Tips & Tricks For Gardening Newbies

Are you new to gardening? Have you moved into your first home and looking for ways to transform your new space? Or just needing an extra helping hand when it comes to gardening? Here are some simple ways to ease yourself in and some key factors to consider.

Freshly cut grass in the backyard of a private house.

First off, sit down and have a think before making any decisions or purchases. It is important to understand what you are wanting to do with your garden instead of rushing into anything too soon.

Spring is the best time to get out in the garden as the garden comes alive again after the winter.

Here is a list of points you to consider that will help you make practical decisions in your garden:


How much space do you have? Are you looking to transform a smaller space into a floral beauty or a larger space for entertaining guests? With a smaller space, you may want to prioritise what you are wanting the most, thing like furniture, flowers, pots, or a greenhouse. With a larger space, you may have more freedom but that’s not to say you cannot transform a smaller space into a beautiful display too!


What is it you are looking to do in your garden? You may want it to be a relaxing space where you can read a book, have a drink, or sunbathe in the warmer months. You may be looking for something that welcomes wildlife such as birds and hedgehogs? Are you more of an entertainer and looking for a space for your friends and family to eat, drink and have fun in?


This will influence what plants you may want to buy and what climate your chosen plants need to be in. In the UK, the weather tends to get cold and frosty. This means that some plants could die if exposed to certain temperatures. Normally, when purchasing plants, it should confirm what temperatures the plants can withstand, so always check the label! Alongside this, think about whether your garden is exposed to more sun, in the shade, or a bit of both. This is a huge factor when caring for plants in order to ensure they thrive in your garden. Again, check the label as this will tell you where your new plants will thrive.

Backyard with fantastic landscaping, patio, fence and raised bed, drought resistant plants

Think about how much time you want to spend gardening, some people like to spend hours upon end but others like it to be short and sweet. If you are lacking time to spend in the garden but still want it to be a nice space consider less time-consuming options such as bulbs or established plants. These are great quick fixes and will transform your garden quickly!


What do you like? Do you want something more modern, eco-friendly or more traditional? It is always worth having a look online or in some magazines for some inspiration.

Tips & Tricks

Choose easy and time-saving plants –

If you are time short you will want plants that are low maintenance and time-efficient. The best choice is to go for trees, shrubs and bulbs as they don’t require a lot of attention. These types of plants will only need a little TLC at least once a year to keep them alive. All gardens require some degree of effort!

Purchase some basic gardening tools

Before you get started, you should look to buy some equipment. You will find many shops that offer a range of tools, even at a low cost! We would suggest a spade, fork, gloves, watering can, some weeding tools and a trowel to get you started and then over time you can slowly grow your collection.

Always do your research

It is important to read up on things before diving into the deep end. This will make your life a lot easier and keep you informed. check out our YouTube channel, we have a range of videos on how to do things and Google will answer any questions you may have.

Water Supply
gardening, family and people concept - happy grandmother and granddaughter planting flowers at summer garden

This is one of the most important things to consider. You need to establish whether you live in a fairly wet or dry area as plants will survive differently depending on how damp or dry the soil is.

The easiest way to find this out is by googling it or asking around your area – your neighbours should know! This will help you understand what plants are likely to thrive in your garden. One thing you will need is access to water. A garden tap is the most useful as you can use a garden hose or fill up your watering can. Water butts can also work but you may need to consider that they can easily dry up in warm weather which may be problematic when trying to water those thirsty plants. When you water your plants focus on the roots as this is where your plants will need it most.

Most importantly

Have fun with it! Gardening can be hard work but is always rewarding and can be a lot of fun. Some things take time, so be patient and your space will progress with both time and experience.

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