Strikingly Beautiful Cut Flowers to Brighten up Your Home

Bring the beauty of your garden inside

A garden filled with a variety of colourful flowers and plants is truly a treat for the eyes.

Sways of fuchsia, bellis, peony, primrose, and just about any variety of blooming beauties act as symbols of care, attention, and hard work.

The wonderful aspect of many varieties of flowers is that they can be cut and brought inside to spark some natural life to your interior décor.

If you are looking to grow some flowers to cut and take pride of place in a windowsill or on a mantlepiece, we have a little bit of inspiration for you.  

Here are some truly breathtaking varieties that could be ideal to bring into your home.

Super Fragrant Sweet Pea

Bring a splash of exotic beauty inside with this delightfully fragrant sweet pea.

Boasting masses of brightly coloured blooms, this plant is known for being ideal as wonderful cut posies.

Sweet peas are consistently voted as one of the nation’s favourite flowers each year, and it is not hard to understand why, thanks to its evocative scent and ease of growing.

Produce a sea of colours and shades in your display, both inside and out, by using a mixed variety.

Everlasting Flower Xerochrysum

Also known as ‘Strawflower’ or ‘Granvia Gold’, this plant looks very similar to daises and are closely related to Helychrysums.

This garden annual shows off intense yellow blooms, which develop from a deep orange centre to give a gentle glow to surrounding flowers.

There is a truly unique texture to the petals of this flower, which many say feel just like paper.

The delightful flowers of this plant will make a beautiful addition to any cut display, whether added fresh or after being dried.

Chrysanthemum collections

If you are looking for a variety of flowers to bring inside as early as possible, then a stunning chrysanthemum collection could be for you.

Known as one of the earliest flowering sprays, this colourful option comes in so many colours, such as our ‘Garden Spray’ collection, which boasts shades of white, pink, bronze, and red.

The tall and strong stems of a chrysanthemum make a perfect choice for cut flowers.

Know before you grow – the basics of cutting flowers

Many varieties of cut flowers will last for weeks inside, so take every precaution you can to get as much life, and enjoyment, out of your flowers as possible.  

Try to pick your flowers either first thing in the morning or later in the day, as this will reduce the risk of them wilting initially.

After cutting, place the stems of your chosen flowers straight into water and allow them to recover for a couple of hours, before placing them in a vase to display.

Make sure you change the water in your display every few days, to keep them looking healthy and happy for longer.

To further increase the longevity of your display, you could even add flower food to the water.

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