How To Make A Christmas Wreath

top view of Christmas wreath with fir, decorative berries and pine cones on wooden tabletop with Joy and Xmas signs

When you are getting into the festive spirit and decorating your house for the season, a Christmas wreath is one of those staples that you just can’t go without. 

Here at YouGarden, we have beautiful fresh wreaths ready and waiting to go on your door. However, if you are feeling creative, you may want to add the personal touch and get creative and make your own? It’s easy to create your perfect Christmas wreath, simply follow our 3 easy steps below.

Start with your base

First, you’ll need either a wire wreath or wicker wreath to use as a base to your creation.

Select your foliage

Natural foliage works really well, simply take sprigs of your plants from around the garden and attach them with hobby wire! Wrap the wire around a small bunch or sprig, and then attach the ends of the wire to the wreath. We suggest you try, holly, ivy, skimmia, pine and cones.

You could even use herbs like lavender, rosemary or bay leaves. These will smell wonderful each time you go through the door!

Top tip: This is the perfect way to add a bit of your personality! Why not think outside the box and find some extra decorations from around the house?

Spare buttons, beads or miniature baubles can be nestled into the branches for a modern wreath that’s completely unique!

Add the finishing touches

Here’s your chance to add some small finishing touches for a bit of Christmas magic.

Our LED Lights use a thin, flexible wire that will bend around your wreath and position exactly where you want. They’re battery operated and perfect for adding some glamour to your wreath, welcoming your guests on a Christmas evening!

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