Loropetalum ‘EverRed’ Chinese Witch Hazel

Loropetalum ‘EverRed’ Chinese Witch Hazel

Our founder Peter first saw this Loropetalum when his visited a nursery in Holland. He noted that it’s burgundy foliage drew his eye like no other plant did! This experience demonstrated to him the true impact a Chinese Witch Hazel plant can have, and we have been stocking them ever since! Read our article on this Loropetalum below to discover more reasons why it’s one of our absolute favourite plants.

Head Gardener at YouGarden, Peter McDermott explains how he discovered the brilliance of Loropetalum.

The power of contrast in gardening cannot be overstated. And there is no better contrast than a garden full of luscious green highlighted by the stunning burgundy foliage of a Chinese Witch Hazel plant! Whether in a borders amongst other plants, or in front of your hedging to create needed interest, Chinese Witch Hazel offers an alternative to your usual green leafed plants. Its colour alone makes it a true “wow” variety; one that your guests will simply be unable to ignore.

As well as its unique, glossy leaves, the plant also boasts amazing magenta ribbon-like flowers that look like fireworks, exploding into colour. These flowers first appear around Spring, disappear over the summer, and then burst out again in the autumn. Due to its evergreen nature, this incredible foliage will remain in all seasons, making this plant a true year-round treat.

On top of the reliable autumn and spring interest it provides when other plants are normally dormant, its great in any number of scenarios too. You can use it to fill gaps in beds and borders or even pot up and place on the patio to create a real feature! Despite being a natural shade lover, Chinese Witch hazel will still tolerate full sun, so you can plant it anywhere you like. And with its compact form and ability to thrive in containers, you don’t have to keep it in the confines of a border; feel free to pot it up and bring it to centre stage on your patio, balcony or driveway!


How tall does Loropetalum Grow?

The plant will grow to a maximum size of 100cm wide and 100cm tall.

Is Loropetalum Evergreen?

Yes, it is evergreen. Its foliage will survive in all the months of the year. And it’s flowers will return twice yearly, in spring and autumn.

When should I plant Loropetalum?

You can plant Loropetalum anytime between February and November.

How to plant Loropetalum

Dig a hole slightly bigger than the nursery pot the plant comes in. Tease the root ball out of the pot. If you are finding this a bit tricky then use a small tool such as a trowel to remove the plant from its container. Loropetalum prefers a slightly acidic, humus-rich soil that retains moisture, so it is best to add ericaceous compost to the planting hole at this stage.

Then place the rootball, with its roots pointing down, in the hole. Then fill the gaps around with more compost and lightly pat down until the plant stand up straight on its own. Once finished then water well and await its fabulous growth!

How to grow Loropetalum

Loropetalum is tough plant that is hardy in the UK to -5C. So, if you live in an exposed location or we’ve got a particularly cold winter you might want to think about adding a protective fleece to the plant. Or if it’s in a container on the patio then move it to a greenhouse, garage, or similar indoor location over the coldest period.

Other than that, this plant is quite simple to grow. All you need to do is water well and the plant will thrive.

An optional step that will help the plant reach its maximum potential, is to dig some blood fish and bone fertiliser into the topsoil once a year during the spring. This will feed the plant throughout the year.

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