Plant of The Month – November

YouGarden’s plant of the month for November is our fabulous Potted Norway Spruce Christmas Tree.

You really can’t beat that evocative, fresh pine fragrance that a real Christmas Tree brings to the home. Artificial trees just don’t have the same effect! Imagine being cosied up next to your tree on a cold winter evening. Feeling festive and warm, surrounded by the glorious scent of Christmas.

The Norway Spruce is the ultimate living Christmas Tree. It has been grown for several years and if it’s kept watered when indoors this Festive season, it should survive for years to come.

Pot grown norway spruce is the plant of the month for November

Full, lush, and shapely, what is better than a real Christmas Tree at Christmas time? Fill your home with gorgeous colour and pine-scented aroma to get yourself into the festive spirit. Did you know that the scent of pine can have a positive effect on your mood, reducing anxiety and stress? Also, from an environmental angle, real trees are the way to go. According to the Carbon Trust, a real Christmas tree has a significantly lower carbon footprint than an artificial tree.

It’s like having a re-usable artificial tree each year with the real captivating pine-fresh scent of those gorgeous needles. And it will look great in the garden all Spring, Summer, and Autumn too – what more do you need!

Caring for your pot grown Norway Spruce

  • Remove the outer shipping netting with scissors.
  • You can keep it in the green plastic climate bag or remove it and drop it into any pot planter.
  • Place in a saucer to prevent water spillage and top up the water every few days.
  • Avoid placing within 150cm of a radiator to keep it from drying out.
  • After Christmas, place it outside and water well in the summer.
  • Bring it back inside and use again next December.