Plant of the Month – November

Nordmann Fir Cut Christmas Tree

Welcome to your Plant of the Month for November – and it is certainly an exciting one. Now that the spooky season has finished, it is officially time to finally start thinking about the ‘most wonderful time of the year’, Christmas!

Yes, we are officially giving you license to start planning your festive fun, so turn Mariah up on the radio, get a date in the diary to visit the big man in red, and most importantly decide what tree will be taking centre stage in your home’s yuletide display.

To give you a helping hand, we are highlighting our magnificent Nordmann Fir Cut Christmas Tree, which is a proven holiday performer, year after year.

Decorate your Nordmann Fir with all manner of baubles and sparkly lights, topped with the all-important star or angel.  

While artificial trees can look impressive, you simply cannot beat that unmistakable pine fragrance that instantly starts to emanate from this tree to charm the senses, as soon as it is brought into the home. This scent is even thought to have a positive impact on your mood, filling all with even more festive cheer and banishing those winter blues.

Also known as ‘Abies nordmanniana’, this pine tree is coated in dark green needles, which are soft to the touch, making it a cinch to move around the room to get it into that perfect place.

Do not fret about clearing up those pesky needles that typically fall from real trees, as this is non-needle drop variety that will behave itself and keep your home looking tidy and presentable – perfect for when grandma comes to visit for Christmas!

Caring for your tree is a breeze – keep it in a top-notch condition by placing it in a tree stand with a water reservoir, adding water regularly, and placing it away from heat sources.

Going for a real tree, such as the Nordmann Fir Cut Christmas Tree, is also a big plus for those with the environment on their mind, as according to the Carbon Trust each real tree has a far lower carbon footprint than artificial alternatives – particularly when disposed of correctly by chipping or burning.

We supply this tree at eight to 10 years old, standing between 120cm and 150cm, and ready to be decorated, so you will be ‘rocking around the Christmas tree’ in no time at all!

Top Tips for your Nordmann Fir Cut Christmas Tree

  • When unpacking your netted tree, saw off 1-2cm from the bottom of the trunk, if you can, before putting it into a tree stand, as this will help the tree to take up water.
  • Make sure to treat your cut Christmas tree just like you would cut flowers – they remain fresh for a longer period by taking up water.
  • As soon as the tree is cut, place the tree into a tree stand with a water reservoir and be sure to top it up regularly.
  • If you are not putting your tree up immediately, store it in a cool, frost-free place.
  • When putting your tree up, place it in a cool spot of the room, ideally away from direct sunlight, or any sources of heat such as radiators.

How is your Christmas display coming along? Show it off by sending us a picture here!

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