Plant Of The Month – June

Plant of the month for June 2021, Buddleja High Five Purple

You Garden’s plant of the month for June is the Dwarf Buddleia ‘High Five Purple’

A beautiful new Buddleia for gardens of all sizes. ‘High Five Purple’ is a wonderful dwarf variety with all the features of its full-sized relatives but in a miniature!

Buddleja High Five Purple, plant of the month june 2021

Bright green foliage gives rise to an abundance of large, upright flower spikes. In bloom from spring until autumn, each spike is densely packed with hundreds of individual double purple flowers. Carrying a deliciously sweet, honey-like fragrance.

Although Buddleias are renowned for being invasive by self-seeding freely, this is not the case with ‘High Five Purple’. This is because it produces very little seed, and what seeds do appear will not usually germinate. Therefore, no more picking out seedlings from your flower borders!

Happiest, when positioned in full sun ‘High Five Purple’, will also grow in partial shade. This gorgeous dwarf variety will remain neat and compact wherever you choose to plant it. With its long flowering season, it’s a perfect border plant but is particularly eye-catching in a decorative pot. Standing out from the crown and looking like a flower arrangement that you’ve just finished creating. Try planting it amongst blue flowering plants for a cool, calming effect. For a more contrasting effect, surround it with orange and yellow flowers to make the purple really pop.

Like all Buddleias, this striking hardy perennial will be a magnet for bees and butterflies all summer long. They also make simply stunning cut flowers, display them in your favourite vase and enjoy them indoors.

All in all, the Buddleia ‘High Five Purple’ an incredibly impressive plant and an absolute must-have for your summer garden! It’s easy to see why it’s YouGarden’s Plant of The Month For June 2021.

Top Tip for Buddleias

Although Buddleia plants are low maintenance, they do benefit from pruning in early spring to encourage plenty of fresh growth.

Care Guide for Buddleias

  • Plant buddleias from late spring, as soon as the soil has had a chance to warm up. Container-grown plants can be planted right up to early autumn.
  • Buddleias perform best in a sunny position in well-drained soil, although will tolerate most conditions apart from wet, heavy clay.
  • Mulch with manure in autumn or add a general-purpose fertiliser in late spring to improve the number of flowers.
  • Deadhead buddleia as the flowers fade to encourage a continuous supply of flower. Take off every spent flower at the end of the year to prevent unwanted seedlings.