How to use Window Sill Propagator Kits

Grow plants on in a light environment without the need for a greenhouse, and expand your growing season through the winter with this handy Windowsill Propagator Kit! This is a great way to start propagating your own plants at home, and you’ll be able to watch them grow from the comfort of the indoors.

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Whether you are growing on cuttings, small plug plants or directly from seed, this kit will help you create the perfect germination environment. The transparent lid allows light to get to your plants, while keeping in heat, creating a little micro-climate for them, exactly like a greenhouse. The profile of the kit allows it to be placed on your windowsill. So you can watch these grow inside over the winter months, making it perfect for expanding your growing season. Moreover, the waterproof nature of the bottom tray means that you won’t have to worry about potential spillages, protecting your windowsill from any damage. The five smaller internal trays all have 6 growing spaces, meaning you can grow up to 30 plants easily!

How do I use Windowsill Propagator kits?

To use the kit, first fill the internal trays with a little compost. Then place these smaller trays inside the waterproof main tray. Once done then place cuttings, small plugs or vegetable seeds of your choice inside each section of the trays and cover with little more compost. Make sure no to over-firm compost as the roots will need space to get going. And if you pack down to tightly they won’t be able to do establish as well, if at all. After this you can give them a good watering and then place the see-through lid on top. Then job done! These will grow on to become larger established plants you can plant outside in your garden once spring rolls around. Just make sure to take off the lid a week or so prior so that they toughen up a bit before removing and planting on.

How do I grow plants from cuttings?

The beauty of this kit is that it gives you the ability to grow-on plants in the winter months when they would not survive the cold temperatures, harsh weather, and frozen soil that is common between November and March. And it allows you to grow on cuttings of your favourite plants, so even if they don’t normally survive the winter, you can enjoy them year after year! You can do this with all sorts of plants, from herbs to geraniums to succulents!

To do this, simply break off a small leafy twig and place it stem down in the soil, in one of the propagating holes. Then once watered and cared for over the winter, you can plant outside in the spring. Not only do you get to closely watch its progress from the comfort of your home, but you also get to reap the rewards later on in the year when you’ll finally get to see it thrive in your garden. An exciting, time-old experience that many gardeners never tire of!


In summary, Windowsill Propagator Kits are a great way to start propagating your own plants at home. They’re easy to assemble and use, and they’re a great way to get your green thumb on and make the most of your plants and time. Buy yours today on our website here.

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