Plant Of The Month – June

You Garden’s plant of the month for June is the beautiful Buddleia davidii ‘Butterfly Candy’ Collection.

Everyone knows and loves a Buddleia for their sheer flower power and magnetic allure for butterflies – hence their common name The Butterfly Bush. This Buddleia ‘Butterfly Candy’ collection comprises compact and perfectly formed patio butterfly bushes. Guaranteed to add some late summer colour and gorgeous fragrance to your floral displays with their intense flower spires.

This gorgeous’ Butterfly Candy’ collection’s short stems and compact growing habits make these patio buddleias ideal for growing in smaller gardens or pots and containers around your patio or decking area. Busting into life in July, the beautiful bright blooms will last through to the start of autumn where the brightly coloured spires of tiny flowers will light up your patio pots or mixed borders.

Retaining their magical attraction to butterflies. You can look forward to peacock and tortoiseshell butterflies aplenty this summer – and for years beyond. These compact buddleias are winter hardy and some of the most robust and easy to care for shrubs requiring almost no maintenance. We suggest a simple hack back to about 30cm each spring before new leaves appear, but hey, if you forget, it will be fine too.

Top Tips for Buddleias

Buddleia plants are low maintenance, but they do benefit from pruning in early spring to maintain a nice compact plant.

Buddleja davidii Butterfly Candy collection

Care Guide

  • Plant Buddleia in garden borders in any moist, well-drained garden soil, full sun or semi-shade.
  • The ‘Buzz’ series is also ideal in patio containers using soil-based compost such as John Innes No.3.
  • Prune Buddleia in March, once the hardest frosts are over, as the new growth begins to show.
  • Remove any dead, diseased, damaged, or weak stems, before pruning all the remaining stems back to form a low framework.
  • Drought tolerant once established.