Bring Out Your Inner Barbie with These Stunningly Pink Flowers

Put together your own pink-themed ‘Barbie Garden’

Pink is the colour that has got everybody talking right now, thanks to the Barbie phenomenon sweeping the globe on the back of Margot Robbie’s latest film release.

Barbie was a doll that featured in many youngster’s childhoods, the importance of which has been laid bare by the popularity of the recent Hollywood blockbuster.

If you are looking to introduce some pink Barbie magic into your garden, there are plenty of stunning flowers you could plant. Here are just a handful of our favourites –

Tulip ‘Double Pink’ Pink by name, pink by nature. Where better to start than the delightful Tulip ‘Double Pink’? Also known as the ‘Peony Tulip’, due to it having a striking resemblance to the two flowers seen in a peony, this beauty would truly fit in whether in a bed and border, or when placed in pots on your Barbie-themed patio. These are the ideal flowers if you are on the lookout for longevity, as the ruffled, creamy blooms last for several weeks due to its vigorous nature.

Pink Pampas Grass No pink-themed garden would be finished without the inclusion of the ‘queen of ornamental grasses’ – the Pink Pampas Grass. This is instantly recognisable for its towering feathering pink plumes, which have historically been a symbol of wealth and luxury. Growing up to 8 feet tall, the inclusion of this variety will bring some real height to your display.

Buddleia dav. ‘Butterfly Candy Little Ruby’ When it comes to capturing pink in the late summer colour of your garden, then the addition of these delightful ‘Butterfly Candy Little Ruby’ is a must. These compact butterfly bushes will look striking on a decking, patio, or balcony area, each of which can be transformed with the floral spires of pink.

Rose ‘King Charles Coronation’ This beautiful rose fit for a king will easily be an ideal addition to your Barbie garden. As a floribunda rose, this produces wave upon wave of gorgeous clusters of medium-waved, double, baby pink blooms that really contrast well against dark-green foliage. This rose should be planted somewhere that you and all your garden’s visitors can enjoy the lovely light fragrance that alludes from it.

Dahlia ‘Tahiti Sunrise’ The Dahlia ‘Tahiti Sunrise’ may be a bicoloured flower, but the stunning pink really stands out next to the yellow blooms. These are tuberous rooted perennials with showy flowerheads, which will form a stand-out centrepiece for any garden, whether it is Barbie themed or not.

Chilean Lantern Tree

Chilean Lantern Tree This evergreen shrub boasts a profusion of pink lantern blooms and provides year-round interest to your outdoor space. Ideal when planted in a sunny border or in a large patio pot, this tree will bring a touch of exotic allure to any garden.

Rosa ‘Cutie Pie’ Our final wonderful suggestion is this Rose ‘Cutie Pie’, which is known for bringing an abundance of fragrances and beauty to any garden. Ideal for dotting around the garden in pots of at the front of borders, these flowers are great for ground cover and really do thrive in a sunny spot to flower from June through to September.

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