Plant Of The Month – July

YouGarden’s plant of the month for July is the ‘Pre-Planted Trailing Fuchsia Hanging Basket‘.

Pre-planted baskets are the perfect solution if you have fallen slightly behind with your plans. We have done all the work for you with this hanging basket, so just sit back and relax.

Plant of the month for July, trailing fuchsia hanging basket. In Bloom

If you’re after an impressive display with a torrent of cascading flowers, then this basket is a must-have. Hanging baskets are simply just incomplete without at least some fuchsias, and you’ll certainly love these giants! They always look best when you can look up into the blooms, as they cascade over the sides.

A regular best-seller with gardeners, fuchsias perform year in year out, whatever the British summer weather throws at u. Layer upon layer of delicate petals, Fuchsias are breathtakingly beautiful and always draw in admiring glances.

This gorgeous collection of five different fuchsias have been selected for their huge flower size, summer-long performance, and beautiful colour combinations. Each one providing you with superb colour throughout the summer.

In The Collection –
Plant of the month for July, trailing fuchsia hanging basket. As Supplied.
As Supplied
  • ‘Manrika’ – Gorgeous bright pink blooms.
  • ‘Blue Angel’ – Eye-catching purple blooms with stunning white sepals.
  • ‘Snowcap’ – White centres with beautiful rosy pink sepals.
  • ‘El Camino’ – Delicate cream blooms with a hint of pink.
  • ‘Dark Eyes’ – Frilly purple blooms with dark pink sepals.

This fabulous and colourful selection of big, bold, and blousy fuchsias have been pre-planted into a plastic basket by our expert growers. This hand-picked selection will be of the healthiest and highest quality. As well as incredible flowering prowess, they’re also vigorous and low maintenance, disease-resistant and will cope with the worst of the British weather.

Delivered in specially developed packaging to ensure it arrives in perfect, nursery-fresh condition when you get it.

Plant of the month for July, trailing fuchsia hanging basket.

Top Tip for Fuchsias

Deadhead faded flowers as this will encourage new blooms throughout the flowering period.

Care Guide for Hanging Baskets

  • Water the basket daily during the summer, (unless the compost is wet).
  • Aim to keep the compost moist but not soggy and avoid wetting the foliage and flowers.
  • Apply a general-purpose liquid fertiliser once a week.