Our Premium Professional Compost – The Perfect Planting Solution

Premium Professional Compost

Ever thought that the bog-standard compost from your garden centre might not be giving your plants enough oomph? If so, you are not alone! Using higher quality compost is an increasingly popular way to help your plants get that extra edge. If you want patio plants to stand out and be the best on your street, then we have just the product for you. Introducing our Premium Professional Compost!

Watch a handy video on Premium Professional Compost by our founder here!

Why is our compost better?

It is the perfect solution to getting brilliant results from your plants, just like the professionals do. Unlike your usual compost we put greater emphasis on the molecular makeup of the mix. Our garden compost is supplied in plain white bags for that reason. Why spend money on printing packaging when you can spend more money and time in perfecting the recipe. And that it exactly what we have done with this compost.

The presence of Sphagnum Peat Moss helps hold moisture so that your plants will not dry out as quickly. It also helps release important nutrients to your plants roots system as it needs it. Moreover, composted wood fibre is also presence as white flecks you will see. This in combination with further composted green matter will really help the roots and creates a natural environment that they need to really get going.

Furthermore, we have also added wetting agents. This means that should the compost get dry you can make it wet a lot easier than most composts. Once wet, the Sphagnum Peat Moss will help hold this moisture, making them the perfect combination.

The last important addition to note is a slow-release fertiliser. This will release nutrients into the soil over time, meaning the extra oomph will carry on for months after initial planting. As you can tell from reading the above, every possible factor has been taken care off when it comes to the recipe of this compost. Unlike many, this truly is a proper multi-purpose compost. Forget buying specific seed compost, or potting compost as this variety will do it all and leave you with enough to top up your house plants too!

How does our compost arrive to you?

Not only is the recipe careful crafted to produce the best and most long lasting results, it comes in the most convenient form too. We used to supply this compost for sale in 80 Litre bags but after some helpful feedback from our customer we now supply it as a bundle of two 40 Litre bags. This means that you get the same amount of compost in two smaller bags, making it far easier to transport around your garden.

Not only is this compost better than your local garden centre, but we also deliver it directly to your door! No more Sunday trips to busy garden centres to get your plants what they need. Simply order on our website and we ship it direct to your home. Making this the perfect solution for those that struggle with the inevitable heavy lifting that comes with buying in store.

And now, what’s even more exciting is that if you buy 50L or more, compost delivery is completely free! That’s right, completely free! Just pop it in your shopping basket on our website and we won’t charge you for any postage and packaging. Simply as.


So what have you got to lose? Order our Premium Professional compost today to get stunning results just like the professionals do. Don’t believe us? Well we use this very same compost to plant thousands of different plants at our very own nursery every year! From shrubs and plants, to pre-planted hanging baskets and roses; we use this mix for virtually everything. What better proof is there that this compost will give you amazing results. Why not ask the thousands of customers that have given us 5 star reviews for our plants?

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