Plant Of The Month – February

You Garden’s plant of the month for February is Raspberry ‘Autumn Bliss’

‘Autumn Bliss’ has proven itself as a popular and successful gardener’s variety for a number of year’s.

With good disease resistance and a long cropping period, ‘Autumn Bliss is a Primocane variety. Therefore it produces fruits on its new season stems, from August to the first frosts of late October. This saves a whole year of growing time in the garden compared to old-fashioned varieties. Meaning they are more compact and suitable for pot and patio growing. An added bonus is that this variety requires very little support.

Because it fruits on the same year’s growth, they are exceptionally easy to maintain – simply cut all shoots back to ground level when dormant in February.

Top tip For Raspberries

  • When planting, add mycorrhizal fungi to the planting hole to encourage improved root establishment and better crops.

Care Guide For Raspberries

A hand holding Autumn bliss -yougarden's plant of the month for February.
  • Place in full sun as the plants do much better in bright light.

Pruning Guide

  • Cut back old canes in February/March to approx. 5cm; this creates space for the emergence of new canes.
  • If planting in a container, use a pot with good drainage and use a potting medium that is specifically for container plants.
  • Your raspberry will be fine in a 5L pot for one year, but after that, we recommend a 10L pot to allow the canes to spread.