Level Up Your Hanging Basket Displays with These Remarkable Beauties

Craft your own unique and eye-catching baskets

A well-crafted and maintained hanging basket can be an underappreciated way of displaying flowers.

Place baskets on walls, fences, and just about anywhere to add height and colour to otherwise overlooked spaces.

Create a bespoke display that will look like no other by combining different flower breeds, many of which will look stunning when planted in a basket.

Here are a handful of wonderful flowers and mixes you could consider when putting together a hanging basket display.

Trailing Begonia ‘Illumination Apricot Shades’

Trailing Begonia ‘Illumination Apricot Shades’

One of the most important aspects to consider when planning out your hanging baskets is what colour you want to really stand out.

Luckily, with the plethora of flowers available, there are so many colours you could go for.

One of our favourites is the delightfully calming hues that flow from the apricot petals of this Trailing Begonia.  

This is a weather-proof and long-lasting breed with a beautiful summer glow, including yellow, gold, apricot, orange, and ochre.

Lobelia Royal Blue

Create a mass of colour with these showy blue Lobelia plants. Regardless of the weather, these dainty flowers will spread in a wave of classic royal blue.

Incredibly versatile, these Lobelia can fill in the blank spaces of a basket, or form a backdrop for other eye-popping flowers.

Trailing ‘Samira’ Verbena

Another wonderful addition to fill out any hanging basket is the ‘Samira’ Verbena.

This variety is a favourite among many professional growers, as it gives hanging baskets a sumptuous and full look.

You could even combine a handful of Verbena types to put together a really striking colour blend.

Harnessing Verbena in your display will bring serrated and delicate foliage, which will really help your other planted flowers stand out.

‘Eton Mess’ Hanging Basket

‘Eton Mess’ Hanging Basket

An easy-peasy way of creating an effective hanging basket without any hassle is to plant one of our expertly crafted plug plant mixes, like the ‘Eton Mess’.

Create a wave of colour in your display with this brilliant collection, which combines Petunia, Calibrachoa and Verbena in shades of pink and purple, to mirror the delectable dessert that shares its name.

The contrasting full trumpets of Petunia, smaller Calibrachoa blooms and vibrant Verbena shades combine to create a memorable snapshot of summer fun, despite remaining full of life into November.

The Verbena adds an extra splash of exotic beauty, with trailing and fragrant foliage that really completes the hanging basket aesthetic.

To save even more hassle, you can even get this variety as a pre-planted basket!

Osteospermum ‘Double Pink’

If looking for a show-stopping final addition to spring your hanging basket to life, then Osteospermum ‘Double Pink’ could be the one for you.

Each flower includes vibrant long-lasting pink pom-poms with a double row of slightly darker petals in the centre to create a real ‘wow factor’.

This variety will really thrive when planted in full sun, so make sure you think about your basket’s placement.

Tumbelina Petunia ‘Crazy Ripple’

Tumbelina Petunia ‘Crazy Ripple’

Add the Tumbelina Petunia ‘Crazy Ripple’ to your display to produce a unique and eye-catching hanging basket.

We would argue that this double Petunia is one of the most unusual varieties you will ever see.

The trailing and fragrant flower boasts masses of gorgeous petals, which layer on top of each other in ruffles of colour.

The alternating shades of magenta and lime-green stand out like frilly waves.

Petunia ‘Express Ice’

From one delightful Petunia to another, ‘Express Ice’ boasts the delicate petals and vibrant hues required to really stand out in such an impressive field of similar flowers.

Including a range of pink, red and purple Grandiflora flowers, with captivating white centres and frilly edges, these petite beauties produce long-lasting displays from the middle of spring through to November.

Begonia ‘Non Stop’

Non-stop by name, non-stop by nature – as you would expect from a Begonia with a name like this, you are guaranteed summer-long blooms that never seem to end!

Be treated to a parade of bold colours, including remarkable shades of red, orange, pink, yellow and white, throughout the summer months.

Large upright flowers sit on strong stems to really stand out in your baskets, as they are smothered in vibrant, brightly coloured double flowers from as early as April.

If you put together a beautiful display that you are proud of, show it off by sending us a pic on Facebook here!

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