Perfect Low Maintenance Plants for Gardening Novices

You don’t need to be a seasoned pro to produce a delightful display

Gardening is one of the most enjoyable, rewarding, and relaxing pastimes you can pick up – however it can feel quite daunting at first.

There is a whole world of breathtaking plants, flowers and trees out there just waiting to take pride of place in your garden.

If you are just starting out and are unsure where to begin, we have some suggestions of flowers that are particularly easy to plant, grow and maintain.

For those looking for maximum impact from minimum effort, we have a whole host of delightful plant and flower varieties for you to choose from.

English Lavender is an understandably popular plant

English Lavender ‘Hidcote’

Remarkably easy to grow, and even easier to enjoy, the beautiful sight and scent of a lavender plant truly takes some beating.

There is a good reason why lavender is used even in the swankiest of gardens up and down the country.

Lovely purple flowers act as a magnet for bees, butterflies, and other creatures, to leave your space buzzing with wildlife.

Not only is this drought-tolerant, but also very versatile and would look ideal in beds, borders, and along pathways, to split up the sections of your garden.

Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride’

Known as ‘one of the UK’s most popular flowers’, the Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride’ was crowned ‘Plant of the Year’ at the 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, demonstrating its remarkable pedigree.

A breeze to grow and maintain, this variety of Hydrangea will introduce an explosion of snowy white flowers to your garden throughout the summer.

Unlike other Hydrangeas, which normally only flower at the tips of shoots, this variety will create a show of blooms along the full length of its branches.

Hydrangeas are very trendy when used as cut flowers or as part of a winter display, owing to their heads of gorgeous flowers.

Nandina ‘Obsessed’ is a popular variety of sacred bamboo

Nandina ‘Obsessed’ – Sacred Bamboo

A care guide of ‘just plant it and leave it’ is music to the ears of any low maintenance gardener, making this impressive sacred bamboo a wonderful option.

Guaranteed to bring dazzling colour to borders, patio pots, and just about anywhere it is planted, this evergreen plant is invaluable throughout the winter months as it brings life to otherwise slowing gardens.

This variety of bamboo provides multiple seasons of interest, as new spring leaves emerge in pink, green and cream.

In the summer, small cream white flowers appear, followed by green berries, while the leaves develop more colour and the berries turn a wax seal red as the weeks pass by.

Geranium ‘Storm Cloud’

A simple, yet effective, way of introducing summer-long interest in your garden. This blue flowering Geranium will bloom in a beautiful coat of blue-purple flowers from May to August.

This hardy perennial is very easy to grow and will look impressive whether planted in a sunny or shaded spot. Requiring almost zero maintenance, propagate this variety by cutting back slightly after flowering and then divide in early autumn or spring.

Top tip: If you are a complete gardening novice but want to grow plenty of different plants and flowers, make sure you keep a note of what you have planted!

Put together a ‘care guide’ for your own display, detailing where each variety is planted in your beds and borders, what their regular watering and feeding needs are, and what you can do later in the season to ensure they grow back even healthier next year.

Pink Pampas Grass is a great way to add height to a display

Pink Pampas Grass

Another variety that requires very little attention, yet still absolutely delivers in terms of aesthetics.

The Pink Pampas Grass has been crowned the ‘queen of ornamental grasses‘ and is instantly recognisable for its towering feathery pink plumes.

Known for being tough as nails, just make sure you plant your pampas grass in plenty of space, as it requires room to reach its full potential, due to its size and sharp-edged leaves.

Allium ‘Christophii’

Alliums are an ever-popular variety of flower that attracts attention wherever planted.

The ‘Christophii’ will particularly turn heads, thanks to the large lilac spheres that burst from tall slim stems.

Great for gardening beginners, these alliums will look right at home at the back of borders, or if grouped with low growing spring bulbs.

‘Christophii’ will burst to life in June and July and are known for being very tough and hardy.

Remember – Whatever flowers you want to grow, do not be put off by long and detailed care instructions. Just get outside and give it a go, if anything doesn’t grow as you expect, then you have gained a bit of experience, ready for next time!

Have you put together your first ever gardening display? Show us by sending a picture here!

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