National Gardening Week 2017

The 10th to the 16th of April marks the RHS’s annual National Gardening Week 2017. This year the aim is to encourage new gardeners to start growing! Staying true to our motto, ‘Gardening is for Everyone’ we are also looking for ways to make growing easy for everyone.

To join in with National Gardening Week, we’ve picked three of our products that will make gardening a breeze.

Easy Fill Hanging Baskets

Easy Fill-1

You really can’t go wrong with bedding plants – simply plant, water and grow! There are so many different varieties with varying colours, shapes and sizes. You can mix these together to create colourful, interesting and unique displays that you no one else will have.

Supplied as plug plants, either small plugs, jumbo plugs or as garden ready plugs. You’ll usually get more for your money with plugs – we usually supply plugs in trays of 40. You will need to ‘pot on’ these plugs for about 4-5 weeks before planting them out into your basket. Just grab yourself a 9cm pot, pop in a bit of compost, place the individual plug in the middle, top up with a bit more soil and water. Then just leave in a greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill. Jumbo plugs can also be potted on for 3 or 4 weeks before planting out to guarantee success. Garden ready plugs are just that, Garden Ready! They can be planted straight out.

Easy Fill-2

Using Easy Fill Hanging Baskets really does make the planting even easier. All you need to do is remove the gate to reveal the hole. Pop the rootball of the plug plant through the hole from the outside. Then pop the lattice gate back in, this will hold your plant in place, with any growth on the outside.

Once planted, water in well, hang up and enjoy! (…but don’t forget to water regularly throughout the summer months!).

Patriotic Petunia at Delamores

You can find out Easy Fill Hanging Baskets here, and our top Bedding and Basket Plants here.

Standard Trees & Shrubs


Standard trees & shrubs are absolutely perfect for sprucing up your garden with some greenery. You can do this with the absolute minimum of effort as they come already grown into established plants. With a long tall stem, their flowers, foliage or fruit have been trained by the growers to grow in a ball at the top of their stem creating a wonderful lollipop effect. This is ideal for adding height and instant impact to your garden. With just an occasional prune into shape and regular watering, you can simply plant up into your favourite patio pot. Similarly, you can plant it into a space in your border, and leave them to it!


This twisted stem Olive Tree is the perfect example. As an evergreen, it will keep its colour and its leaves all year round. Therefore it will look stunning from summer, all the way through to through the winter. As it’s supplied as an established tree with some growth at the top, all you’ll need to do when you get it is pot it up. These look great in pots, containers or directly into the ground. Then you just need to keep them watered.

Here we’ve added some ivy plugs that have been planted around the edge of the tree, then topped off with some decorative slate to create an eye-catching feature with a bit of a wow factor.


You can find out Standard Twisted Olive Tree here.

Drop-in Bulbs


Sometimes planting bulbs can get a bit over-complicated – lasagne layering, spacing, planting depth. Well, these innovative Drop-in Bulb Pods get rid of all of those questions as they come pre-positioned in a biodegradable box that you simply drop into place, cover and water, then grow!

Supplied in a variety of differing flower combinations, these designer drop-in pods arrive with the bulbs ‘in-situ’, in their ideal spacing, so you will grow a picture-perfect colour-themed display in the summer without any of the guesswork. The varieties included have been specially selected to create a complimentary display – just like the one on the box.


All you need to do is simply dig a planting hole in your garden, pot or trough, drop the entire ‘Bulb Pod’ in, cover with compost or soil, water and wait for great results. It really is a case of DIG – DROP – COVER – your results will astound friends & family and there’s no need for dirty hands…


The best thing is the bulb-pod is totally biodegradable and will itself disappear within a few weeks from planting, leaving the bulbs in the perfect planting position – this also means there’s no evidence left to tell friends and family the truth!!


You can find our full range of Drop-in Bulb Pods here.