please visit our comprehensive guide here.

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