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Imperata ‘Red Baron’ – Blood Grass

Wondering what to plant in June? Then why not crank up the heat in your garden with this fiery deciduous grass. Make a real feature in your garden this year with the Imperata ‘Red Baron’ – Blood Grass! The amazing blood red leaves will thrive in the Summer all the way into Autumn, great for long lasting colour with very low maintenance required.

Perfect for borders and pots, the Imperata ‘Red Baron‘ will make a real statement, boasting with its long leaves, graduating from green at the base to a vibrant red toward its tips. Planting in groups of three or six will provide the most dramatic effect. A spectacular addition for every garden, equally at home in semi-shade as it is in full sun.

The unique grasses are winter hardy, so will come back year after year, bigger and better! Between June and August, clusters of fluffy, silvery flowers appear, adding yet more visual interest. Try it dotted around a gravel or rock garden or in a pot so that you can get up close and admire it.

Ornamental grasses are currently enjoying incredible popularity as both seasoned and novice gardeners alike discover the incredible and ever-increasing range of varieties available, and Imperata ‘Red Baron’, better known as Blood Grass, must be one of the most striking!

Imperata is a small genus of grasses known as satintails.

Planting Advice for Imperata ‘Red Baron’ – Blood Grass:

These ornamental grasses are deciduous, cut back stems close to ground level from late February through to the end of March before new growth starts.

Imperata ‘Red Baron’ – Blood Grass – as supplied from You Garden

• Before planting, prepare the soil by digging over and removing any weeds. Incorporate some well-rotted manure to enrich the soil if necessary.

• When planting several perennials, arrange them on the surface so you can see how they will look before planting.

• Individually knock out each plant from its container. Look at the roots – if they are circling around the compost, it is best to tease them out. To do this, push your fingers into the rootball along the bottom edge and pull. Do this in a couple of places. This should encourage the roots to spread into the surrounding soil.

• Next use a trowel or spade to create a hole just deep and wide enough to set in the root ball.

• The aim is to bury just the roots, leaving the bases of the stems (when in growth in summer) or the shoots (in spring) above ground.

• Firm back around the soil, using your hand for small clumps and your heel on larger areas.

• Water in well to settle the soil.

• Clumps can be dug up and divided in autumn or spring to give you more plants.

Caring for your Imperata ‘Red Baron’ – Blood Grass:

• Begin to cut Imperata down to the ground in February.

• In cold areas, protect the roots by mulching with straw or well-rotted compost. If you are growing it in a container, keep it well watered.

• For the most colourful display, grow in moist, humus-rich soil in full sun.

Red Baron is great for adding interest to beds and borders

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