How to Add a Touch of The Mediterranean to Your UK Garden

Colour and class is not as out of reach as you may think

A touch of class and sophistication is an overall aesthetic many want to achieve in their garden.

One top way of reaching this goal is to add a touch of the marvellous Mediterranean.

Thankfully, there are so many varieties of plants and trees that look like they have been plucked straight from the shores of France, Spain, or other regions, but still thrive well in British gardens.

You could include just a couple of these plants in your display or go all out with a full Mediterranean look to produce a tropical paradise on familiar shores.  

Italian Cypress trees

There are few better plants for adding shape and structure to a garden than these remarkable Italian Cypress trees.

Particularly popular across southern areas of the Mediterranean and Italy, these popular trees can be seen dotted across hills and in formal gardens.

When planted in the UK, these trees are completely hardy and evergreen, so are a dependable variety you can rely upon for years.

For best impact, these can be used to frame a door or gate to blow any visitor away from the second they enter the space.

‘Mandarin’ Citrus

When first thinking about the Mediterranean, delightful citrus fruits will pop to the forefront of most people’s minds.

This magnificent tree grows delicious fresh mandarin oranges, adding a sweet look and taste to any UK garden around September and October.

White fragrant blossoms also appear on the tree from late spring to early summer to add even more interest to an already intriguing feature.

‘Pride of Madeira’ Echium candicans

Proudly named after a region of Portugal, ‘Pride of Madeira’ is sure to bring height, beauty, and even a touch of drama to any garden.

This garden plant produces spectacular floral spikes in an eye-catching indigo colour.

These formations erupt from a biennial shrub and are particularly loved by bees and other buzzing pollinators.

This variety has proved so successful it has even been awarded the coveted RHS Garden Merit.

Bromeliad ‘Fascicularia bicolour’

In terms of bicoloured beauties, few quite scratch up to the head-turning display provided by the Bromeliad ‘Fascicularia bicolour’.

Adding this to your garden will create a certain talking point and leave visitors wanting to return for a second look!

In the summer, striking colours erupt as grey-green leaves turn a bright red, while a ball of electric blue and yellow flowers form at the centre of the plant.

This exotic twist will stay in place right through to November, starkly contrasting against typical autumnal shades.

Oleander Standard

People typically add Med-inspired plants to their garden for regular reminders of happy holidays in the sun.

Our outstanding Oleander Standard will almost certainly have this desired impact.

Adding height, vibrant colour and a sweet fragrance to any display or outdoor area throughout the summer, this tree boasts exotic pink flowers from May to September.

Although Oleanders love dry Mediterranean weather, owing to a drought resistance, they also thrive well in the UK climate and are happy in conditions down to -5°C.

Plumbago capensis ‘Cape Leadwort’

Another variety that will particularly spring to life during the warmer months, ‘Cape Leadwort’ is a great choice of a summertime patio plant.

Sky blue flowers grow in clusters across scrambling shrubs and look particularly eye-catching when placed in large pots with cane supports.

These floral clusters even benefit from a subtle scent, adding an extra layer to the delight they add to any garden.

Top tip – Mediterranean plants do not like ‘wet feet’, so plant them in well-drained soil for top results! You could add sand or gravel to boost drainage.

Callistemon viminalis ‘Hot Pink’

With a common name of the ‘Bottlebrush Plant’, it does not take too much of an imagination to picture this blooming beauty!

Typically seen in a rich red shade, this unique variety blooms in a fun neon pink.

Each flower boasts a show of up to a thousand thin stamens, combining to form a remarkable appearance.

What’s more, each stamen is extremely pollen rich, becoming a mecca for bees and butterflies in the warmer months.

Flowering Mimosa Tree

Travellers across the southern regions of Europe are sure to see mature examples of this ever-popular Flowering Mimosa Tree.

A best seller of ours, its popularity is not hard to understand as it boasts a fabulous fragrance and is particularly loved by pollinators.

Right at home in a sunny garden spot, this tree produces sweetly scented bright yellow blossoms in winter and spring, while also being evergreen to add grey-green foliage and interest all year round.

Yucca filamentosa ‘Colour Guard’ Needle Palm

If you are looking for a low maintenance addition to your Mediterranean paradise, then this Yucca ‘Colour Guard’ is a top choice.

This variegated plant sprouts spectacularly long spikes in the summer – some up to 2m!

Rosettes of yellow-striped evergreen leaves really stand out from the crowd.

This is known as a compact form of Yucca, so will not outgrow large pots or overshadow other planted beauties.

Are your Mediterranean-inspired plants thriving in your garden? Show them off here!

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