Plant Of The Month – July

This month we focus on the whimsical Wisteria and have chosen a very special one – Wisteria Amethyst Falls.

This is an ultra-compact variety of Wisteria from America that is perfectly suited to growing in UK gardens.

Unlike virtually all other varieties of Wisteria though, many of which can take up to five years to flower, Wisteria Amethyst Falls will reliably flower in its first year when the flowers will pour like a river of lilac from this fantastic plant throughout May, filling the air with the perfume of spring flowers. Sometimes when conditions are just right and we have a particularly good run of fine weather, you’ll find that Wisteria Amethyst Falls will often produce a second flush of flowers in the summer giving you a bonus show of bloom.

Guaranteed to flower this year and every year! Wisteria Amethyst Falls blooms in the spring – 4.5 years before other varieties.

In its early years it will remain compact and manageable and as such makes a brilliant patio plant perfect for growing in a pot. Eventually it will reach a height of 12-15ft and will spread to around 6ft if left un-pruned. However, it can be maintained at half this size and still yield masses of flowers every single spring from this year onwards!

It’s the height of summer and your garden should be in full beautiful bloom by now – Wisteria Amethyst Falls is perfectly suited to any porch, pergola or archway and provides a real cottage garden feel wherever it is sited. It is totally hardy and very easy to grow.

Top Tips for Wisteria Amethyst Falls

  • Plant on a sunny wall for the best results.
  • Tie in the fast growing tendrils during summer and prune back unwanted growth.

Care Information

  • Although capable of rapid growth, wisterias are easily restricted by pruning and can even be trained as a small standard tree.
  • As wisterias are long lived, site is important, so pick somewhere that your plant will be happy. Plants like moist but well-drained, humus-rich soil in sun or light shade. As blossom can be damaged by late frosts, it is advisable to plant in a sheltered spot.
  • If growing on a wall, tie in to horizontal wire supports, then once a permanent framework has been established ongoing pruning is simple – just prune back extension growths from the main branches to 4-6 leaves in late July or early August and then back to 3-4 buds in midwinter.
  • Provide the twining stems with an appropriate and sturdy support, such as strong trellis or wires attached to walls and pergolas.

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