National Gardening Week 2019

Wheelbarrow with Gardening tools in the garden.

The 29th April to 5th May marks the RHS’ annual National Gardening Week 2019. This year the aim is to encourage people to Grow their Own, with the theme of ‘Edible Britain’. Staying true to our motto, ‘Gardening is for Everyone’ we are also looking for ways to make growing easy for everyone.

To join in with National Gardening Week, we’ve picked out three different fruits and veg that we think you’ll love.

Complete Potato Growing Kit

Grow your own spuds for the dinner table on your own patio, with no need for allotments or back-breaking digging. This complete, easy to use kit includes three different varieties of seed potato. Three heavy-duty, re-usable Grow Pots for growing in. A 1kg pack of potato fertiliser, and this is all you need to do is plant and water. Ready to harvest in as little as 8-10 weeks from planting, weather permitting. You’ll get three premium seed potato varieties including Rocket, Charlotte & Desiree. Perfect for roasting, mashing, boiling, chipping and more.

350017_4 Complete 'Second Cropping' Potato Kit - 3 x Varieties & 3 x Grow Pots

You can buy our potato kits here & for our ‘How To’ guide for growing potatoes, Click Here.

NEW ‘Porthos’ Cherry Bush
Grow your own compact patio bush cherry Porthos

We are delighted to introduce this incredible NEW & EXCLUSIVE sweet fruited bush cherry. This represents the biggest cherry breeding breakthrough in decades!

Because of its naturally compact, bush habit, Cherry Porthos produces a heavy crop of tasty cherries from each branch. Therefore, you can pick them easily and from the safety of ground level every summer. From as early as July here in the UK.

The delicious fruits are super sweet and have an old fashioned, mouth-watering flavour. Each totally winter hardy bush will produce up to 5kg (approx. 12lb) of fruit per year once fully established.

You can buy the new bush cherry ‘Porthos’ here

Bountiful Blueberries
Blueberries are one of the Nation's favourite Superfoods

Grow your very own crop of incredibly tasty blueberries on your patio – yummy!

This veritable superfood is believed to carry all manner of health benefits. It is also recommended by health experts and dietitians accordingly. They are packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Not only are blueberries really good for you, but they also taste great too.

Blueberries provide true season-long interest and will produce wonderfully fragrant tubular blossom in spring. This is followed by delicious fruits that form and colour up ready for picking from June onwards. This collection will provide three months of harvest from June through to August. Each bush providing up to 5kg (over 10lbs) of fruit per season once fully established.

You can buy our Blueberries here